Hospitals across the country are faltering as the number of cases continues to rise
Many Hospitals across the country are in crisis due to an increase in the number of cases and an absolutely reduced number of staff.

Hospitals across the country are once again beginning to collapse under the pressure of COVID-19 cases. It is very inactive at the moment and tired of previous waves of the epidemic.

The current situation is forcing states and Hospitals to declare states of emergency, deploy the National Guard, delay or cancel specific procedures, establish crisis care standards, and allow on-site health care providers to keep their jobs, even if they themselves test positive for COVID-19. Because there is no one available to replace them. Together, this situation has made some clinicians openly concerned that the Omicron wave will cause some systems to collapse in the coming weeks.

Craig Spencer, an emergency physician and director of global health in emergency medicine at Irving Medical Center, New York-Presbyterian/Columbia University, wrote in a theoretical article for The New York Times on Monday.

"Unlike this time last year, there are effective treatment plans, treatments and vaccines for Covid-19." Hospitals are dark.

Figures and Forecast

Currently, the average seven-day daily Covid-19 cases are approaching 700,000, the highest number in the pandemic. It is a pandemic, while the average ​​Daily hospitalizations are more than 132,000, an increase of 83% over two weeks.Hospitalization is fast approaching the record number of 137,000 admissions per day due to the epidemic, which was recorded in mid-January last year.

According to the date Reported by the Ministry of Human Health Services, 77% of hospital beds in the country are occupied and 78% of beds in intensive care units are full.However, the data in this section may be delayed, reflecting hospital usage, which may be delayed one to two weeks For example, clinicians and researchers who track hospital capacity, based on projections of HHS hospital data showing hospital beds only 79 percent full, suggest that Maryland Hospitals may now increase capacity.

“I can confirm that The situation in Maryland is appalling. The condition reached its maximum in about two weeks. Many Hospitals operate under standard crisis care. EMS taxis are now so taxed that last week the city of Baltimore began ferrying people with fire trucks. This has never been heard of and is ridiculous. Reports of people waiting more than one to two hours at the scene with firefighters for the EMS unit to arrive. Then when they get to the hospital, they literally wait for hours to get a bed. Dispatch centers now only laugh when they connect to a highly registered system. It baffles me how none of this was national news. I got infected, it's still there. Crush the sick, and some of them bear the worst diseases. Last Friday, for example, a Kansas hospital closed ventilators amid a surge in Covid-19 cases and urged the county council to issue a local emergency. In addition, Omicron can reach vulnerable populations that require hospital care after an exacerbation of a previous disease, such as diabetes. At the same time, rates of seasonal flu and other cases that take people to Hospitals are rising.

The surge in patients is occurring at a time when crowded Hospitals are severely understaffed and service providers are already understaffed. They are experiencing extreme fatigue. >

On Monday, Virginia Governor Ralph Northham lifted a limited 30-day state of emergency to relieve pressure on crowded Hospitals after seeing an unprecedented number of hospitalizations in the state last week. chest. The directive allows Hospitals to increase bed and staff capacity through a number of technical changes, such as adding flexibility for active out-of-state providers to practice in-state and increasing the ability of physician assistants to deliver care.” Northum Governor said in a statement that Hospitals are tired and again facing an increasing number of patients. Which affects their ability to provide care.” "These steps help reduce stress and give medical professionals more flexibility to care for people. Ultimately, the best thing anyone can do for our Hospitals and their staff is to get vaccinated."

Pressure <

Neighboring Maryland last week issued a similar 30-day emergency to support the state's health care facilities amid unprecedented hospital admissions for COVID-19.

“The truth is that for the next four, Maryland Governor Larry Hogan said in a statement last week that “up to six weeks will be the most challenging challenge for the entire pandemic.” Keeping Maryland open for business, we will continue to do everything What it takes in very difficult days and weeks. And local health officials. At least 10 states have called on National Guard members, from Oregon to New York, to help in the tidal wave of omcron cases and hospitalizations. Massachusetts, for example, has sent National Guard personnel to Hospitals overwhelmed by Covid-19 patients in late December. One such facility is UMass Memorial Medical Center, the main hospital in central Massachusetts, which is currently 115 percent operational, according to a Jan. 9 report.

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