As you know, mining or cryptocurrency mining has had a tremendous impact on the price and availability of graphics over the past few years. But it seems that Intel wants to solve this problem by making special chips for bitcoin mining. . One of the most important parts is graphics, which due to these activities, both their inventory has decreased and their price has increased, so that after introducing a powerful graphic with a reasonable price, at the end of the article should be the phrase "If we can "Let's find it on the market at a good price."

But apparently Intel intends to save graphics and gamers by entering this segment. It seems that the company wants to produce dedicated chips for mining bitcoins so that users can stop using graphics. Of course, the company has not said anything about it, but according to reporters at Tom's Hardware website, Intel is apparently looking to attend the International Solid-State Circuits Conference (also known as the ISSCC). Talk about it. The conference kicks off on February 20 (this year), when it appears to be about a chip with a very low voltage and optimal for bitcoin mining. This chip is abbreviated as ASIC, which means a chip for a specific purpose.

Intel, of course, also talked about its efforts last year. The company's graphic director, Raja Kodouri, said in a live stream that the company was looking to produce mining hardware. According to Tom's Hardware website, Intel has even previously filed a patent for a processing system using the SHA-256. SHA-256 is actually a hash function that many cryptocurrencies, including bitcoin, use to authenticate transactions.

In fact, it is entering a serious battle with the Chinese company Bitcoin, whose entire goal is to produce chips for bitcoin mining. But Intel does not start from scratch. SHA-256 extensions are supported on Ice Lake series and newer processors, and since Intel has a good ability to optimize chip performance, we can hope to succeed in this direction.

This is great news for bitcoin miners It counts, but what about gamers? If we pay attention to what Raja Kuduri says, we will see that he suggested that gaming graphics be completely separate from chips that are specially designed for extracting cryptocurrencies. He pointed out that what they are working on has nothing to do with graphics because graphics are designed for games, graphics, and the like, not to extract ciphers.

He added that Intel is looking for a way to solve the problem of graphics shortages or the astronomical price of graphics by consuming less energy and paying less for chips to extract ciphers. Of course, Intel is set to unveil the Arc Alchemist graphics chip in the near future. It is possible that miners will also use this chip to extract cryptocurrencies because Intel has not given any assurance to users in this regard. Unless it has a function limiter on it, similar to what Nvidia and AMD have done to prevent their graphics cards from being mined.

More news is expected in the coming days about Intel plans to build Let's hear about this bitcoin mining chip and its separate graphic chip. It should be noted that we will probably see the unveiling of the Intel mining chip on February 23 of this year.

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