Best Mario games ever

The iconic Nintendo plumber showed us just how great a video game can be. Kill. It might be helpful to turn that conversation into an article. In this way, the chilled everyday discussion about Platonic Idealism and Mario is what you're reading now!

For people of a certain age - dear readers, most of us - "video games" and "Nintendo" have roughly the same meaning. (A few of us are older than a certain age, coming from a very, very long time when “video games” meant “Atari,” and even a few of us acknowledged Nintendo’s cultural dominance in the mid-last-80s.) So we all played at least Few different games featuring the most famous player in the world, Mario Mario. (Yes, his last name is Mario too, which means his brother's name is Luigi Mario. That means Luigi's 'Green Mario' nickname is actually correct! Confirmation!)

Some of Ars' volunteers dared them. The inevitable arrows and arrows comments section to express your thoughts on a simple question: Which of each Mario video game is your favorite and why?

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Nate Anderson: Super Mario Bros.

Only one Mario game has been played or occasionally skipped. My highlight is that game, of course, Super Mario Bros. for NES. Imperfect worlds, blue worlds, foggy areas, magic mushrooms, bullets with eyes, extra rooms, 1-UP hidden in the 1-1 world, great 8-bit music, throwing turtle eggs Lakito(!) Lakito, mysterious green pipes - SMB has it all . I Zoom / It's a-me! 80s Mario! Nintendo

Yes, this was my first great childhood game on the NES, and to get it I had to encourage my dad to rent the cartridge from my local video store for the weekend. . But SMB isn't just a nostalgia game. Unlike many games of its time, it's still entertaining today, and its token levels should be a big part of today's common core school standards. —Nate Anderson, Deputy Editor

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Eric Bangeman: Super Mario Odyssey

When Nintendo puts Mario in the sandbox, the results can be… difficult. For example, Super Mario 64 is pure genius, while Super Mario Sunshine is unglazed and revolves around an annoying game mechanic. Category.

The Odyssey can be anything you want. If you want to collect enough Power Moons to defeat the game, do it. I'm not a perfectionist, but I loved wandering the Odyssey, collecting as many powerful moons as possible, and discovering strange portals between worlds. Don Zoom in / Don't worry, Mario, you get it. There's also Nintendo Eyes

Odyssey. The Switch may not have the absolute computing power of Sony and Microsoft consoles, but Nintendo developers can maximize what they need to work with. I love the very detailed worlds in Odyssey, each with their own gameplay features.

If I were to sum up Odyssey as an adjective, it would be "smart". In the hands of a smaller development studio, a Mario Hat Partner copy can be a cheap stunt. Instead, it's an integral (and fun) part of the gameplay. I could get through the game without mastering the ability to throw Cappy and then use the Bonneter in the air to cross the gaps, but I enjoyed watching my daughter use this mechanic. Young brains and young reflexes. sigh.

Perhaps the best part about Super Mario Odyssey is defeating it - for the first time. After running the adrenaline through the rocky chambers under the moon's surface, Bowser defeated and rescued the Peach and discovered that many powerful new moons were scattered over every planet in the world of The Odyssey. After spending more hours chasing them, I struck a knife - actually quite a number of knives - on the dark side of the moon, but I was never able to defeat Brodal IV. It was impossible to try to make this glove.

I came away with relief, although I stopped playing before I could do anything. Nintendo knows what its fans want, and Odyssey delivers on every level.

Now if you'll forgive me, I'm sure my switch is fully charged... - Eric Bingman, Editor in Chief

Andrew Cunningham: Super Mario Galaxy 2

Nintendo 2D classics are easy to play, which means you can find and get them easily. NES and SNES games are always the first to be repackaged and redistributed on new Nintendo consoles, and emulating these systems requires just as little computing power as you can get from Super Mario Bros. Play 3 on almost any monitor connected device.

The protection was much more subtle for the Nintendo 3D classic, in part because it required more powerful hardware to function well. And that's because they really replicate things like Wii motion controls, a Wii U tablet, DS and 3DS touchscreens, or stereoscopic 3D effects. Sometimes these games will be repackaged and released for newer consoles, but they match the price tags of the new game. Be careful! Be careful!

All of this means that there is definitely an element of "absence that makes the heart fall in love" in my insistence that Super Mario Galaxy 2 is my favorite Mario game, because it actually does a better job. I did not play. a decade. But someone clearly has to stand up for him - his absence from Super Mario 3D All-Stars was almost equal to Super Mario Sunshine. (This is a joke.)

Galaxy 2 started its life as a collection of ideas that never made it to the main game, resulting in an impressive array of rapid-fire challenges based on the original mechanics of the galaxy..more diverse and adventurous modes. (This is a clear progression of the Power-Moon-packed Super Mario Odyssey, which Eric favored above.) Delicate challenges for any player.

During games such as the New Super Mario Bros. series.. or Super Mario 3D World has multiplayer modes, the Galaxy 2 is also commendable for its excellent two-player mode, which someone else can point out. Wii remote control on screen to numb enemies and collect items. Nintendo also played the idea in the original Galaxy and Odyssey, but the reboot in the Galaxy 2 is great for younger players or non-gamers who want to have fun. Wii remotes are intuitive, and the second player can do a whole bunch of really useful things that don't get in the way of the first player. The accomplishments of Mario 64 and the sheer joy of Mario Odyssey, I was paying good money to run the 1080p version on a modern console (and maybe sigh). —Andrew Cunningham, Chief Technology Correspondent

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Best Mario games ever
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