Tired of playing aimless games? Do you want to play a game with a specific goal and enjoy the various events that happen based on a specific story? Therefore, it is suggested that you join us to introduce the top 10 story games for Android and iOS.

Story games have always been and are an isolated taffeta in the world of video games. Maybe because the user must be fluent in the languages supported by the game in order to understand the story, many people do not enjoy the process of playing the game and just experience it, which happened many times in our lives and we had the experience of playing games. that we did not understand at all why a series of events happened in it.

But for those who have been in touch with these games since the beginning and still love their experience, I recommend reading this article until the end. will be These people don't want to play aimlessly, they don't want to spend hours collecting coins and running and running until they get stuck. Of course, we do not dare to fans of games of this style, we only talk about the interest and taste of story game lovers. Because games like Sonic, Subway, etc. are sometimes very interesting for spending free time.

But story games, if you are fluent in their language or at least know what is happening, will definitely give you great pleasure. they bring Although in the world of Android, the story games are not as diverse and attractive as the games in this genre that are available for the computer, but in the last few years, when gaming on mobile has been followed seriously, the development companies tried to release good story titles. Attract users. There are now thousands of story games available on Google Play Android, but only some of them are good and worth your time and experience.

If you don't want to waste your time to find an interesting story game, Join us to introduce you the best Android story games in less than 10 minutes. Do not forget that since some of these games are premium, you will have to pay for them, which is quite normal. In simpler words, we are not necessarily going to be on the side of games that are free and provide you with the pleasure of an attractive story. The 10 story games for Android and iOS that we are going to introduce to you in this article are:

  • Life is Strange
  • Old Man's Journey
  • Sara Is Missing
  • Ticket to Earth
  • Sorcery!
  • My Child Lebensborn
  • 80 Days
  • strong>
  • Florence
  • Forgotten Anne
  • 1. Life is Strange and Life is Strange: Before the Storm

    Developer and Publisher: Square Enix
    Year of release: 2018/Price: Free/$9-11 each

    Life is Strange is one of the best games It is an interactive story designed by Square Enix Studio and is available for both Android and iOS operating systems. This game has been able to get a score of 4 on Google Play and a score of 3.6 on the App Store, which is an average score.

    As the name of this game suggests, its process is very strange and It's fun and engaging at the same time. The story begins when the main character, Max, is in a photography class when he suddenly gets an inspiration from a dying lighthouse. When he leaves his class, he suddenly witnesses the murder of one of his classmates who was also his childhood friend. The game starts right at that moment.

    In the process of this game, you will realize that you can even travel to the past in order to save the life of your dear and close friend. This trip to the past presents many challenges to the player, which also adds to the charm of the story. In general, if you are interested in story and interactive games (you can control the decisions during the game), you must experience Life is Strange.

    2. Old Man's Journey

    Creator and Publisher: Broken Rules
    Year of publication: 2019/Price: 2 dollars

    The game Old Man's Journey, which is known among Iranian gamers as "Old Man's Adventures", is one of the most wonderful and well-made story games that So far it is available for Android and iOS. Fascinating story of this game that price It is also relatively low, it is woven into the fabric of its unique puzzles and adventures so that the final result is an informative collection of the value of life, loss, anger and reconciliation and hope that the user will never get tired of experiencing it.

    The world of this game surrounds and fascinates you in the very first hours of its experience because it takes you to the world of an old man who wants to start a long journey. The elements of the game are so carefully designed that after entering the game, you will feel like a real old man so that you can communicate very well with the character and the flow of the game.

    If you are from an old man or Ask an old woman what she regrets, and she will probably tell you that she missed happy moments in the past. In this game, not to side with the clich, but you feel exactly like you have a series of lost dreams and now you want to enjoy some of the high value of life by traveling to different places and challenging your abilities. Therefore, you will understand all the emotions such as happiness, sadness, regret and... in this game, so don't miss this chance and download and experience one of the most beautiful story games available for Android and iOS right now through the links below. Do it.

    3. Sara Is Missing

    Producer and Publisher: Broken Rules
    Year of publication: 2016/Price: 2 dollars

    Sara is Missing is a unique game in the style of story and of course a mystery, which in the same The first hours of the arithmetic game will surprise you with its interesting and unique process. It goes without saying that in this game you have to find a girl named Sarah. This girl, whose name is Sara, has been missing for a long time and no one knows about her. Now you have to find him by doing different and challenging and difficult tasks.

    We said unique because when you enter the game, it doesn't matter what phone you use, in the game again You are given a phone that appears to be an Apple phone. What should you do with this phone? At the very first moment, a message about restarting the phone will be displayed for you, and you must click on the "Yes" option to do this. After turning on the phone, you will see that a program called Iris is talking to you. Now you have to find clues by browsing the phone so that you can find Sara according to it.

    The whole story of the game is narrated in this way. This means that your head is inside a phone so that you can find important clues to find Sarah. You don't play anyone's role! That means, whatever your identity, you should try to find Sarah. If you want to experience a special and attractive game that has a beautiful story combined with a mysterious and unique gameplay, don't miss "Sara is Missing".

    4. Ticket to Earth

    Creator and publisher: Robot Circus
    Released: 2017/Price: $5

    An engaging, breathtaking and incredibly challenging story and role-playing game that, for only $5, takes you into a world where you can get out. It is really hard work. Ticket to Earth game revolves around an interesting story. A story that takes you to a distant planet.

    What is happening on this planet? This planet is being destroyed and you are one of its immigrants. How unlucky this immigrant was to witness such moments when he first arrived on this planet, this is exactly the reason why the game takes on an attractive trend. try In this way, you definitely need to cooperate with different people and interact with them in order to be successful. There are many conspiracies against you that can only be thwarted by making the right decisions.

    The goal is for the immigrants to gain the power they need so that they, in turn, can play a part in saving this planet. be unlucky The task of returning the power to these people is also yours, which you must do according to the story's direction and make decisions in the moment and according to the situation.

    5. Sorcery 1-4

    Developer and publisher: Inkle
    Year of publication: 2016/Price: $5 per episode

    The fifth title is actually a set of four from a game called Sorcery, each of which is one of the best games. In story style, they are considered for Android and iOS. As its name suggests, this game takes you into the world of magic; So we have to wait for exciting things to happen Be.

    What makes this game so exciting and has an interesting story is that its designers tried to develop it as an adaptation of the books of the same name. As a result, Sorcery will be quite rich in details and very attractive and captivating. Set in an unreal world, this game tells the story of your life as a popular and epic hero. This adventurous hero enters a mysterious and very dangerous area called Shamutanti Hills in order to take possession of the crown of power, which is called the crown of kings. Because after entering this area, you will realize that its residents are wicked, law-breaking, dangerous and predatory monsters, and naturally, they will not show mercy when they see you. But dangerous enemies are not the only thing you have to fight against, but all over this city, there are deadly traps that you just need to neglect to say goodbye to the crown of power like hundreds of other adventurers. If you think you are capable enough to overcome these heavy challenges, the download links are right under your fingers. Click on them and install the mentioned game to start your exciting adventure to reach the crown of power.

    6. My Child Lebensborn

    Creator and publisher: Sarepta studio AS
    Year of release: 2018/Price: 3 dollars

    If you want to experience an incredibly beautiful and at the same time sad story game that has managed to have an extraordinary score in the Play Store and App Store 4.8, so don't miss My Child Lebensborn, which is available for both Android and iOS and will take you to a strange but incredibly charming space.

    This game might Compared to other games on this list, it is a bit more special and unique because it was developed with the inspiration of a real event and the creator's goal was to support the children of Lansborn. Children who lost their homes and lives after World War II and now need your warm support to start their lives again.

    In this game you are the guardian of a girl or boy. from Lebensborn, Norway, and by paying his expenses and covering all his living expenses for a year, you somehow get him out of the water and mud. Now you yourself are a very suffering person, because you were present in the Second World War and you know what the situation is like. He has been full of suffocation, stress and disgust, he has suffered a lot and he is not expected to take care of a child at all. But he has to perform this serious task, which creates a dual personality in him, which makes the game a hundred times more attractive. The game is full of sad dialogues, it is full of dark and sad scenes, but you are doing a beautiful thing in such an environment, you are like a small light that shines and gives warmth in a world with infinite darkness.

    My Child Lebensborn is one of the few games that we recommend to everyone who enjoys playing video games, not just those who love story games.

    7. 80 Days

    Creator and publisher: Inkle
    Year of publication: 2014/Price: 5 dollars

    The game 80 Days (around the world in 80 days) is one of the best adventure, story and role-playing games available for Android and iOS. And its popularity is very high among the users of both platforms. It is not free at all and you have to pay at least 5 dollars to experience it. This game is known as one of the few games that is chosen by Google Play and is in the Editor's Choice list. Such games and apps are selected by the creators and officials of Google Play and are included in the Editor's Choice list, which actually indicates the uniqueness and uniqueness of that game.

    In this game, as the name suggests, It turns out, you do not have a hard time. The story of the game is to introduce you to different parts of the world during 80 days, and as a result, you will enter an exciting adventure where you can experience the beauty of creation in a period of almost 3 months and have endless fun.

    8. DEEMO II

    Developer and Publisher: Rayark
    Release Year: 2022/Price: Free/In-App Purchases

    Rayark is a game developer that has amazing music games for both Android and iOS platforms. Among the games designed by this developer and which have many users, we can mention Cytus and Cytus II, along with VOEZ, Deemo, Sdorica and Mandora, the last one being a bit old.

    In many games made by this studio, the story is added to make the user more willing to go through the different stages of the game. Deemo is exactly one of those games that we intend to introduce. This musical and story game, which of course is available for Android and iOS, tells the story of a little girl who fell from the sky and doesn't know who she is and where she is.

    This little girl has lost her memory. lost and you, as Dimo, have to play the piano for him to get his memory back. This has made you play music with a specific purpose and get good results from your work. Because by returning the girl's memory, her secret, which is also very interesting, will be revealed to you, and you will realize that all this playing is worth her fatigue. If you are looking to follow an interesting and special story in a specific style, Deemo can be an interesting title for you.

    9. Florence

    Developer and Publisher: Annapurna Interactive
    Year of release: 2018/Price: $3

    If you are a fan of story style games, Florence will be very exciting for you. Florence is a very artistic and pleasant story game that represents the daily life of people with all the joys and sorrows. This game was released by Annapurna Interactive in 2018. The plot of this game is about a girl named Florence Yeo who feels empty at the age of 25. His life is an endless routine of work, sleep and spending a lot of time on social networks.

    Until one day, when he was crossing the street, he heard a very pleasant sound with waves of yellow notes. . Upon hearing this, Florence discovers the origin, a boy who played the cello. After that day, Florence remembers that day and the beautiful sound of the cello every day and every night until she meets Chris, who changes Florence's view of the world around her.

    text music This game alone is worth installing. Florence tugs at the heartstrings, leaving you wanting more and more. The best game that you can enjoy away from any distractions with headphones and turning up the volume. Not only the music but also the details of the story, animation, colors and all are very impressive and beautiful. This game is unique in its style. Don't forget you have to pay 3 dollars to buy this game.

    10. Forgotten Anne

    Developer and Publisher: ThroughLine Games
    Year of release: 2018/Price: $7

    "Forgotten Anne" is the last story game on this list, which is fortunately available for both Android and iOS. so that the users of both operating systems can have the experience of an extremely enjoyable and entertaining game which, of course, has many fans. The complete face is provided to you. It is your time and a very admirable game that was able to receive a perfect score in the reviews made by various websites and this It is not an honor that comes with every game. For its unique story and attractive gameplay, it has won several awards.

    This game is special and beautiful because it has a cartoon style inspired by Japanese anime and interactive gameplay. Add to all these things that are very popular and attractive in the world of video games, add an incredibly gripping and tense story to conclude that Forgotton Anne is an unforgettable title in the world of video games that we can almost say has no flaws. But what made Forgotten Anne so worthy of praise and praise?

    Forgotten Anne tells a dramatic and fantasy story from a fictional world where the characters around it are more objects and objects than people and creatures. alive Have you ever been in love with the things around you? So you will sympathize with Annie because she has exactly the same personality. Annie has prepared a special world for these things and brings them together in this world so that they can live in peace and not worry about being forgotten in the world of people. The name of this world is the forgotten world.

    Although the forgotten world is the creation of a kind and loving heart of a teenage girl, we have not said much about its wonders and wonders. A mysterious place that holds all the forgotten objects. Annie must try not to disturb the order of this world, but unfortunately this happens one day. Someone does not want Annie to return to the human world and is actually trying to keep Annie in the same place by disrupting the order of her fantasy world.

    Now you have to help Annie in her dangerous adventure. And stop this sabotaging person who is not known at all. In this stage, you travel to different places, solve different puzzles, solve difficult challenges and... so that you can finally reach your goal. Note that this game is also interactive, which means that for lovers of a story game, it is unlikely that there will be a title as complete and attractive as this.

    If you are also familiar with one or more good story games for Android and iOS, please share its name with us in the comments section. Because other games that are worth experiencing could be added to this list, but we tried to keep it as short and concise as possible.

    M Source: Pocket Gamers

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