If you have ever tried to increase productivity in your work and life by changing your behavior and habits, you know that being committed to new habits and behaviors How difficult it is. Fortunately, mini habits can be a better option for increasing productivity and making a difference in our lives.

When it comes to making lasting changes, small habits can increase our chances of success. Give. Here are some tips to help you get the most out of your habits in life.

The Benefits of small Habits

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Think of a time when you wanted to make a practical change in your life, but could not keep up. You may have lost motivation, or you may not have had enough time to adjust. If so, you are not the only one who has had trouble or even failure along the way, and this is a common experience. However, it can be prevented.

The problem that often arises in the formation of new habits is that the larger the process, the greater the motivation to keep up with the change. It is needed. To perpetuate the appeal of new habits, the changes you want to make should seem painless and easy, and this is exactly where the habits can help.

Habits are actually habits and positive behaviors that You can force yourself to do them daily. Typical habits include the following:

  • Even if you have the least amount of motivation, you can still do them.
  • For more than a few seconds or more They do not take minutes.
  • They are easy to repeat.
  • They easily fit into your daily routine and life.
  • They are simple and involve a minimum of steps.

For a better understanding, consider this example: If you want to increase your daily water intake, your daily routine could be to drink a glass of water several times a day. Is repeated. As long as you reach your minimum daily goal, you can say that you are successful in improving your hydration process.

You have seen How easy it is to do small habits. This simplicity is due to the fact that the habits are designed to be effective, no matter How unmotivated, busy or disinterested the person is. With their help, before you realize it, new behaviors have formed in you and have become part of your daily routine.

Well, it's time to get acquainted with How to use the little habits

Choose a constructive habit

You and the definition or need for productivity you have in mind may have a big goal in mind and you are looking for big changes, especially if you are very busy and have a lot of tasks to accomplish. In such a case, the key to success is to do one small task at a time.

Suppose you want to increase your focus on your task and complete more tasks. In this case, instead of looking for new ways to get things done, look for simple, mundane things that improve your focus and energy level. Therefore, your habit can be as much as eating a banana at the beginning to provide the energy your body needs.

If you are satisfied with your nutrition and activity, you can substitute another habit. Such as mute or disable phone alerts while working. Doing this small habit only takes a few seconds of your time, but it still helps you stay away from potential distractions.

It's hard, try to simplify it. Think about what change means and avoid pushing yourself to do more.

The most important thing is to simplify the behavior for yourself and in your heart. If you hate bananas, you do not have to eat bananas every day to maintain your energy. Also, if your phone is somehow your work tool, you do not need to take it out of your reach. Choose a habit that suits you and reward yourself every time you do it.

Simplify your habit with flips

Your habits need some kind of reminder to succeed. This reminder should be something you respond to and should be repeated enough to count on its persistence.

One small aspect of the habits mentioned earlier is that they Let's put our lives. A great trick to do this is to use your current work schedule as a reminder to get the habit done right away.

For example, if your habit is to write down a daily to-do list, As a reminder, as soon as you sit down at your desk, the first thing you do is write this list. This will make you feel less overworked, and writing this list will be more like part of your daily routine.

Another way to use reminders is on your phone or computer. Set a reminder. There are several applications that can be used for this purpose, including Habitify.

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Create your new behavior

Based on research, for It takes at least 18 days to develop a new habit, and it takes about 60 days to automate it, which is a lot of time. The simplicity of structuring small habits makes this process much more achievable, but remember that we should not rush.

When you repeat your daily habit, you can add to it, but you should always remember Be the main habit of your goal. Just because you increase the frequency or duration of your habit does not mean that you will fail if you try to do it once a day. In this case, you are still achieving your goal and you are still engaged in behavior change.

Once you are more confident in this change, you can add other habits to your routine. Adhere to the principle of adding only one item, and if you try to add more than one item, go back to your first habit and try again.

Habits that fit your lifestyle h2>

Pursuing personal advancement at work and increasing productivity means you should be looking for a manageable change, and that change should complement your work environment. small habits are an amazing way to get creative and make positive changes without disrupting your daily routine.

These small, simple habits are a great way to motivate you and improve your productivity in the environment. Work helps. So if you feel you are stuck in your daily life, or you are unsure about your next steps, add small habits to your schedule so you can take control of life again.

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