The subway network that brings Japanese orchids to the United States
The author's obsession with playing a mysterious anime rhythm game. It was a ridiculous dream, but he did not deserve to die on a doll behind the Big Barn.
Arrington was bent over a doll, a gold chain hanging from a narrow gray tee. In his arms, which were tilted at a 45-degree angle, was a video game machine. His MUSECA title was seen on his shoulder. The car has come a long way - from a driveway in Tokyo to an unknown warehouse in Osaka, then after a long wait on a container ship off Long Beach, California, to Arrington Warehouse in San Pedro. Arrington attempted to turn the 6-foot-high cabinet toward the pickup hole. On concrete he was 3 feet under a thin blue blanket. There was a phone ringing nearby. The metro <b>network</b> that transports <b>Japanese</b> <b>orchids</b> to Arrington raises the weight from centimeters to centimeters for the device, and suddenly Dolly's wheels slipped off the ledge, his entire body was pushed forward, and the toy locker fell to the floor in a broken accident. Phil Arrington. Zoom / Phil Arrington Julian Berman

Arrington took the moment to explain and, a few days later, go live On Twitch, Chamba in a red bucket, was looking for leftover dust from a half-empty bag of Flamin' Hot Doritos. His tone was not unfortunate. He said he deliberately cut the video at the most dramatic moment. The device was already healthy. Arrington got up, put on his track pants, tossed his hot Doritos bag aside, and walked to Museca's locker. A neon red spine coil juts out from its base and supports a pastel-light five-button controller, each the size of an adult's hand. With a refreshing tempo beat, the player presses and rotates these buttons at the right time to earn points - that is, if the game is successful. Fortunately, the locker is set up on the menu screen. "When you get something like that, you have to take care of it. It's not like the '60s or '70s Cadillacs people were building parts of. Start pressing. The screen is blank. Damn it," he said. "Careless," Arrington said.

Museca is an exceptional find these days. Like other Arrington-assisted import machines, it is mainly sold and distributed in arcade games in Japan. In addition, Museca publisher has discontinued Konami game a few years ago.Cars have been recalled from all over Japan and their parts have been transformed into a whole new game called Bishi Bashi.There are not many Museca tanks left, making it a special prize for fans of Japan's famous arcade scene, it has attracted and attracted foreigners to itself.Promise to compete And escape with a coin price of only 100 yen.Taito Space Invaders launched the industry in 1978, and in subsequent years, the Japanese arcade scene boomed, giving rise to classics such as Donkey Kong, Contra and Street Fighter II.Tens of thousands of arcades filled with plush crane games appeared Alb Kimon with big eyes. Fat racing sims. Brilliant fantasy role-playing or strategy games; Crowded fighting games. And of course, full-body rhythmic games like Konami's Dance Dance Revolution or Museca are licensed.

Some titles, such as DDR, have been officially licensed or released overseas, where they have become cultural standards. But Konami, Tito, and other arcade game developers built their best stuff exclusively for Japan on the special arcade hardware that was meant to stay there. They don't want to sell these cars outside of Japan," said Serkan Toto, CEO of Japanese consultancy Kantan Games. Many cars, including Museca, on their title screens mention that they are operated only in Japan. In recent years, publishers like Konami have done so confidently that their arcade games only perform when connected to a network with a dedicated protocol on their own server. Advertising

Purchase and licensing prices are an important reason for this. - Music, Distribution and Payment Toto adds that this is also a business account. Arcade machines are no longer standalone - they have to be connected to a server, which complicates their maintenance, control and operation. They do not want to worry about providing maintenance knowledge and services to companies outside of Japan. The Japanese shooting chain Round1 has recently installed locations across the United States. But far from that, ordinary Americans don't have access to the thousands of prestigious arcades that glorify Japan as the game's sacred land.

Today, Japanese games are in crisis. Game centers are closing at an alarming rate, in part due to competition from home gaming consoles and higher taxes driving up the price of the game. Between 2006 and 2016, the number of lanes dropped from 24,000 to 14,000. Covid has speeded up this process and emptied the lanes for regular travelers and tourists. Between October 1 and November 24, 2021, 20 arcades were closed in Japan.

When computer games close, their video games face one of three fates, only two of which are sponsored by the Japan Game Developers Business Association were boycotted. The first is to bury the waste in the landfill. The second: that it is spent and sold in parts and then thrown into the landfill. (Arrington calls this the "Mafia cure.") Finally, third, a Japanese distributor goes in and buys all the machines in a dying arcade. Some are sent to smaller lanes across Japan. Others, at the lowest level, come from innovative Westerns like Arrington, who describes himself as the "muscle man" of gray market entrepreneurs who import thousands of coffers from Japan each year.

over the past. Five years ago, when Japanese arcade machines became more available than ever, Western demand for Japanese machines increased. To support this demand, an underground network of players has been challenged to evacuate these tanks from Japan, ship them around the world, and hack their code so that fans like me can finally play after all these years. p> WhatsApp has introduced several new features for iOS users

WhatsApp has introduced several new features for iOS users

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