The increasing price of computers and their parts, especially laptops, have made buying a new laptop or computer a difficult decision; So before choosing a laptop, it makes sense to spend a significant amount of time doing research. The important thing about laptops is that apart from a few common parts, they are not very upgradeable; It also means that sometimes you can upgrade the RAM and storage memory of the laptop, but the basic things like the main processor or the graphics processor cannot be changed. For this reason, it is better to prioritize these main features when buying a new laptop. However, there is another point: a laptop model can have several different specifications.

If you like a specific laptop chassis or a specific model of a brand and want to have the specific features of that model. Well, you can probably find it with your favorite hardware. This will increase your power of choice. On the main sites of laptop manufacturers such as Lenovo, Asus, Acer and HP, you are given the ability to make your favorite laptop as you need it; That means, in fact, personalize the laptop that you intend to buy.

This is not possible in Iran. For this reason, importers import several models of a laptop with different hardware, so that buyers can choose from these items. In fact, the importers themselves begin to customize a number of laptops, taking into account the different needs of the buyer and import them. This movement, which is called "Custom Configuration" or actually "personalized settings", we will explain to you from zero to one hundred in this article. To better understand this issue, we use an example.

Custom config in reality: let's see the process of personalizing a laptop

For example, we use the Lenovo Legion 5 laptop. we did. This laptop is one of the best gaming computers today and has a unique design. Lenovo has tried to make the chassis of this laptop in the most optimal way to be able to upgrade and use different things. If you take a look at some online stores, you will find many models of this laptop for sale. Note that Legion 5 is a series of Lenovo laptops; This means that this series has been made for about four years and different hardware with different specifications have been placed in it. We mean, don't confuse the Legion 5 of the past years with this year's models.

The Legion 5 of 2021 has several different models. Each model has a special hardware feature that will have a different cost according to it. For example, two AAB and AAC models differ in the amount of RAM. RAM is completely modifiable. Even in the future you can upgrade the laptop RAM yourself. This also applies to laptop memory. This laptop also has an additional slot for placing a hard disk. That means you have an empty space where you can put a solid state memory (SSD) or hard disk. You can even save on these two items and get a laptop with a higher battery capacity.

Suppose a laptop like Lenovo Legion 5 with different and numerous slots to place additional parts or change them. On the lower left side of the device, you can see that there is a place for the hard drive and a place for the solid memory.

A device can be made and supplied in several different models. All these models also have a fixed and distinct appearance, but they differ from each other in terms of hardware and internal items. Now we will continue to examine each of these parts.

Central processor

The central processor (CPU) is the brain of your device and cannot be upgraded. You are not supposed to open the motherboard of the device and change the chipset that is directly connected to the motherboard. So you should be very careful in choosing it. In the case of our hypothetical laptop, this is how these devices come in two models, Legion 5 and Legion 5i. This English i means to use Intel processor. So, first of all, you have to choose between Intel or AMD processor. After that, there are various models of Legion with Core i5 and i7 processors. This also applies to the AMD processor. This means that you have to choose between Ryzen 5 and Ryzen 7 processors. Now you will choose one according to your budget and What you do with your device.

Processor selection section on Lenovo's official site. You can choose a higher processor configuration for the same laptop model by paying more.

Processor Graphics

In today's world, the graphics processor is the main feature of laptops, especially gaming laptops. The graphics card cannot be changed or upgraded either, so you must be very careful in your choice. Some laptops only use the graphics card inside the main processor, and some have a separate and additional graphics card. As for Legion 5, there are different models with different cards, starting from 3050 and ending at 3070ti. There are no AMD graphics cards in Legion 5.

Sometimes it is even possible to choose a different configuration with a stronger or weaker graphics processor in a laptop model, according to the needs of the buyer. . This means that most devices with different models have the same screen. However, there are some things that make a difference in this section. This difference ranges from refresh rate to resolution. For example, some Asus laptops offer you a Full HD screen with a 360Hz screen refresh rate or a 4K screen with a 120Hz refresh rate. You should choose one based on the work and graphic power of the device.


The device's RAM memory is one of the things that is very important for both daily tasks and games. On the other hand, you can usually upgrade it in the future. For this reason, initial accuracy is important, but not decisive. The only important thing here is to see how much RAM you have available to upgrade. For example, the Legion 5 laptop provides both RAM slots to the user. This is if some Asus laptops have 8 GB of RAM directly connected to the main motherboard. For this reason, users only have access to one empty place.

RAM selection section when customizing a laptop on the Lenovo website. Pay attention that the term SODIMM means that the user has access to the RAM slot and its upgrade. A model becomes very important. Today's operating systems, whether it's Windows or even recent versions of Linux, show their best performance on solid state drives or SSDs. If you want to use your computer a little more seriously, you will definitely need an SSD, as a result, you can rarely find a modern laptop without an SSD, and all of them have, at the very least, an SSD with a limited capacity; But you can upgrade it either when buying the device or usually after buying it. Most of today's devices have two or more slots for solid state memory.

Usually, you can put a hard disk on the laptop in addition to the main SSD of the laptop. The hard disk has a low speed and is suitable for storing information that you do not always need to access. Among all things, the memory is the least important at the moment of purchase, and as we said, it is easy to upgrade and does not cost too much. Of course, you must pay attention to What kind of memory it is.

Usually in the domestic market, the same model of a laptop is offered with different memories, and here you can see the reason. You can increase or decrease the amount of SSD memory or even add a hard disk next to it.


Battery usually cannot be changed in the same models of laptops. Usually, the energy storage of laptop batteries does not exceed 100 watt hours. This is also due to the restriction imposed on these devices for use in airplanes. Therefore, most of the time it is not possible to change the battery capacity and do not look for changing the battery capacity in the custom configurations. However, the laptop we chose, Legion 5, had this capability. Of course, in order to choose a larger battery capacity, you must add a hard disk because the space used by the battery with a higher capacity will take its place. However, you will still have access to the second solid state memory slot.

Keyboard and appearance of the device

What is fixed in custom configurations of a laptop is the appearance, chassis and body of the device. . This is basically the reason why we have several different models in the market from the same model, with the same appearance and capabilities. As for the keyboard, there are several different modes. For example, monochrome keyboard, monochrome RGB and RGB for each key. As the name of monochrome suggests, in this type of keyboards you have a backlight and its color does not change. Next is RGB. In such a way that your entire keyboard has the ability to change color and displays several different colors. Finally, we see Per Key RGB. In this case, each keyboard key has its own LED and can be completely personalized. Each key can show you a different light.

As for the keyboard itself There is not much customization. In high-end Asus and Alienware laptops, you can also choose the type of keyboard. In this way, choose one of the keyboards with a mechanical mode or something that is in normal laptops. This is not the case with lower priced laptops. For this reason, it cannot be considered an important factor.

Custom config translation in Iran!

Generally, there is no custom config in Iran. Because you don't have the ability to buy directly from the manufacturer's website. However, the importer himself chooses different configurations of a device and imports the product into the country. With this, it has almost recreated the possibility of customizing for you. When you have a lot of choices, you can buy the most optimal one according to your taste and use.

When buying a laptop, What hardware is included in it is very important. However, the appearance and design of the body used in it is also very important. For example, thin and light laptops, even if they are placed in the gaming category, are not as capable as larger laptops. This is a clear and logical issue, and the reason for that is the use of a large and powerful cooling system. There is a possibility that if we choose the most powerful option between the graphics processor and the main processor in a thin and delicate laptop, we will face the problem of overheating and eventually lowering the processing frequency (throttling) and basically the powerful hardware we have chosen will be useless. .

One of the clear examples in this field is the Zephyrus series of Isos. These devices are made slim and light to be very beautiful. On the other hand, these laptops are easily portable and can be moved. The point here is that the Zefiros series mostly do not have much cooling ability due to their thin body. Hence, graphics cards have a lower processor frequency. On the other hand, many configurations of this laptop have entered the market. For example, the M16 laptop has a configuration with a high-frequency and high-voltage Core i9 processor, which generates a lot of heat and limits your use. which offers and is even great from the design point of view and you can keep your choice. Now, thanks to the various custom configurations that have entered the market, you can find and purchase the same laptop model according to your needs.

What is the benefit of having different configurations of a laptop model?

As we mentioned before, this will help you to choose the best one according to your work. Basically, you have chosen the appearance and main features of your laptop, and now you are thinking about some of its hardware and internal specifications. It should be noted that your purchase budget is also very important when choosing. Among the things we said, storage memory and RAM memory do not have much effect on the final price of a laptop. But on the other hand, the main processor and especially the graphics processor will greatly affect the final price of the device.

These factors cause a laptop model like the Legion 5 in different configurations to have a price difference of up to 20 million tomans. to be That is, you can choose the base model with weaker processors at a lower price or spend more and get a more powerful device. The main point here is that they both look the same. Maybe they are slightly different in terms of weight. If we want to check more closely, it is possible that they are different in terms of cooling technology. However, the point is that the model, appearance and a significant part of the device's capabilities are the same.

The best What is custom config?

Because our main topic is gaming, that's why we're going to use it. Which graphics card and processor model is completely depends on your application and budget. Therefore, it is not possible to say which one is the best. Generally, Core i7 and Ryzen 7 processors are good and reliable choices. This is because they have a middle position in terms of power and price. On the other hand, they do not get too hot. In terms of graphics, it totally depends on the game and What you're doing. We have mentioned these things completely in the gaming laptop buying guide.

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I will tell you the things that can be said:

  • Memory: Regarding the memory, the volume is variable and depends on your user. However, you definitely need a solid memory. The bigger the volume, the better. In cases like Zephyrus, where there is no more space for the hard drive and you are completely faced with solid memory. Regarding the generation of solid memory, it is better to be above generation 3. Generation 3 and 4 both have very high speed and titles run easily.
  • RAM: Your RAM should be at least 16. Games of Nowadays, it occupies a lot of RAM and you need high RAM to perform other tasks. Regarding the generation of RAM, it should be said that currently DDR4 is also responsible. However, due to the new processors supporting DDR5 RAM and the very high speed of these, the future of DDR4 RAM is not clear.
  • Screen: This also depends on your application. . However, there is a minimum. It has a resolution of 1080p with a refresh rate of 120 Hz. As well as IPS screen technology and better like OLED. TN panels are very irritating to the eyes and will definitely tire you out for long periods of use. Of course, there are very few items with a TN panel in the price range above 30 million tomans.

Except for the mentioned items, the rest of the laptop parts completely depend on your user. Therefore, you should pay attention to all the things you want when buying a laptop. Also, choose the laptop model carefully. Because there are so many. In the end, it should be said that in buying a laptop, your budget and usage are in priority. If you don't want a lot from your laptop, you don't need to pay a lot for it.

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