Once upon a time, video projectors were mainly used in cinemas. But now these devices have found wide applications in various fields and even some users who are fans of movies and series prefer to watch movies and series at home with a projector. But how exactly does the video projector work? We will discuss this topic further.

How does the video projector work?

As you probably know, by punching a hole in a piece of paper and placing a flashlight behind it, you can create a large image of the desired hole on the wall. In simple terms, the video projector works in the same way, with the difference that instead of the light passing through the hole, the light passes through a lens and a large image is displayed on the wall. But projectors use different technologies for this, and we will discuss the differences between them below.

Projector CRT

The technology used for these types of projectors is similar to the technology used in old CRT monitors. CRT projectors used cathode ray lamps and displayed the desired images using three large color lenses in red, green and blue colors.

LCD projector strong>

LCD projectors from three panels based on glass and liquid crystal get benifits. These devices are also equipped with three conventional and two future two-tone mirrors. So when you want to watch a movie with an LCD projector, the white light passes through the two-color mirrors and is divided into three colors: red, green, and blue. The individual LCDs are reflected and finally display a single moving image on the big screen.

DLP projector

DLP projectors can process images with up to 35 million colors, which is more than the ability of the human eye. For this reason, these types of projectors are marketed with DMD chips, which use millions of micromirrors. In general, the higher the number of these micromirrors in the chip, the higher the resolution of the final image.

LCOS projector

LCOS video projectors are the newest type of projectors, which are actually a combination of LCD and DLP projectors. . But unlike DLP projectors that use small mirrors, LCOS models are based on silicon. A micro device passes through various filters. The filtered lights are then combined through a prism and projected onto the screen using a lens.

LED projector

Technically, an LED projector can be a type of LCD or DLP projector. These types of projectors use LED to produce light, but on the other hand, LCD or DLP technology is used to display the image.

Laser projector

Like LED projectors, these types of devices use laser technology to create light. But in the end, one of the DLP, LCD or LCOS technologies must be used to create the image.

Which technology is better?

Given that LCOS technology is a combination of LCD and DLP, these types of projectors are currently considered the best models. In general, LCOS video projectors offer a clearer image than the competition. In addition, LCOS laser models generally have a longer life and consume less energy.

Of course, these models naturally have a higher price. On the other hand, many DLP models offer the same quality as LCOS models. Therefore, if you are looking for a suitable projector for home cinema, DLP models can also attract your attention and these types of models are usually smaller and lighter.

But the biggest weakness of DLP projectors is a phenomenon called "rainbow effect". Simply put, you may experience flashes of split colors while watching videos played by these types of projectors. According to surveys, about 40% of users notice this phenomenon. But since this problem goes back to the foundation of this technology, there is no solution There is no way to completely prevent this problem from occurring. But by buying high-quality samples, this problem attracts less attention.

If color concentration is very important to you, it is better to choose among LCD projectors. These types of projectors have a more reasonable price, but on the other hand, we must mention their large size and heavy weight. CRT models are also out of order, and usually you cannot find newly made models.

Speech Finally

The latest projectors in the market use features such as 4K resolution, HDR and high refresh rate. Therefore, if you are a professional movie viewer, we recommend that you consider buying such a product to simulate the cinema environment at home.

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