Elizabeth Holmes and

The Holmes trial, ISP misconduct, and many other big stories from the past year.

It started on January 6th. . Several other notable stories followed in the months that followed.

The trial of Elizabeth Holmes made surprising discoveries about Tranos, while Judge Kyle Rittenhaus did not allow the prosecutor to use the Zoom feature to Zoom in on the iPad. Missouri's governor claims HTML code has been "hacked", WhatsApp forces users to share data with Facebook, and Apple announces a controversial plan to scan photos, print saved APIs. President Joe Biden failed to give Democrats a majority on the FCC, and Republicans are now fighting Biden's belated bid to fill the FCC's vacant seat.

As usual, we have many stories of institutional misconduct. We wrote communication. Just as Verizon forced users to plan more expensive programs to receive $50 per month in government subsidies. This article lists and summarizes the year's best political stories that we have chosen based on reader interest and relevance. Elizabeth Holmes is on trial for defrauding investors and patients

he said he's going to court. He wanted to change the way clinical diagnostic tests are done so that they can be done quickly and easily so that patients can get their results in less than 20 minutes. That sounded really good - and it was. This year, the founder and former CEO of the failed company was brought to court for defrauding investors and patients.

Investors' announcements have been heard. Fake reports, investors ignored. and that was before Holmes took office. When this happened, he threw the scholars under the bus, accused his ex-boyfriend of abusive behavior, and engaged in an appeals register in an effort to rebut the testimony of 29 witnesses summoned by the prosecution. You should not do this. Zoom Closer: Rittenhouse District Court Judge Bans Key iPad Feature

During Kyle Rittenhouse's acquittal trial, Judge Bruce Schroeder of Kenosha County District Attorney Thomas Bruinger used the Zoom feature that blocked the iPad. Drone video of the night of the deadly shooting in Wisconsin. After attorney Mark Richards claimed that by Zooming in, "Apple iPad programming creates what you think is there, not necessarily what you do," Schroeder agreed that Zoom could "do more." "Enter the video." Binger canceled the plan to use the iPad while reviewing the Rittenhouse, and instead showed a video of the drone on a 4K TV connected to a Windows computer.

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years, Intel has been at the forefront of the semiconductor industry. Chip design and models aroused the envy of the world. But a few years ago, the company ran into problems and could no longer make advanced chips. CEO Pat Glasinger believes he has a plan, and that the need for Intel, which is historically an island, wants to open its own factories to produce chips "for society at large." It has benefited, a trend that only increased with the contraction of transistors. Without customer choice, Intel may not have enough scale to stay ahead of the curve. "Intel lags behind TSMC and Samsung in very advanced technology," Chenming Hu, a professor at the University of California, Berkeley, told Ars. This isn't the first time Intel has tried to become a foundry, but it may be the first time it has been forced to. "Success really depends on whether you think you should do it," Hu said. Apple explains how iPhones scan photos for child sexual abuse images. In August, Apple plans to get an iPhone announced. Other Apple devices scan photos for child sexual abuse (CSAM) content before uploading the photos to iCloud. Security experts and privacy advocates have expressed concern, saying that governments will use the image scanning system for broader surveillance — for example, by requiring Apple to scan and block images of human rights abuses, political protests and more. Content that should be protected as freedom of expression.

Apple has defended the system's privacy, saying it would deny government requests to extend photo scans beyond CSAM. But in September, Titan Industry said it would "take longer in the coming months" to improve the app. Prior to publication Apple recently removed the CSAM check reference from its Child Safety web page, but told Ars on Dec. 15 that "there is nothing in the application the system has not changed for publication." A system that scans images in messages for nudity, but this only applies to Apple devices used by children and is optional for parents. Viewing the site's HTML code isn't illegal or "hacked," the Missouri governor told a St. Louis Post-Dispatch reporter who found The security hole is “the hacker.” and he threatened criminal action and “civil suits for damages against all those involved.” In fact, post-submission reporter Josh Reno, who viewed the website’s HTML code, alerted government officials to the security issue, and did not Report the bug publicly until it is fixed.


Strange research has also been conducted. Shaji Khan, Professor of Cyber ​​Security at the University of Missouri St. Louis helped Renault identify the vulnerabilities Khan responded with a letter to Parson and several agencies Government officials, explaining that viewing the unencrypted source code was not an illegal or “hacked” website, and that translation of the source code into plain text could be “performed by anyone.” It later emerged that Missouri government officials had intended to publicly thank the journalist. Who discovered the vulnerability before drastically changing plans. < /p> WhatsApp gives users an ultimatum: share data with Facebook or stop using the app

Facebook's WhatsApp The service was launched in 2021 with an ultimatum to its users: agree to share their personal information with the social network or delete their account. An in-app alert directed users to agree to make sweeping changes to WhatsApp services, saying that those who do not accept the revised privacy policy will not be able to use the app after February 8, 2021. WhatsApp delayed this change. For several months after the backlash, he implemented the new policy in May. Twitter was banned, so Twitter said it had decided to block "further incitement to violence". Trump was also blocked by other social media networks, eventually satisfying him with a one-term presidency. Later, Trump sued Google, Facebook and YouTube, a subsidiary of Google, alleging that the three companies are accused of "unauthorized censorship" that violated the "right to free speech under the First Amendment." But courts have generally found that the First Amendment protects companies' right to edit user-submitted content, which leads to our next story. Prisoners complained to Dr. Arkansas of inadvertently taking dangerous doses of ivermectin.

Prisoners complained to Dr. Arkansas of inadvertently taking dangerous doses of ivermectin.

Prisoners "are ignorant of the side effects of medication". In early November 2020, Dr. Robert Karas, the prison doctor, told inmates who had Covid th... American Airlines warns of 'chaos' with 5G launch

American Airlines warns of 'chaos' with 5G launch

The airline lobby says the service is disrupting "countless" disruptions to passengers and cargo. Agencies must intervene in the supply chain to preve... Amazon suspends Visa credit card ban in the UK

Amazon suspends Visa credit card ban in the UK

Retailers are delaying implementation of this policy because companies are working on a 'potential solution'. “They are working. Hostile dispute has... Reports say Intel MegaFab is coming to Ohio

Reports say Intel MegaFab is coming to Ohio

A mega site worth $20 billion would be like a 'small town'. An official announcement is expected on January 21.

... PayPal stole users' money after blocking, confiscating funds and making claims

PayPal stole users' money after blocking, confiscating funds and making claims

User policies "cannot be used" as a license to theft. "p>... Support group says Aid is trying to choose Biden

Support group says Aid is trying to choose Biden "torpedo", choose Jiji Chun

New Comcast lobby member lists "FCC nominees" as key issue in initial case file

The Free Press Group...