The recently released statistics of Apple's annual income show that this American company has earned a large part of its income from the sale of iPhones, but with this Now it has been able to expand its sources of income.

Apple is currently considered one of the largest companies active in the field of producing smart gadgets. this company is known among users all over the world mainly for the smartphones it produces, and by the way, it is through the sale of these phones that it has earned more than half of its income this year. this statistic was published by one of the users with the username "iPhone 15 Ultra" on Twitter.

Of course, in the published infographic, we see many products other than iPhones. But among all of them, iPhone phones have been able to generate $191.7 billion in revenue for Apple in one year, thus accounting for 52% of Apple's total revenue. Of course, some believe that a company that depends so much on the phone to generate income can suffer from exactly that point, but Apple has been able to appear very well in various fields in the last few years, and now we see that besides the iPhone, it also earns from four other ways.

iPad, Mac computers, wearable gadgets and many services that this American company provides to people all over the world are the same ways of earning money that with their good performance make users use Apple products convince. Interestingly, after iPhone phones, this company earns the most from the sale of services, which account for 19% of the total amount.

Although iPads are considered the most popular tablets in the market, but due to the significant decrease in tablet sales over the past few years, it is not surprising that we see the smallest share in the revenue of a smartphone at $31.9 billion. They have had the year of Apple. Another interesting thing that we see in this infographic is the overtaking of Mac computers from Apple's wearable gadgets. Although in the picture above we can see that each of them makes up 10% of Apple's total revenue, but if we look very closely, we can see that Apple generated 3.2 billion dollars more from the sale of Mac computers (34.2 vs. 38 .4 billion dollars).

Recently, a report has been published that the new MacBook Air, which uses the M2 chip as its beating heart, has even caused concern for Windows laptop manufacturers because it has a very reasonable price and It can attract many users. Only this product alone may sell more than 7 million units by the end of this year. In addition, the previous versions with the M1 chip are still available in the market and are sold at a low price. It has been able to perform better in sales because thanks to the M chips, the level of coordination of hardware and software has increased significantly. On the other hand, we expect to see changes in this table next year. According to Ming-Chi Kuo, one of the well-known Apple analysts, the company apparently wants to produce the iPhone 15 series with more differences compared to each other. this means that a product called iPhone 15 Ultra is going to be produced instead of Pro Max, which will be different even from the Pro model. In this way, Apple can encourage users to buy a more powerful model and pocket more profit from their sales.

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