T-Mobile, with its iPhone 13 opponent, admitted that the bug caused an error
T-Mobile says iPhone discount requests dismissed as "unacceptable"

have been denied. T-Mobile confirmed the issue and said it is working on it.

Gorman himself faced the problem of replacing the iPhone 12 Pro Max with the iPhone 13 Pro Max. He got a promise of $790 from Apple to trade in an iPhone for one year "plus a $500 bill credit over several months" from T-Mobile. Getting credit from Apple was quick and easy, but T-Mobile turned down Gurman and other similar iPhone updates. Send the mobile phone. And last week she received a rejection for T-Mobile. In response to Gorman's tweet showing an image of the disapproval announcement, about 20 other people reported receiving a similar disapproval from T-Mobile.

“Based on this tweet alone, T-Mobile disapproved two of our iPhone ads, someone wrote that T-Mobile offered customers up to $800 for an iPhone upgrade.

T-Mobile gave vague reasons for the refusal

T-Mobile, which tweeted a few weeks ago and heard from several who had similar issues with T-Mobile or Verizon. p>

Customers complained of suffering through lengthy phone calls with carrier representatives, confusing transfers to Apple Customer Service, and in my case I was told there was no advertisement for the Apple Watch.

Fast forward to last week, when I discovered Me and many other users that the iPhone 13 discount was also inexplicably declined to be carrier certified The circumstances were taken into account properly.After I tweeted about this issue T-Mobile was able to quickly fix it on my account, but I'm afraid That rejection is a widespread problem.


T-Gurman Books: Mobile Promises to Fix the Problem

T-Mobile has acknowledged that “the iPhone discount issue is caused by a bug that is being fixed.” He wrote, “In response to my questions, T-Mobile will send a text message to customers who have mistakenly declined the discount, and will automatically process the ads and verify their registration.” /p>

T-Mobile also told Bloomberg that it intends to "make any needed improvements to the overall viewing experience" and that "although each offer has different terms and conditions for eligibility, we would never want anyone to feel that these Situations are misleading, confusing, or hidden." We asked T-Mobile if it would communicate directly with every customer who was denied a discount. A company spokesperson replied: “All customers who qualify for the discount will be registered and notified via SMS.” This sounds promising, but customers may want to contact T-Mobile again soon if they haven't received the update from the carrier.

“After contacting customer service, some readers said they received $500 through one .account credit together. Others are still having problems,” Gorman wrote.

We asked, but the company didn't provide any specifics. "A few people who repurchased through Apple were affected, but the issue has been resolved," T-Mobile told Ars. They were wrongly denied the discount, though Verizon denied eligible customers were affected. Gorman wrote that he "heard from many Verizon 5G iPad Pro buyers that they never received a discount" and that he "sent 13 customer claims on Twitter to the operator that the discount didn't work for them." However, Verizon told Bloomberg that "the advertising is working as it should for eligible Verizon customers." We've contacted Verizon and will update this article if we receive more information. The $7,100 discount started a few weeks after you applied for the discount. Gorman wrote, "My ad website T-Mobile said my claim was rejected because the product wasn't activated in the ad window. Of course, that was a mistake." Contact T-Mobile Customer Service and "send Twitter messages to the company's support team." "Finally, this issue was only resolved after speaking to T-Mobile at the company level," he wrote. Precise printing of the contract - depending on how you read it - requires unlocking a whole new phone number.

Apple announced in early October that "customers can use the Apple Watch (GPS + Cellular)" you can buy it directly from or at an Apple Store and get $100 back by activating it with T-Mobile/ Sprint or Verizon,” he wrote, but discount requirements imposed by T-Mobile Force Gourman “continue to pay for the second line of the smartwatch without connecting the device. For three months to receive the offer.” Like the iPhone issue, T-Mobile eventually gave Gorman a discount. Why doesn't Apple Touch return an ID to iPhone?

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