US warns China about government hacking, citing large-scale attacks on the stock market

The United States: Chinese government-backed hackers are carrying out a "massive cyber espionage operation". The US government blamed the Chinese government for attacks on thousands of Microsoft Exchange servers on Monday.

China's Foreign Minister (MSS) has "developed an ecosystem of criminal hackers who carry out government-sponsored activities and cybercrime for their own financial gain." To hack Microsoft Exchange. Blinken said the "US government and its allies" have officially acknowledged that cyber actors linked to MSS in a large-scale cyber espionage operation exploited vulnerabilities in Microsoft Exchange Server that threatened thousands of computers and networks, most of which were owned by private victims. . / Blinken's statement, along with the Department of Justice's statement that the FBI charged three MSS officers and another Chinese citizen with a series of hacks into "the computer systems of dozens of victim companies, between 2011 and 2018, universities and government agencies in the United States and abroad." “The United States and the world hold the People’s Republic of China responsible for its pattern of irresponsible, disruptive and destabilizing behavior in cyberspace, which poses a significant threat to our 'economic and national security.' The United States has not announced any new sanctions against China, but Blinken said the indictment is Because “the United States will sanction malicious cyber actors in the People’s Republic of China for their irresponsible behavior in cyberspace.”

Zero-Day Exchange

Microsoft Exchange attacks have remained in the public domain for more Four months ago.We wrote on March 6. “Tens of thousands of organizations located in the United States are running Microsoft Exchange servers exploited by threats that steal administrator passwords and exploit critical vulnerabilities in email and calendar applications, and are used in the back.” In it At the time, Microsoft wrote that it "identified several aspects to use for 0 days to attack internal versions of Microsoft Exchange Server in limited, targeted attacks" and "attributed the campaign to Hafnium, a malicious-based group t and tactics. The monitored measures are run with government support and outside of China. “Microsoft released emergency patches for four zero-day Exchange Server vulnerabilities that were exploited by hackers. Advertising

These attacks were unusual because before Microsoft patched, six hacking groups exploited the vulnerabilities. Exchange-compatible servers were also exposed. “Countries responsible for global network security do not knowingly endanger or protect cybercriminals – let alone sponsor or cooperate with them,” Blinken said today. The hackers’ deal is worth billions.” Reducing cybersecurity is costing governments and businesses, all while MSS put them on their payroll.”

condemns EU and UK attacks

Union issued The European Union (EU) issued a statement today saying the attacks were aimed at "intelligent property theft and espionage from China" but did not say whether the attackers were sponsored by the government.

“We continue to urge the Chinese authorities to abide by these standards and not to allow their territory to be used for malicious cyber activities, and to take all appropriate, acceptable and specific measures to detect, investigate and investigate,” the European Union said in a statement: “The UK joins its like-minded partners to confirm that Chinese-backed actors are responsible for gaining access to computer networks.” They are all over the world through Microsoft Exchange servers.” The UK said the National Cyber ​​Security Center “was almost certain that the Microsoft Exchange settlement had been launched and exploited by The threat player backed by the Chinese government, Hafnium. Large-scale spying attacks, including obtaining personal information and intellectual property, are likely to be identifiable. The Associated Press reported that "a Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman previously denied the allegations of hacking on Microsoft Exchange, saying that China "strongly opposes cyber-attacks and cyber-theft in every way". Attribution of cyberattacks should be based on evidence, not "unsubstantiated allegations". “Propaganda


The Justice Department said the 2011-2018 hacking campaign “targeted victims of the United States, Austria, Cambodia and Canada stole Germany, Indonesia, Malaysia, Norway, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Switzerland and the United Kingdom” and stolen trade secrets, medical research, and other sensitive information:

Aviation, defense, education, government, health, and marine biomedicine.Stolen trade secrets and trade secrets include, among other things, sensitive technologies used for ships and autonomous vehicles, special chemical formulas, and servicing commercial aircraft , genetic sequencing technology and private data, and external information to support China is trying to secure a contract for the government.State-owned enterprises (for example, large-scale high-speed rail development projects).In research institutes and universities, the plot targeted investigations into Ebola, Middle East Syndrome respiratory infections, HIV/AIDS, Marburg, and tularemia.

A federal jury may indict four Chinese nationals in San Diego. The indictment was sealed Friday, alleging that most of the conspiracy thefts were aimed at information that would bring significant economic benefits to Chinese companies and companies, including information that would make research and development long-term and expensive." The Ministry of Justice said. "These criminal charges once again show that China continues to carry out cyber attacks to steal what other countries are doing," Monaco said. The Ministry of Justice said that three of the four accused - Ding Xiaoyang, Cheng Qingmin and Zhou Yunmin - were officers. From the Hainan State Security Service (HSSD), the Chinese arm of MSS. He endeavored to establish a leading company, Hainan Xiandun Technology Development Co., Ltd. “To conceal the Chinese government’s role in ‘hacking’. The fourth accused is Wu Cherong, “a computer hacker who created malware as part of his job at Hainan Xiandon, hacking computer systems operated by foreign governments, companies and universities.” Other Hainan Xiandon hackers could have been monitored US Advice on Pro-Government Hackers

Today the US government is also providing advice on tactics, techniques, and procedures used by Chinese government-backed attackers. FBI Cyber ​​Associate Brian Weranran said: “The FBI and our partners are increasingly committed to sponsoring cyber activities by civil servants, political, economic, military, educational, and counterintelligence organizations.”

US warns China about government hacking, citing large-scale attacks on the stock market
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