Intel Core i7-12700 + Intel B660 Motherboard + RM1 Box Cooler Review

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We're starting the day with a mix of all-new Intel hardware, starting with our first look at some affordable LGA 1700 motherboards built for the latest generation of Intel Alder Lake processors. These are well compatible with unlocked K CPU models such as the Core i7-12700 which we are ready to test today. Finally, we also have one of Intel's new case coolers called the Creative RM1, which should be fun. WiFi DDR4 And this is the only B660 board we have for testing, so we're happy to have it. The rest of Intel's partners seem to get into the holiday spirit and forget that the launch is in progress. But it doesn't matter, B660M Mortar WiFi DDR4 is a great and perfect starting point for introducing the new Core i7-12700.


Now let's move on to these 9 new 65W CPUs, except for the F type, of which there are four, only the Core i9 model is 12900, and only 100MHz lower from 12900K, which reduces the maximum turbine power from 241W to 202W, which is a significant 16% reduction in usage versus 2. 2.5% reduction in frequency.

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There's also a Core i7 model, 12700, available today and we're testing it. It's lower than the K-SKU for the 100MHz P cores and below 200MHz for the E cores. Maximum power is reduced from 190MHz watts to 180 watts.

There are three Core i5 models that have 12600, 12500, and 12400 and it looks like only F-SKUs will be 12400F, 12400 to 4.4 GHz, 12500 to 4.6 GHz, and 12600 to 4.8 GHz, which is only 100 MHz. 12600K meters.

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The parts we can really consider are the new Core i3, Pentium and Celeron models. There are two Core i3s, 12300 and 12100, both with 4 P cores plus SMT coreless E with 12MB L3 cache. It has from 12300 to 4.4 GHz, while from 12100 to 4.3 GHz and this model is available as F-SKU.

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Pentium Gold G7400 dual-core with 4 P-cores of 4 threads, without E core, has 6MB of L3 cache at 3.7GHz. Finally, Celeron G6900 is a dual processor Low-level Core with 2P cores without SMT, so it's a 2MB/2 Core processor with 4MHz L3 cache running at 3.4GHz.This processor is the web browsing and email version of Alder Lake.

Intel B660 Chipset |

The focus is on the B660 compared to the Z690. A sharp drop. Of course, in the real form of Intel, CPU overclocking is off the table, but you can At least it overclocks the memory, which is much more useful these days anyway. The CPU only supports x4 DMI Gen 4 fonts, which cuts PCIe 4.0 connectivity in half compared to the Z690, but this won't be a problem for most users.

B660 or B610 boards.

Now, while the default power mode for K-SKUs sees maximum turbo power or PL2 mode unlimited maintenance (PL1 = PL2), locked processors like the Core i7-12700 run like previous generations, which means that PL2 is a temporary boost mode and after a certain period the CPU is reduced to PL1 which is about 65,700 watts.

This is a bit complicated and sloppy, it's nothing but consumer friendly. Intel fixed the K-SKU problem, but locked components are everywhere. For example, if you install the 12700 on any Z690 motherboard except Asrock's base level models, it will run indefinitely in PL2 mode even though the component is locked. This may also happen on some B660, H670, and H610 motherboards. For example, MSI B660M Mortar WiFi DDR4 works by default without power restrictions. . But if you want to install it on some of the B660's base boards, the PL2 will probably hit 180W for a limited time before dropping to PL1 or 65W. What you do at clock speed depends on the workload, and in today's Review we'll be testing 12700 at maximum power plus 65W.

B660 boards depending on the power condition. And if you're using a 125W K-SKU with the basic specs, it gets even worse. However, we will probably do more about that in the future.

Now, let's move on to the testing system. We've avoided DDR5 testing, which seems like a waste of time at the moment, and we know all there is to know about DDR4 performance versus DDR5 performance. For our Core i7-12700 test, we're using an MSI B660M Mortar WiFi DDR4 with 32GB of dual-channel DDR4-3200 CL14 memory, which is the hardware we use in all of our DDR4 tests and is usually faster than single. DDR4-3800 CL18 memory ranking in terms of performance.

Alder Lake K-SKU CPUs tested on MSI Z690 Tomahawk WiFi DDR4 using the same memory and all boards have been updated to the latest BIOS version. . . We also updated our Ryzen data with the MSI X570S Tomahawk WiFi.

All game data for AM4 and LGA 1700 processors with resizing Active load updated. The plan was to do the same with Intel 10th and 11th generation processors, but the performance was reversed in all cases by enabling ReBAR, so we've now disabled this feature on PCI Express on those platforms. Finally, the last note of the test system worth noting is that all software and game data was collected with an AMD Radeon RX 6900 XT graphics card, and the preferred operating system was Windows 11. Well, I guess that covers that, let's check the results here


Starting with multi-core Cinebench R23 results, we find that the 12700 can score 21,407 when paired with a quality Cooler on the B660 motherboard. , which means that it was only 6% slower than 12,700 thousand. Additionally, it can be compatible with the Ryzen 9 5900X while ripping off the older Core i9-10900K. <b>Review</b> of <b>Intel</b> <b>Core</b> <b>i7-12700</b> + <b>Intel</b> <b>B660</b> + <b>RM1</b> <b>Box</b> <b>Cooler</b> motherboard compared to what we saw On the Corsair H170i, that's an 8% drop.</p> <p> With the 65W spec, the score dropped to 16,017, which is the same level as the Ryzen 7 5800X. and <b>Core</b> i9-10900K. Because of the small power the 12700 uses here. </p> <p> <img src =

More, we found that 7-Zip File Manager compression function is almost the same regardless of cooling and power configuration, indicating that the utilization rate is not too high.


The same applies to decompressing. Also, regardless of the configuration used, the 12700 is comparable to a Core i9-10900K and only 4% slower than a Type K.

https://safirsoft.comIntel Core i7-12700 + Intel B660 Mot Check the board + RM1 Box Cooler ">

Next we have Corona, and we found k with the upgraded cooler, the 12700 can match Primarily with 12700K, it only takes 3% of the time to complete. With the Stoke RM1 cooler, but without the power limit, performance is thermally limited, which increases runtime to 77 seconds, so it increases by 13% in completion time.

Time up to 88 seconds, which is about a 30% increase in rendering time compared to the H170i configuration. However, we're still looking for a performance to match the Ryzen 7 5800X and Core i7-11700K. <b>Review</b> for <b>Intel</b> <b>Core</b> <b>i7-12700</b> + <b>Intel</b> <b>B660</b> + <b>RM1</b> <b>Box</b> <b>Cooler</b> Motherboard < /p>

Adobe Premiere Pro is a combination of single and multi-core tasks. Using the H170i liquid coolant, the 12700 was only 2.5% slower than the 12700K, which is an impressive result. We found that using a Box Cooler reduced performance by only 2%, which is a respectable result.

The power limiting 12700 to 65W lowered the rating to 723 points, a 14% decrease from the H170i's configuration. And again equal to 12700 or 5800X. <b>Intel</b> <b>Core</b> <b>i7-12700</b> + <b>Intel</b> <b>B660</b> Motherboard <b>Review</b> + <b>RM1</b> <b>Box</b> <b>Cooler</b> < /p>

This program is based on Adobe Photoshop, a program that relies more on single-core performance. So thermal and electrical headroom is not an issue because you can maximize a Core with a budget of 65 watts and the RM1 can easily handle that heat load. This also means that 12700 in this test were only 2% slower than 12700K. <b>Intel</b> <b>Core</b> <b>i7-12700</b> + <b>Intel</b> <b>B660</b> + <b>RM1</b> <b>Box</b> <b>Cooler</b> <b>Review</b>

Adobe After Effects, like Photoshop, relies heavily on single-core performance. Using the H170i, the 12700 matched the 12700K, while the limited power of 65W reduced the score by just 4% using RM1, which is a slight difference, so the 12700 scored better than the Ryzen 9 5900X, which is impressive. <b>Intel</b> <b>Core</b> <b>i7-12700</b> + <b>Intel</b> <b>B660</b> Motherboard + <b>RM1</b> <b>Box</b> Cooler


We have included Factorio in the software parameters because we do not measure frames per second, but update per second. This metric automatically calculates the time it takes to run 1,000 updates. It's a one-string test and seems to be highly dependent on cache performance.

Due to the single-core nature of the test, the 12700 performed nearly identically, regardless of cooling or power mode. It was 7% slower than the 12700K, but still managed to beat the Ryzen 9 5900X, which is a nice result for the closed part of the Intel Core i7. <b>Intel</b> <b>Core</b> <b>i7-12700</b> + <b>Intel</b> <b>B660</b> Motherboard + <b>RM1</b> <b>Box</b> Cooler


About Code Performance, Core i7-12700 An animal, Minimum paired with an upgraded cooler, took 4,058 seconds meaning it was primarily compatible with a 12-core Ryzen 9 5900X processor and lasted 4% longer than the 12700K.

The RM1 took 5% longer to complete its workload and then 28% more running at 65W, but even here it can still be roughly compatible with the Core i9-11900K, which is a great result in terms of performance. /p>

 https. : // <b>Intel</b> <b>Core</b> <b>i7-12700</b> + <b>Intel</b> <b>Core</b> <b>i7-12700</b> + <b>Intel</b> <b>B660</b> Motherboard + <b>RM1</b> <b>Box</b> <b>Cooler</b> <b>Review</b>

The last benchmark we're looking at is Blender, and these spreads are similar to ours In a number of key metrics: 12700 complies with 12700K without any power or thermal limitations, and display time increases by 12% when cooled by an RM1 cooler.

This time, 65W specs dramatically lower performance and increase display time by a whopping 46%, making the 12700 one of the slowest CPUs tested, thanks to the use of AVX instructions.Which reduces the power budget, and therefore significantly reduces the frequency of running cores, if limited to a closed power of 65W.< /p> Power consumption

When measuring the total power of the system, we see that the Core i7-12700 with the H170i consumes slightly less power than the RM1, despite the fact that the liquid Cooler provides a higher level of performance.

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The temperature reaches over 100°C, and when the coolant cannot effectively extract this amount of heat, most of it is poured into the PCB, which increases and decreases the temperature of the VRM. VRM performance, resulting in increased overall system usage.

Gaming Benchm arks

Time to check out gaming performance, and we start with F1 2021. 12700 was 12700k when you look at the average frame rate of around 400fps, and on average​ ​About 400 frames per second, you can say that the performance is higher. Not enough here.

Even with the 65W spec, the 12,700 averaged 364 fps, just 7% lower than the H170i's configuration. It also means that when power is limited, 12700 can match 10900K and 11900K. <b>Intel</b> <b>Core</b> <b>i7-12700</b> + <b>Intel</b> <b>B660</b> Motherboard + <b>RM1</b> <b>Box</b> <b>Cooler</b> <b>Review</b> Viewed from 12700 A. At 65W, the 12700 was 7% slower, and while the Ryzen 7 accelerates the 5800X even faster, we're still talking about over 500fps on average.</p> <p> <img src =

Interestingly enough, the margins on Watch Dogs: Legion is huge. It's smaller, and here we only reduce it by 5% with 65w mode, and limit the 12700 to the 5900X and performance similar to the 5800X. But by removing the power limitation and installing the H170i, the 12700 was only two frames slower than the 12700K. They are basically the same. <b>Intel</b> <b>Core</b> <b>i7-12700</b> + <b>Intel</b> <b>B660</b> + <b>RM1</b> <b>Box</b> Motherboard <b>Cooler</b>


Next we have Shadow of the Tomb Raider and here the 12700 was capable of averaging 12700K at 186 fps and with the RM1 Box cooled, performance was reduced by only 2%, although you can definitely hear the CPU cooling central.

Then at 65W, the performance dropped 7% to 173. The frame rate was 12700 between 5800X and 11900K. Limited power is not a bad result.

https://safirso <b>Intel</b> <b>Core</b> <b>i7-12700</b> + <b>Intel</b> <b>B660</b> + <b>RM1</b> <b>Box</b> <b>Cooler</b> <b>Review</b>


The Riftbreaker is an incredibly compact CPU game and a new addition to our mod battery. This highly favors Alder Lake over Zen 3, and even the 11th generation Intel Rocket Lake parts work really well. Again, the 12700 matched the 12700K, both the H170i and RM1, while the Limited Power configuration was only 4% slower, matching the 11900K.

The 12700 is 23% faster than the Ryzen It. 5900X, so while overall performance is acceptable, this isn't a great title for AMD. <b>Intel</b> <b>Core</b> <b>i7-12700</b> + <b>Intel</b> <b>B660</b> + <b>RM1</b> <b>Box</b> <b>Cooler</b> Review matched once Another with the 12700K when cooled with the H170i, although the RM1 Cooler was just a few frames short of what was actually reduced. Essentially the same level of performance. Enabling the 65W specification reduced frames by 10 percent to 189 fps, and once Others same level of performance seen at 11900K. <b>Intel</b> <b>Core</b> <b>i7-12700</b> + <b>Intel</b> <b>Core</b> <b>i7-12700</b> + <b>Intel</b> <b>B660</b> Motherboard + <b>RM1</b> <b>Box</b> <b>Cooler</b> Review

Read more, Age of Empires IV We have this data compared to the previous set of game results because we are using a completely different test and the resizable bar is now enabled For Alder Lake and Zen 3. The original game, 12700, works the same for all three configurations.

https://safirsoft .com <b>Intel</b> <b>Core</b> i 7- 12700 + <b>Intel</b> <b>B660</b> Motherboard + <b>RM1</b> <b>Box</b> <b>Cooler</b> <b>Review</b>

Far Cry 6 is another single Core game, and this game really contributes to the strong performance of single Core Alder Lake. Even with its 65-watt power limit, the 12700 was 12 percent faster than the 5900X. Since the game relies heavily on a single core, the 12700 can still be run on a very budget 65W. <b>Intel</b> <b>Core</b> <b>i7-12700</b> + <b>Intel</b> <b>Core</b> <b>i7-12700</b> + <b>Intel</b> <b>B660</b> Motherboard + <b>RM1</b> <b>Box</b> <b>Cooler</b> <b>Review</b>

The Horizon Zero Dawn doesn't use much CPU, so the 65W spec is still excellent, allowing the 12700 to stray from the 11900k. Although the chancellor chose this cake, 12700 was only 6% slower, which equates to 12700 thousand. <b>Intel</b> <b>Core</b> <b>i7-12700</b> + <b>Intel</b> <b>Core</b> <b>i7-12700</b> + <b>Intel</b> <b>B660</b> Motherboard + <b>RM1</b> <b>Box</b> <b>Cooler</b> <b>Review</b> The GPU is mostly limited to these advanced models.Processors except for the Ryzen 7 3700X.The 12700 power limit reduced performance by up to 8% and was slower than a <b>Core</b> i7-10700K.But without any limitations, it was compatible with the 5900X and was a few frames slower from 12700K. Again, <b>RM1</b> increases total system usage, due to CPU VRM warming up, making it less efficient.</p> <p> <img src =

But Core i7-12700 with good cooling with 5800X and 10700 K matched for power consumption.And then when power was limited, it matched the 3700X, with acceptable results in terms of performance.The i7-12700 is there without any power limitation.Unlocked with the K version, it makes it slightly faster than the Ryzen 9 5900X.< /p>

Show 200 frames per second and set it to a level. With 5800X it is only 2.5% slower than 5900X. Hemchanin has a limited capacity of 65 watts, 12700 limits, 5 watts, a speedometer, 11900K, an 11900K pod, an iPod. Laminar RM1 Est. Cooler, i.e. a hammock, with a RH1 version, a button, with Core i9 pieces, a hard lock, and an original version of RS1 as a Hummer with a Pentium and Celeron pieces, his opinions, I want to have a guard. It's important to see a technician, Khank Kinda 65, Wati Hestend, Benabrian RM1 Bray Car BA 12700, Thanha, time, wear, intensity, wear, figures, 65w, more severe work.

With Heat Sync, RM1 Ba Khankanandeh kebabai ke daray rap messi bodnd, zayadi nard, zira miguind ke rap messi seyar buzzer est and where kemk ta mikand ta total weight of yam yar ar az 326 d. Kohler Hamchanin is visible in Bhatti Dard and Daray System is a strong erection of tri-est. In the case of a whole crop, where is a Bahtari ast car, but for 65 watts of brilliance, the rank of a heavy-duty bundi is astounding, and we are waiting for a reason? 65 watts, rotation 21 degrees, Santi Grad Ataqi, Ba-Azai, a high-powered pitcher, inside the Corsair 500D, with six blades. What is the process of my operation 76 degrees centigrade below the yoke of the bar curry tamam hest any dir Cinebench R23 ngah mi kanim ke prae yik the hour of the ring is very strong, and where is the result that is respected?

Without limitations, the ability to delete a memory card, a CPU speed of 100 degrees, a speed of 100 degrees, and a emitter to find a gas source. The amount of frankincense outside the intensity of the CPU has the volume of the best car dard, and of course, I did not make a program before, as a period of time, as it took advantage of the RM1 temperature due to my limited temperature view, and the temperature was limited. Derche Gas, Yek Sobek Bayah Bayh Ast Tower. What is the quantity of the Ryzen 9 5900X and the quantity of Core i7-11700K?


Where is the Core i7-12700 Core MSI Mortar WiFi B660M? DDR4 را دیده‌اید، اما عملکرد برد چگونه است؟ منظور ما فضای ذخیره سازی، USB یا عملکرد صوتی نیست، بلکه VRM بسیار مهم است. آیا تخته در آستانه پخت و پز بود، یا می‌توانید هر چیزی را تا 12900K روی آن اجرا کنید؟

برای اینکه بفهمم، آن را در سیستم تست Corsair Corsair iCUE 7000X VRM خود انداختم و اجرا کردم. Cinebench R23 روی یک حلقه به مدت یک ساعت. برای ثبت دما از یک دماسنج دیجیتال با ترموکوپل های نوع K استفاده می کنیم و حداکثر دمای PCB عقب را گزارش می کنیم. در نهایت، من Delta T را بیش از Ambient گزارش نمی‌کنم، در عوض دمای اتاق را 21 درجه نگه می‌دارم و اطمینان حاصل می‌کنم که دمای محیط ثابت یک ترموکوپل در کنار سیستم آزمایش قرار می‌گیرد.

با 12900K، ملات B660M فقط به 79 درجه سانتیگراد به اوج خود رسید، که یک نتیجه عالی است و به این معنی است که حتی در یک اتاق 30 درجه سانتیگراد، اوج دمای PCB بسیار کمتر از 100 درجه سانتیگراد خواهد بود، و معمولاً تا زمانی که دما بالا نرود، دریچه گاز VRM را مشاهده نخواهید کرد. بیش از 100 درجه سانتیگراد، با دمای 125 درجه سانتیگراد خطرناک است.

این نتیجه به این معنی است که Mortar خیلی داغتر از بردهای سطح ابتدایی Z690 نیست و جهانی‌ها بهتر از Asrock Z690 Phantom Gaming است. 4، بردی که برای آزمایش خریدم اما هنوز به جزئیات پرداخته نشده است، بنابراین حدس می‌زنم هشدار اسپویلر. از نظر عملکرد، Mortar پس از تست استرس ساعتی بیشترین بهره را از 12900K گرفت و 7 درصد سریعتر از Asrock Z690 Phantom Gaming 4 بود. بنابراین یک نتیجه عالی برای چیزی که من انتظار دارم B660 میان رده باشد. بورد.

آنچه یاد گرفتیم

این نگاه ما به Intel Core i7-12700، MSI's B660M Mortar و خنک کننده جدید RM1 اینتل بود. خنک کننده جعبه مطمئناً یک ارتقاء است، یک تغییر دهنده بازی نیست، و ما انتظار داریم که اکثریت قریب به اتفاق شما آن را به نفع یک خنک کننده توانمندتر کنار بگذارید. حتی یک خنک کننده به سبک برج 20 دلاری نیز یک ارتقاء خواهد بود.

برای کسانی که با مشخصات 65 وات کار می کنند، کار می کند و بی رحم به نظر نمی رسد. با توجه به محدودیت های اندازه، در واقع راه حل خوبی است، اما برای بیشتر علاقه مندان جذاب یا مفید نخواهد بود.

Core i7-12700، از طرف دیگر، بسیار جذاب است و احتمالاً برای بسیاری از سازندگان رایانه شخصی گزینه ای مناسب خواهد بود. هنگامی که 12700 به طور کامل با یک خنک کننده خوب راه اندازی شد، در برنامه های کاربردی فقط 7% کندتر از 12700K بود، بنابراین برای کسانی که علاقه ای به اورکلاک ندارند، این باید 12700 را به یک معامله بسیار بهتر تبدیل کند.

هنگامی که می آید. برای بازی، 12700 و 12700K در اکثر موارد غیرقابل تشخیص هستند. قسمت قفل شده حداکثر 7 درصد کندتر بود، اما معمولاً حاشیه کمتر از چند درصد بود و در کل کمتر از یک درصد این دو را در 10 بازی آزمایش شده از هم جدا می کرد. بنابراین از نظر ارزش، 12700 برای کسانی که علاقه ای به اورکلاک CPU ندارند، بسیار منطقی خواهد بود.

در حال صحبت از قیمت، در زمان نوشتن این بررسی ، ما اطلاعات قیمت گذاری رسمی از اینتل نداریم، اما اگر به سری 11700 نسل یازدهم نگاه کنیم، می توانیم برخی برآوردها را انجام دهیم. MSRP برای 11700K 400 دلار، 11700KF 375 دلار، 320 دلار برای 11700 و 300 دلار برای 11700F است. بنابراین 11700 20٪ ارزان تر از 11700K است. با فرض اینکه ما شاهد حاشیه مشابهی با 12700K و 12700 خواهیم بود، که قیمت 12700 را در حدود 330 دلار در خرده فروشی قرار می دهد، اما اینتل ممکن است با توجه به رقابتی بودن آن، در قیمت گذاری این نسل کمتر تهاجمی باشد.

با فرض اینکه اینتل برای 12700 یا 12700F به 330 دلار رسیده است، و بردی مانند B660M Mortar را می توان با حدود 170 دلار داشت، این یک بسته استثنایی 500 دلاری است و کمتر از مبلغی که فقط برای Ryzen 9 5900X می پردازید که در حال حاضر هزینه دارد. 540 دلار.

در همین حال، 5800X 370 دلار است، برای یک برد B550 با کیفیت مناسب و قابل مقایسه، 150 دلار اضافه کنید و این ترکیب برای یک بسته پایین‌تر کمی گران‌تر است. بنابراین آیا اینتل در قیمت گذاری آنقدر تهاجمی خواهد بود؟ گفتن در حال حاضر غیرممکن است، اما اندکی پس از اجرای این بررسی، ایده ای خواهیم داشت، و یک ایده واقعا خوب در چند هفته آینده خواهد بود.

اگر یک چیز مطمئن باشد، AMD در حال نابودی است. در بخش ارزش با این 13 CPU قفل شده جدید از اینتل. با فرض اینکه تیم آبی بتواند تقاضا را برآورده کند، و با فرض اینکه بردهای B660 قیمت رقابتی دارند، قطعاتی مانند 12400F بسیار کشنده خواهند بود و ما مشتاق هستیم که به زودی نگاهی به آن بیندازیم.

در پایان، Core i7-12700 و به‌ویژه نوع F به نظر گزینه‌های ارزشی عالی برای بازی‌های سطح بالا هستند.

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