Samsung confirms August 11 - what to expect here

Samsung Galaxy Fold 3 and Z Flip 3 I hope to present a smartwatch.

Samsung sent out invitations to the launch event on August 11th. This invitation might not sound like much, but it shows off powerfully the products we'll be seeing: the Galaxy Z Fold 3 (dark grey) and the Galaxy Z Flip 3 (purple and light grey). Obviously this is a foldable event, but we may also see the Galaxy Watch 4 and Google and Samsung modify Wear OS.

Samsung's August launch event usually marks the announcement of the Galaxy Note with the S-Pen, but all indications are that the Galaxy Note is dead this year. Samsung has shipped an external S-Pen stylus for the Galaxy S21 Ultra, and with optional support for the Z Fold 3, that's enough for handwriting enthusiasts.

The Fold 3

The Fold 3, with a not-so-crazy camera piece. 91mobile again. 91mobile

As usual, most of these devices have already been leaked. 91 mobile phones have the official Galaxy Z Fold 3, which is very similar to last year's Z Fold 2. Samsung's second development on a foldable tablet-like device was a nice modification of the original Galaxy Fold, with a larger screen and foldable glass inside.

Samsung appears to be quite versatile with the camera in the Galaxy Fold 3, which has only three round lenses and lacks any of the attractive periscope technology you can find in something like the Galaxy S21 Ultra. An important part of this device is the foldable screen, and it is hoped that Samsung will reduce the number of corners in other areas so that it will be priced slightly less than the stratospheric price of the $2000 Galaxy Fold 1 and 2. A report from SamMobile claims that the phone is down 20%, So maybe we should see something around $1600? This is progress.

There are no firm specs yet, but all of these flagship phones have similar specs. The screens are expected to be a 7.55-inch main screen and a 6.23-inch external display, both of which will operate at 120Hz. The Fold 2 had a 60Hz screen on the outside and a 120Hz screen on the inside, which is odd. One wild rumor is that Samsung's clamshell will be water-resistant this year, which would be an engineering feat given all the moving parts of the hinge, a floating interior, and a sliding screen. You can fold the pieces of paper into the slots of the original Galaxy Fold, so water resistance is a huge leap forward.

Flip 3

Z Flip 3. Similar to Z Flip 1. GizNext These larger front pages are an updated version. GizNext

This call also refers to the Galaxy Z Flip 3, a regular-size smartphone that's turned into a sharp brick. The Z Flip 1 was launched in 2020, and if you are wondering, “Did Samsung really release 3 phone models in 18 months?” The answer is no - the Z Flip 2 has never been around. Samsung wants the number to be standardized between the Fold and Flip, so it disavows a single number. There are also official press renders of this phone (from GizNext) and on the inside, it looks a lot like the Z Flip 1. Big changes on the outside, as you have a larger 1.9-inch screen on the front and two cameras. Older. The front screen is twice the size of the 1.1-inch microscopic front screen on the Z Flip 1, and should help resolve one of our top complaints about the device. Opening all of these folds requires quite a bit of effort, usually you need two backs (the flip hinge is not loaded like a foldable phone), and it's very important to have a proper external screen for quick interactions. When your phone beeps, you want to quickly check the notification, and a bigger screen will be easier. The Z Flip is still looking behind designs like the Moto Razr, which had a 2.7-inch screen on the outside. Ads

plus an hour, perhaps? Galaxy Watch 4. What are the secrets? Behind

the fact that there was no invitation mentioning the Galaxy Watch 4 is a warning, but we also hope that Samsung's flagship smartwatch will be announced at the event. This device was previously listed briefly on Amazon and official photos were taken by Samsung has a regular version with a diameter of 44 mm and a "classic" design of 46 mm, and the second digits are engraved on the bezel of the watch.

More interesting than the software design this watch will bring: Google and Samsung The new version of WearOS, Google's Android-based smartwatch platform, is in the works. The last major update to WearOS was in 2018, and since then, we've only seen major maintenance upgrades. Not much is known about the new version, but I hope it will be noticed in the beautiful "Material You" design that Android 12 is focused on.

Samsung Tizen is putting aside smartwatches and moving to Google's operating system, which should have support Better software. Samsung has also brought in Samsung-designed SoCs that should help the two companies create a competitive smartwatch. Wearing watches already required Qualcomm chips, and Qualcomm wasn't really interested in building competitive SoCs for wearables. Even last year's Galaxy Watch 3 SoC, the Exynos 9110 10nm, could be a superior version of anything Qualcomm is currently producing, but the Galaxy Watch 4 with Exynos W920 takes a generation ahead of the SoC. Here we hope Samsung will provide the details.

Perhaps other than the headphones version, that's what we're expecting for Samsung's next big launch. It is set on August 11th!

Samsung confirms August 11 - what to expect here
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