Why do Xbox gamers still have to interact with PC gamers?
Be careful what you wish for: Gamers used to beg for crossovers, and Sony was blamed for being the only ranger who wouldn't let them. Now that this trend is in favor of working across platforms, it seems that only Sony has done it right.

In November, Xbox gamers were concerned about widespread fraud in the Halo Infinite multiplayer mode. They have asked Microsoft or Industries 343 to crack down on scammers or provide a way to disrupt shared games with PC players. Just days later, 343 admitted to the problem, saying the scammers would be "addressed", but little or nothing had been done, and the dilemma resolved.

This isn't just a Halo. Infinite has a problem with cheaters. Call of Duty: Warzone has been facing target bots and other hacks almost from day one. This situation, of course, is not unique. Most online multiplayer games should fight aimbots and other exploits. Free games are more problematic because there is nothing stopping you from creating a new account while being banned.

Additionally, since those who aren't playing it fair are almost exclusively PC gamers, adding settings to it seems to change. Turning off cross-play would be a simple solution, at least for console players. In fact, Warzone recently added an option to disable cross-play, but that option appears to be blank for Xbox.

Disabling crossover requires players to be loaded into a multiplayer game instead of playing Enable crossover. On Xbox, users must enable cross-play to continue, while on PlayStation, players can decline the request and continue by disabling cross-play. It seems that Microsoft wants its users to inevitably mingle between the console and the PC. Even if there are ways to disable the crossover globally, it creates other problems, including making the pairing last forever (video below).

Users of Reddit, Microsoft, Xbox, Halo forums, and social media are having trouble. They made it clear that they are tired of the seemingly monopoly situation of Xbox gamers.

“Can you please explain why an Xbox player still has to deal with PC gamers? COD Warzone to fight?” asked a user in the Microsoft community. "Is this your thing or theirs? I want to know who holds the keys here, and why." This isn't really that interesting, especially when it's only optional for other platforms. In 2016, Xbox CEO Phil Spencer told Gamespot that Xbox players would never have to play with PC players because it would be unfair. to play with. A controller or mouse and keyboard to play against someone with a different control system,” Spencer promised. "Mouse and keyboard spin faster than console. We know you're going to lose."

What happened to this situation? Spencer promised something that didn't matter anymore. This is definitely not because the developers find it very difficult to get an on/off switch for cross-play.

When Dice launched Battlefield 2042, cross-play was the only option for Xbox gamers. But PlayStation owners can disable it. . After a while of complaining, the developer added this option to the Xbox as well. It's not clear why this problem appears on the Xbox. If PlayStation owners can turn this feature off, why can't Xbox gamers?

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