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KMPlayer + 2021.9.28.05 Win / Mac Movie Player -


A high-performance, low-volume professional program capable of playing most formats. There are many programs in the field of video playback. But the most important problem that most programs face is that they are relatively heavy and cannot play many formats. KMPlayer with a suitable size is capable of playing almost 99% of audio and video formats. A very simple but at the same time simple program with very high efficiency. Any user who encounters KMPlayer once is sure to always have this program as their first choice. KMPlayer is based on the ability to play any audio and video format. This software enables users to perform any format they want by decoding different formats. VCDs and DVDs can also be played in the best possible quality.
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GPU-Z 2.43.0 + ASUS ROG Skin Display Graphics Card Information -


is a small and very powerful program for carefully checking graphics card features. With the help of GPU-Z software, you can get very detailed information about the technical details of your graphics card.

Some GPU-Z Features

  • Support Graphics Card Types </ li>
  • Display information such as: actual amount of graphics card RAM and DirectX version supported GPU clock, bandwidth, graphics card bus width, memory type (DDR2, DDR3, ...), graphics card driver version

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Paint.NET 4.3.1 is a professional image editor -


is a free photo and image editing program designed for the Windows operating system. A program like Photoshop with layer support, unlimited canceling, special effects, and a wide range of useful and powerful tools is one of the best Photoshop-like programs out there for free and you can do whatever you want with Photoshop. Bring whatever you want a picture or photos, do it with all your might with this program. Despite the small size of Paint.NET, it is able to offer unparalleled capabilities. Incredibly easy-to-use interface makes it easy to find tools to make editing faster.
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Notepad++ 8.1.5 A powerful and simple text editor -

++ Notepad

Editor is one of the most important programs on every computer that everyone uses every day. The most famous and popular editor in Windows operating systems is Notepad, which is certainly familiar to everyone. This small and fast program is available in all versions of Microsoft Windows and with a simple look, it has allowed all users to edit texts. But this program is incomplete and has problems, especially for Farsi-speaking users or computer users in general, whose language is right-to-left, and the most important part of the story is that the information is not stored by default in UTF-8, which causes problems arose among Farsi-speaking users who They don't know much about it.
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HDCleaner 2.009 cleans and optimizes hard disk space -


is a software application for cleaning and optimizing hard disk space from unnecessary and useless files, which by identifying and deleting temporary and unnecessary files in Windows and Office, removing traces and cache files from Internet browsers, and selecting will remove Invalid values ​​from the registry and disabling inactive services in Windows increase performance and reduce errors and crashes in Windows and other applications. Free, fast and completely reliable, HDCleaner identifies and cleans redundant files completely with your consent and supervision, and by creating multiple recovery points, it allows you to simply go back to the previous state if any problems arise.
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Glary Malware Hunter Pro protects Windows from malware -

Glary Malware Hunter

is a program to find and delete dangerous files on Windows and protect your system from viruses and other threats. Scanning hair makes you scan faster. Glary Malware Hunter detects malicious files on Windows and removes malicious content. Malware Hunter provides complete software against all kinds of threats, protects your information and privacy, and ensures your Windows is virus-free.
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Glary Utilities Pro Windows Optimization -

Glary Utilities

is a set of system utilities to stabilize, speed up, repair, and protect your PC. Glary Utilities allows you to delete redundant files, invalid registry keys and all traces left from your web browsing. With this program, you can also manage and clean the browser, analyze used hard disk space and identify duplicate files on the system. In addition, the program contains items to optimize memory, find, repair and delete invalid Windows shortcuts, manage programs that start at system startup, and uninstall programs.

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