TV Technica 2021: Our favorite programs and programs have helped us in the fight against epidemic fatigue

From dark comedies to classic sci-fi movies, this is what we loved in 2021. But instead of the traditional TV show, many of those shows were in the making. We feared that the inevitable shutdown of production would lead to reduced supplies by 2021, as the industry was factoring in rising production costs and the ongoing consequences of the ongoing pandemic. and in.

Warning: While we have done Our best to prevent very important things from being destroyed, please note that this list includes some specific references to you, Midnight Mass, Alien Resident, Post Mortem, Snowpiercer, Lupine, His Dark Materials, and Wellington Paranormal. Aharon. Fortunately, while there have indeed been some problems, we still have plenty of great TV shows available to take Our minds off the grim reality of everyday life, from well-established franchises and weird newcomers to mods, fantasies, and many more foreign proposals that have proven amazing. fracture blows. Sorry for the many amazing series that weren't on this year's list, here are Our favorite TV hours and favorite TV scenes of 2021, in no particular order:

Alan Tudykand is forced to Solve the murders in Alien Resident. src="" alt=" TV Technica 2021: Our favorite shows and programs have helped us fight epidemic fatigue" srcset="https://cdn.arstechnica. net / wp-content / uploads / 2020/12 / alien2.jpg 2x "> Zoom / Alan Toddik as an alien who crashes on Earth and solves the Resident Alien murders. YouTube / SYFY plays a role. h2> Resident Alien

Geekerati icon Alan Tudyk as Resident Alien plays an alien (with an unknown name) posing as a small town doctor named Harry Wenderspiegel who is involved in solving a murder..He learned English by watching Law and Order, so he lowered his language to the point What at least.This sci-fi drama is based on the comics Dark Horse by Peter Hogan and Steve Park House.Harry's mission is to destroy the human race for the benefit of the planet, but the more time he spends in the small town of Pattins, Colorado, the more hesitant.

Asta Twelvetris (Sarah Tomko), who trains her in early social cues, is tormented by a young boy named Max (Judah Barhan), becomes the only person in town who can see Harry's true form. (Harry's attempts to kill Max to protect his alien identity are hopelessly futile. Irony, and the mutual sarcasm between them gives way to severe tension.) Han AK is also the very insecure mayor of the city, Mike (Corey Reynolds). Who insists on being called the Great Black. and his longtime deputy, Leo (Elizabeth Bowen), is worth more than Mike thinks. The owner of the local bar, Darcy (Alice Fetterlund), is a former Olympic figure skater who is back home after a workout injury. He and Julia (Gina Lamia), the owner of a bowling alley, compete (in vain) for Harry's romantic interest. The actors and writers clearly love the characters of this small town, and they have done an extraordinary job of extracting their sense of humor, while developing a deeper narrative. Bonus points for Surprise films for Nathan Fillon as the telepathic voice of an octopus in a restaurant tank talking to Harry - implicitly related - and Linda Hamilton as General McAllister, who once had a dish. He has since sought to prove the existence of extraterrestrials. The real eye doctor, Giorgio A. Tsukalu, known for his old aliens (or notoriety well deserved Meem), also made a brief appearance in the S1 Final at the UFO Conference. Resident Alien is a comedy gem and I can't wait for the second season.

- Senior Writer Jennifer Ollie Star Trek: Lower Decks S2 Trailer.

Star Trek: Lower Decks

Two Seasons and Star Trek: Lower Decks still seems to be a show for people weaned off in the '90s to like or hate. Show demonstration. Well, put me in the "I love you" camp: Of the four Trek shows currently on view, Lower Decks is easily my favorite. Advertising

Basements succeed because their subject is known inside and out - it's a program. Highly referenced explanations on the original shows, but also understand why Next Generation, No Deep Space and Voyager are so successful when shooting all cylinders. A typical season two's most trusted episode simultaneously emulates older episodes of Trek, while only solidifying into excellent parts of Star Trek, leading to a new break from the drama (and often boring) Discovery. and Picard Convert.

- Andrew Cunningham, Chief Technology Correspondent

Sean Bean played Mr. Welford in Season 2 of <em> Snowpiercer, giving the series a compelling villain role. Enlarge / Sean Bean played Mr. Welford in Season 2 of Snowpiercer and endowed the series with a charismatic villain. YouTube / TNT

Snowpier S2

Snowpiercer is the TNT TV adaptation of the 2013 film of the same name directed by Bong Joon Ho, about the remnants of humanity struggling to survive in the Ice Age on a train. With 1001 wagons. The train is run by an isolated transport man named Mr. Wilford, who segregates passengers on the basis of class and has a sinister plan to ensure the stability of life on the train. The story of this TV series takes place seven years after the climate catastrophe that produced the movie "Ice". The social hierarchy imposed in Snowpiercer. Jennifer Connelly plays Melanie Cavill, a first-class passenger responsible for the train's daily public announcements and the train's smooth running (mechanically and socially). Further study: Sean Bean gives Snowpiercer a villainous, charismatic character to rock the plate. Mr. Wilford (Sean Bean) appears with Melanie's potential daughter, Alex (Rowan Blanchard). Fortunately, the speed issues with the S2 have been resolved.

Host Grimm Manson and his team of writers embark on complex relationships, political intrigue, and political change, evading the burden of creating a complex fantasy world. The loyalties that inevitably arose with Wilford's unexpected return. Finally, S2 belongs to Sean Bean, whose Wilford play gave the series a charismatic larger-than-life (human) villain who really needed the emotional risk. She brings the perfect blend of sadistic glamor and playful cruelty to the character - an exemplary contest in a situation that was once a potentially explosive situation.

- Lead Writer Jennifer Owlette What is Xbox Likely to Do With Its $68 Billion Activision Blizzard King Purchase

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