Undoubtedly, the best feature of any gaming phone is its powerful and high-end hardware. Some of the gaming phones on the market now are equipped with 18GB of RAM, 165Hz refresh rate displays, large 6,000mAh batteries, and of course the latest Snapdragon chipsets.

However, high-end hardware specs It's not the only thing that sets a gaming phone apart from other smartphones. In the rest of this article, you will get to know the top 9 features of gaming phones that we hope ordinary smartphones will also benefit from.

Dual battery

Dual cell battery is one of the hardware features of gaming phones, in this case, the phone uses two batteries with smaller cells instead of a large single cell battery. For example, instead of a 5000 mAh battery, two 2500 mAh battery cells are used side by side. will be The pressure divided between the two batteries reduces the heat generated by the device, increases the charging speed and maintains the health of the battery for a longer time.

But what is the negative point of this issue? Due to the need for a larger space to accommodate 2 cells, as well as energy management between the hardware by dividing the incoming charging current, the dimensions of the phone will be a little larger than usual, and if the manufacturer does not want to increase the dimensions of the phone, it will have to use a smaller battery.

Pass-Through Charging

One of the best features of a Today's gaming phone has Pass-Through Charging, which is also known by other names such as Bypass Charging or Charge Separation. This feature allows the phone, when connected to a power source, to supply the energy it needs from the charging port instead of the energy in the battery, which prevents the device from heating up.

In other words, the current that enters your device through the charger, instead of charging the battery, will be used directly to supply energy to the phone, which is very strange and unprecedented in the world of smartphones. By doing this, the battery will remain unused and cool, and its health will be maintained during heavy games.

Headphone jack

The headphone jack has been removed from smartphones for a long time and now it is strange and unexpected to even see it in a mid-range phone. But if you pay attention to today's gaming phones, they still remain loyal to this popular port. The reason a gaming phone supports a headphone jack is that wired headphones are better than wireless headphones in many ways, especially for gamers.

Wired headphones are the first choice for gamers because they have a lower latency rate. The wireless technology used in headphones has not yet reached the appropriate speed to compete with wired models, and for gamers, even millisecond delays make a big difference in winning or losing.

Even if you are not a gamer and just You use headphones to listen to regular content such as music and podcasts and watch movies and series, again, wireless headphones are a better choice, because in addition to better audio transmission speed; They are cheaper, lighter, more resistant and repairable and do not need to be charged, and most importantly, they provide better sound quality. Also, due to not using a battery, you can use them for a longer period of time. Because batteries lose their initial capacity after a while.

Dual stereo speakers

Dual stereo speakers enrich any multimedia content experience; It doesn't matter whether it is watching movies and series, YouTube videos or gaming. Some gaming phones, such as the Asus Ragphone 6 Pro, have dual stereo speakers on their front panel that deliver sound directly to the user, resulting in each sound note being played louder and clearer and providing a surround sound experience.

Support for more Bluetooth codecs

Bluetooth is the communication language of your phone with wireless devices and The Bluetooth codec is like a dialect that transmits the details of the desired information between the two parties through this language. Currently, there are various Bluetooth codecs, each of which is better suited for a specific purpose, such as listening to music, making calls, gaming, or watching videos.

Typical phones support a limited number of these codecs. they do, but a modern gaming phone also supports high-level codecs, such as LDAC or aptX HD and aptX Adaptive. Support for more codecs, the possibility of more and better control of the sound provided by wireless headphones

The charger adapter in the phone box

The presence of the charger in the box The phone is an important advantage for buyers, which is unfortunately being removed from the smartphone market thanks to Apple and then Samsung. But luckily, gaming phones didn't join this trend and by buying a gaming phone you can still get a fast charging adapter and of course a free case for the device.

You might think this feature is not that important, because There are several different types of chargers in every home these days, but you should know that the charger that comes in the box with your phone is almost always the best option available.

Gaming mode

A gaming phone without gaming Mode is an incomplete product. Fortunately, today, in addition to gaming phone manufacturers, other Android manufacturers are also looking to add this feature to their phone software.

For example, Samsung has been providing its own Game Launcher for series phones for several years. Galaxy released that offer better gameplay and more attractive features. Pixel phones have a similar feature called Game Mode. In the meantime, despite being one of the most popular non-gaming phones for gamers, iPhones still do not have a special mode for gaming.

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Slow charging

Nowadays, various companies are breaking charging records. Fast and super fast compete with each other, and we, the users, greatly welcome this feature because it makes our lives easier. But if we look more closely at this issue, fast charging will cause the battery to heat up and damage its health in the long run. Therefore, some gaming phones allow you to manually turn off the fast charging feature. Disable as desired. This feature will be especially suitable for people who charge their phone during the night and disconnect it from the charger in the morning, because this will prevent damage to their device's battery.

Limited charging

Lithium-ion batteries do not like to be fully charged and of course they do not like to be completely discharged. This means that if you are in the habit of always charging your phone from zero to 100%, you are actually unknowingly reducing its battery life. The most ideal way to charge the device is to keep it charged up to 50% if possible, but it is definitely not possible to do such a thing with the daily use of today's user. So experts advise not to charge your phone more than 80%.

But this is easy to say and you can't always take care of the device so that the battery charge does not exceed 80%. gaming phones have a suitable solution to solve this problem, which is the limitation of charging. In this case, after the battery charge reaches a certain capacity, the phone does not allow the battery charging process to continue.

Of course, Samsung phones are also equipped with a similar feature called Protect Battery, which by activating it, then When the battery capacity reaches 85%, the device automatically stops the charging process. The iPhone has a similar feature called Optimized Battery Charging, which stops charging the battery after reaching 80% and waits for nearly an hour to fully charge the battery if needed. These features will be very effective in maintaining the health of the battery and we hope that all smartphones will be equipped with them.

Gaming phones have attractive features that we all want to have access to.

A phone Today's gaming is equipped with a lot of attractive features that all other smartphones should also benefit from. As you may have noticed, most of these features are focused on increasing battery life and health. It is very important to pay attention to this part, because it is one of the most common problems faced by smartphone users.

Unfortunately, despite the rapid development of technology and the introduction of interesting innovations over the years, the smartphone battery has not made any progress. It is not impressive and its charging speed only increases every year. We still don't know how long it will take for graphene batteries to become the main market trend, but for now, investing in software features in the battery field seems like a good idea that we hope all smartphone manufacturers will pay attention to in the production of their products.

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