Biden is trying to win the trust of 'bad mergers'

Intense demand is trying to counter the increasing mergers of companies.

President Joe Biden today announced his proposed Executive Order, a broad-based document intended to counter growing corporate mergers and promote more competition in everything from labor markets to mergers, and banking. Healthcare, appliance repair, transportation, broadband and more.

"For decades, corporate mergers have accelerated," the White House said in a statement. He said, "In more than 75 percent of American industries, fewer large corporations now control business than they did more than 20 years ago. That's in the case of health care, financial services, agriculture, and more."

READ MORE Tech suspect Lina Khan named the seat of the FTC hours after it was approved. With that in mind, Biden appears to be in place, as antitrustist Teddy Roosevelt is notorious for his self-confidence check. Unsurprisingly, his appointment of Lena Khan as chair of the Federal Trade Commission by telegram shows that he takes a tough approach to integration and anti-competitive measures.

Labor Market Reform

Some of the immediate and most pervasive effects of labor market demand are emerging. Biden is encouraging the FTC to completely ban or restrict anti-competition agreements in employee contracts. This practice has mostly been restricted to highly paid CEOs who have broad insights into the company's internal performance, but over the years, the trend has declined to shift from employees in various industries to new jobs with others. Avoid competitors, including sandwiches. Summer camp builders, bouncers and consultants.

READ MORE Senators are nearing completion of a proposal to ban non-competitive labor agreements. This approach is also emerging in the technology industry, and while many non-competitive clauses are not enforceable in court, their presence can have far-reaching effects, causing caution to many potential job seekers and potential employers. Some states, such as California, refuse to enforce non-compete clauses, and others, such as Massachusetts, have recently enacted legislation banning the practice. Congress tried to take action, and senators proposed a similar ban. The order also encourages the FTC to use antitrust laws and regulations to prevent employers from cooperating to suppress wages or reduce benefits, often by sharing information about wages and benefits. Biden is pressing the Federal Trade Commission to create a "non-essential business license" that could impede entry - sometimes costly - for people looking to enter a new field. In the wake of a growing trend of anti-trust sentiment, notably Big Tech, the Biden government said it was looking at consolidation, "particularly through Internet-dominated operating systems, with a particular focus on purchasing." Emerging competitors, serial integrations, and data collection. and competition through “free” products and their impact on user privacy.” The order also encourages the FTC to establish rules that govern the collection and use of personal information and related data.

Read more of blocking DIY repairs.The White House already announced a preview order this week, and said they're trying to make more room for consumers to repair cellphones and tractors, and those steps are included in the new guidelines.Although tractors and cellphones may seem like an odd pair, they've been in The heart of the right-wing repair movement that has emerged over the past decade.Farmers are rolling back end-user license agreements (EULA) enforced by equipment manufacturers such as John Deere, who need certified repairers.Technology enthusiasts have lobbied for the ability to make DIY repairs or opt for workshops Independent repair to fix broken phones and more. This promises to make the right to repair more accessible and enforceable.

Other changes

The rest of the orders in Kiev, including banking, airlines, shopping CK Rail. According to the banks, the White House is encouraging the Department of Justice and other banking regulators to scrutinize mergers, and is calling for the Office of Consumer Protection to enact laws allowing downloadable access to customer files.

For airlines, the new order seeks to offset costs that have increased over the past decade, from $1.2 billion in 2007 to more than $35 billion in 2018. Airlines must explicitly disclose baggage and change fees and cancellation, and if services are not provided - for example, if baggage is delayed or Wi-Fi goes down during the flight, they will have to reimburse you.


The passenger command line is also growing. The president, nicknamed "Amtrak Joe," is pressing the Surface Transportation Board to force freight train companies and other road owners to pursue passenger train rights. Amtrak, which used to settle disputes with shipping companies quietly, has seen a sharp rise in recent years in terms of shipping delay problems. By law, Amtrak trains are preferred, but in practice, this is not always the case. Biden's executive order could help Amtrak get its trains back on time.

"Encourage" the command

Several sections of the "Encourage Different Organizations to Take Action" section. There's a reason for this—even though this document is called an "order," the president cannot compel independent agencies, including the FTC, FCC, and others, to follow his every word. "Executives can't do what the agency does because we don't have a controlling government," Shane Greenstein, a professor at Harvard Business School, told ARIS. "The executive branch doesn't even fund it. It just proposes one, and Congress fires it up and builds it. It can only hire and fire the people at the top of the agency—and even then, the capacity." limited. "

" What does the executive branch have? Her charm and good will. its executive orders,” he added. “Since the government is still early days, most political appointees want to play well. In any case, most of them pretty much agree with the general trend, although it may not be the details and details."

Biden is trying to win the trust of 'bad mergers'
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