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MKVToolnix 60.0.0 Win / Mac / Linux combines video, audio and subtitles -


An application program for the MKV format, one of the most popular video file formats, which can combine an unlimited number of video, audio and subtitles into one file. If you want to delete or add videos, audio or subtitles for an MKV file, or even if you want to get a new file based on MP4, AVI video files, SRT subtitles, SUB, etc. MKVToolnix can be used. With MKVToolnix software, you will be able to combine the SRT subtitle file with the desired video in MKV format, so that you can easily play the movie with subtitles by clicking on the video file when transferring or playing a movie. High speed and common operations without quality loss are the features of this software.
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Winaero Tweaker 1.30 Make custom changes in Windows -

Winaero Tweaker

is a small, useful and free program for optimizing and making required changes in various parts of Windows 7, 8.1, 10 and 11, which features a simple and easy user interface and many simple and advanced settings, it provides you with useful and hidden windows and helps Users can customize and optimize various settings for these windows.
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Microsoft Edge Browser 92.0.902.62 Win / Mac / Android Microsoft Edge Chromium Browser -

Microsoft Edge

After putting in a lot of effort, Microsoft replaced the Edge browser with Internet Explorer, but despite Firefox and Google Chrome, it still couldn't find a place among Internet users. Finally, Microsoft decided to revive the Microsoft Edge browser with a Chrome kernel similar to Google Chrome. The high speed is one of the strengths of the Edge browser and the shortcoming seen in the previous version has been compensated for in this version it supports various and widely used plugins, which, despite the Chrome kernel, can download and install Google Chrome plugins from the existing Chrome web store .
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PotPlayer 1.7.21523 Professional Multimedia Player -


A free, professional and popular player with nice language support Persian
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DiskTrix UltimateDefrag Hard Disk Integration -

DiskTrix UltimateDefrag

The program is the most powerful defragmenter in the world due to its flexibility in placing files. DiskTrix UltimateDefrag disassembles a hard drive, connects fragments of memory, and strategically places files in the specified location on the file surface on the hard drive. With Defragger and File Optimization feature, it allows you to defragment and optimize your hard drive and whatever you want. Ultimate Defrag is a complete optimizer for defragmenting and placing files. Defrag helps you restore the performance of your hard drive.
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Windows 10 Manager 3.5.3 Manage and improve Windows 10 -

Windows 10 Manager

An effective and applicable program to improve Windows speed, improve Windows startup and shutdown speed, repair parts of Windows, clean hard disk from duplicate files and system, fix potential problems, improve Windows 10 security and as a result better performance for Windows to perform your activities. Windows 10 Manager contains tools dedicated to hard disk analysis, registry, drive integration, and registry.
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Glary Utilities Pro Optimized for Windows -

Glary Utilities

is a set of system utilities to stabilize, speed up, repair, and protect your PC. Glary Utilities allows you to delete redundant files, invalid registry keys and all traces left from your web browsing. With this program, you can also manage and clean the browser, analyze used hard disk space and identify duplicate files on the system. In addition, the program contains items to optimize memory, find, repair and delete invalid Windows shortcuts, manage programs that start at system startup, and uninstall programs.

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