Task Manager has undergone limited changes since its introduction in the 1990s. But in the latest update of Windows 11, Microsoft, in addition to changing the appearance of this tool, has provided new features for it, which we will discuss in the following.

Dark mode

Finally after a long wait, Microsoft has introduced dark mode for this tool. Windows 11 has shown special attention to the dark mode and as a result, different parts of this operating system support this feature. But in the meantime, Task Manager had never received such a feature. Now, thanks to the new Windows 11 update, we can also use the dark mode of Task Manager. We should note that only if the entire environment of the operating system is dark, this feature is also activated for Task Manager. Manager, we should refer to the optimal mode or Efficiency Mode. By doing this, you can limit the system resources that are used by applications in the background. By doing this, the programs that you don't need a lot, can no longer use a significant part of the system resources. First of all, we must say that it is not possible to place active processes in this section. Second, some Windows processes, regardless of the resources they consume, cannot be placed in this section. Microsoft says that these processes are exempt because they are considered necessary for the operation of the operating system.

To take advantage of this feature, you must first click on a process to select it, and then click on the three-dot icon on the right side of the upper part. , select the Efficiency Mode option.

This will display a message that says Doing so may affect the stability of the system. We should note that placing a large number of processes in this section is not very logical, and if your system has limited hardware resources, it is better to completely disable non-important processes.

By activating this feature, the green leaves icon will be displayed next to the desired process.

You can repeat the same process again to disable.

Change the design of buttons and tabs

from Other important visual changes include placing the tabs on the left side of the user interface. This means that there is no more news about those famous tabs located in the upper part. It is not from their name and the icons themselves convey the message well. At the same time, Microsoft has made the size of these icons large enough so that users do not have a problem using them if they use touch screens.

For users who are not familiar with these icons, they can click on the menu icon. Click the hamburger in the upper part of the tabs and with this, the name of the desired tabs will be displayed.

Also Options such as End Task and Run new Task can be seen on the right side of the upper part of the user interface.

Settings page

The various options related to Task Manager settings are now on one page so that users can access them more easily than before. To get to this page, you need to click on the gear icon on the left side of the lower part of the user interface.

However, Task Manager has faced more changes in appearance and in terms of various features, it is not much different from the previous version. But in any case, it is a good thing that this popular tool now has a more modern look.

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Source: How To Geek

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