Facebook Gambiti Diverted From Its Deepest Problems

Facebook problems are not for the faint of heart, so it has become a distraction.

Facebook is taking over social media by providing an easy way for people to share their offline lives with friends, family, and complete strangers on the Internet. So why is the company now trying to create a virtual world that really turns its back on reality?

Over the past week, the company has taken to social media with news of the Metawares initiative, a plan to create virtual worlds where people can interact to play, meet, and more. Last week, CEO Mark Zuckerberg shared his plans for the cars with the public in an interview with The Verge. Then, earlier this week, Facebook announced that it was forming a subteam working with a large number of long-term VPs.

Zuckerberg has apparently been thinking about this idea for some time. But at least the ad time on Facebook is interesting. “Facebook has a history of doing the kind of tech projects that look like they could be revolutionary when criticized for their lack of social responsibility,” Jane Goldbeck, a computer scientist and professor at the University of Maryland, told Ars.

READ MORE New bill strips Facebook and Twitter of immunity to improperly released vaccines. Facebook has seen its exact share in recent months. Lawmakers were affected by antitrust laws and Article 230, which hit the company hard. Earlier this year, the self-produced pages of white supremacist groups were taken. Yesterday, hearings began in the House of Representatives on the rebellion that reached the US capital in January, part of which was organized using Facebook applications and sites. It would be an exaggeration to say that the auto news was published as a deliberate distraction from the company's current problems. But that idea undoubtedly crossed the mind of anyone in the company. Goldbeck said there is a "70 percent" chance that the Facebook Motors project will be "a distraction from all the bad things." “The last thing they want is to talk more about their algorithms, Q-Anon, and extremist groups.”


As a distraction, Metavars is nearly complete. This is charming news that attempts to position Facebook and Zuckerberg as visionaries inventing the future. This is literally a way to escape from reality. If Zuckerberg never wanted the Metawares to escape, as Facebook influences everything from physics to religion, he probably will now. The term "metavers" first appeared in Crash Snow, a 1992 science fiction novel by Neil Stephenson, in which the virtual world was where people could communicate with each other through their avatars, along with different social rules and norms than the real world. This concept appeared in other forms before Stevenson's book, and has been revised many times over the years.

Zuckerberg's view of the engines looks quite similar. In an interview with The Verge, he said, "You can think of Metavars as the internet embodied wherever you are, rather than just looking at the content.""> Get a job at a Facebook Virtual Reality social app early on. Untitled and unpublished). "src =" picsbody / 2107 / 9086-1.jpg "alt =" Facebook Gambiti deviates from its deepest problems " srcset =" 2017/01/16265529_10103456684228891_2797602321406032996_n.jpg 2x "> Zoom in/Celebrate Hugo Barra and Mark Zuckerberg's Early Hiring of Bara (not posted on Facebook). Mark Zuckerberg

Read More Browse: We don't recommend the $299 Oculus Quest 2 Since virtual reality for the next VR system has been an essential part of Stephenson's vision and is discussed a lot in Zuckerberg's interview with Andrew Bosworth, CEO of Motors, VR and AR. It's no surprise that Facebook is looking for another VR solution - it has successfully tested VR. The company's Oculus headphones range from good to bad, while Zuckerberg's VR demo was impressive in 2016, and his virtual trip to storm-ravaged Puerto Rico was pretty painful, however, and Facebook sticks with it, partly without a doubt because of its 2 billion The dollar fell on the Oculus.

It is not yet clear whether The metaverse has been a killer software for virtual reality, and it's also not an obvious social media development. "There's been a very clear path for some time," Goldbeck said. "We wanted to have more interactive social media, we'd have more mobile stuff, and then we'd have more types of media. Now, what's next? It's just like someone saying, 'Okay, maybe the next most important thing, engines.'" '"


Moving away from the real world

Within Facebook, developing Metavars may seem like the next step. The company has a large user base that uses its operating systems for a variety of everyday tasks, from sharing updates to shopping, gaming, and more. Add a VR doll and some other loud technology, and you've got a metro.

In some cases, Facebook might be onto something. “There are places where people are happy to stay virtually,” Goldbeck said. "That's a tension we're starting to see now. There are a lot of people out there who are like, 'It works great remotely.'" “And Facebook could be the company that makes that happen. They have deep pockets and a roster of talented engineers. There are people inside Facebook whose job is to understand what’s important next,” Goldbeck said.

But in many ways, it is Project Metros fundamental change in Facebook's success.First, Facebook is a company that tends to succeed when it replicates existing ideas or solves major problems.Zuckerberg's early version of Facebook, "Facemash," was a Harvard knockout in 2003 on another site called "I' m Hot or Not", which was launched in 2000. Facebook replicas later scaled back the features of Friendster, MySpace, and others.

Not even the company's crown jewel, the news feed, was created because it sleeps in the sky about what It can take social media to the next level.It was a solution to a real problem - as people added more friends on Facebook, they became overwhelmed with updates.News feed and its algorithms help reduce clutter and prioritize content that a user might interact with.Another hallmark of Facebook - Advertise in News Feed , the company's current cash cow - is its efforts to monetize mobile phones.

Metawas also reduces the core branding of Facebook - allowing people to share their lives with friends and family. For many, this platform's allure stems from users' ability to like, comment, and share content related to their real lives - not their virtual lives.

Zuckerberg might really think that Metruse is the next most important thing. . But it may also be true that the project serves to distract from the problems the company is facing. At the same time, it can be a bonus for loyal managers who want to dream about the future instead of thinking about editing content automatically. It could also send a message to investors that the company is doing well in its past investments in virtual reality and other yet-to-be-realized technologies.

In a way, that's the beauty of cars. It can be anything you want.

Facebook Gambiti Diverted From Its Deepest Problems
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