Google fixes Android nightmare bug that prevented users from calling 911
An integer overflow/failure allows malicious apps to lock users out of 911.

An Android security patch was released in January, and it fixes one of the worst Android bugs that will come up later: some apps can get in your way. Call 911 or other emergency service numbers around the world.

In early December, a heartbreaking story surfaced in a user's GooglePixel subgroup that broke down his Pixel 3 when he needed it most: When he called his grandmother's 911, he "looked like he had a stroke." The whole phone subsystem seems to crash immediately after calling emergency services, user "KitchenPicture5849" said he can't receive the call to call or disconnect again to try again. Fortunately, after their Android phone went down, there was a land line available nearby and emergency services were called.

After the crisis, the user again called 911 on his smartphone. Android has called, too. It crashed again, indicating that it's not a bug. Checking the phone bill also showed that KitchenPicture5849 was not associated with 911. They say they also received several other DMs from users who reported the same problem.

Google contacted the user and responded publicly. Posted Dec 8th:

Based on our research, we've been able to reproduce this under limited circumstances. We believe this issue is only present on a small number of devices with Microsoft Team installed when the user is not signed in, and we are currently aware of only one user reporting this error. We have detected that this issue is caused by an unwanted interaction between the Microsoft Thames app and the underlying Android operating system. Microsoft worked closely with Google to resolve this unwanted interaction.

Google said that Microsoft will release an update for the app as soon as possible, and users should check for updates in the Play Store. The company also mentioned that an OS-wide patch will be released a month later, in early January (today). Then Google did not comment on the problem.

Why 911 Apps Can Crash

STOP. Microsoft Teams defeated 911? Can Random Android Apps Disrupt Emergency Service Performance? how? Why can third party applications be within a thousand feet of such an important function? Did any other software break 911 or just Microsoft Teams? With the Teams fix, is it really a good idea to let Android users react to this bug at the OS level for a month, especially when we don't know if other apps are doing it? Android Since it's Android, not many phones get patched anyway. How can users know that the emergency service is working? Google doesn't give any answers other than saying wait a month to fix the problem.

Fortunately, some very smart people in the Android community can provide answers that Google doesn't share. Michel Rahman, Senior Technical Editor at Esper, wrote an incredible Medium post detailing how these errors work and why they happen. Android apps that have the ability to make phone calls can register a "phone account" in the system, indicating that they have the ability to make calls. There are many logo apps that can be set up with PhoneAccount, including one called "CAPABILITY_PLACE_EMERGENCY_CALLS". When it's time to call 911, Android sorts through a list of registered phone accounts and picks one. It all looks good so far. Advertising

One of the many errors identified in Rahman's post is that Microsoft Teams logs an additional phone account into the system every time Teams is launched. Slow, provided you are not logged in. Note that it's not uncommon to install Microsoft Teams and then never use it - a common complaint with the Teams Android app is that it automatically removes most users. If you sign out, running Microsoft Teams 10 times will block your phone by 10 duplicate Teams PhoneAccounts. Teams shouldn't do this, and Microsoft updates prevented teams from doing this, but too many PhoneAccounts shouldn't be enough to bring an Android phone to its knees.

The following error: When choosing which PhoneAccount to make an emergency call through, Android goes through a complex sorting process to figure out which account to use. The final step in this sorting process is writing and sorting by hash code. A hash code comparison only reduces one hash code from another. But just like this stupid Microsoft Exchange Y2K22 error that happened in those days, it could override or override integers and now the phone subsystem is crashing. The code is a Google Bug, but since it's the last type after trying something more explicit, like a package name, it should only be called on a specific instance of the app that creates an iterator PhoneAccounts. So, thank you Microsoft!

Google <b>fixes</b> missing integer/error. Zoom/Google overflow bug/underflow Correct Google's solution to these bugs is listed Here as "Solve data overload/overcrowding issue due to sorting out duplicate phone accounts while trying to call 911". Instead of reducing one hash code from another and possibly entering a number that is too large or too small to crash the system, Google now implements these two numbers through the Java "" function. It only displays 1, 0 or 1, indicating a smaller, identical, or greater comparison result.

If you're like me at first and don't know why Android categorizes phone accounts at all, not just using the from the default account on the SIM, I think and say this was an attempt to get 911 to work no matter what. Only if the main account isn't working, Android asks for a list of any potential phone accounts it can try, and wants to do that automatically to call 911 through whatever device it needs. This triage system is only available for emergency calls, which is why normal phone calls to affected users continue to work. It does not record an emergency. . Teams have created millions of phone accounts and haven't used the "CAPABILITY_PLACE_EMERGENCY_CALLS" flag, but they still crack 911. Google's sorting process begins by searching all phone accounts, when the best first step is to start with all emergency phone accounts. Google is taking a tougher solution to the latest bugs, removing any "self-managed" phone accounts from the 911 system. Self-managed Android phone accounts, such as Microsoft Teams, have more direct access to the Android phone stack and can offer their own features. Android's emergency calling system now only looks at simpler phone providers that connect to the default phone app, such as your carrier's account. All other VoIP applications alone can still be used to call 911 (many countries require 911 functionality by law). But if you open the default connection and press "911", Android will only choose from standard and system-managed phone accounts. Who patches ads and how you can check for 911 errors h2>

Rahman says Google error For this case, there is CVE-2021-39659, which the Monthly Security Bulletin classifies as a high-density "denial of service" vulnerability with patches for devices Android 10, 11 and 12. In the Android code base, Google fully supports this mod on Android 8.0, which is no longer technically supported. This is largely theoretical because Zero manufacturers already do security updates for older devices. But if anyone wants it, the code is available.

Android Phone Stack (yet) The Project Mainline module does not update easily so the only way to fix it is with the monthly Android release in January 2022. Samsung Security Update is supposed to update all phones listed in this The list is this week, while Google is working on fixes for the Pixel 3a, 4, 4a, 5, and 5a phones.

Pixel 6 update is still not available. Google's latest version is currently facing an upgrade crisis. The December 2021 update has been canceled due to unrelated "mobile phone connectivity issues" (phone calls not working). While Google tries to fix everything, the next Pixel 6 update with a 911 tweak will be available in "late January". Until then, it's normal to be in the November patch. Google's "early January" and "late January" patches both appear to be too slow for a bug that could kill users.

I'm making another weird guess and say the Pixel 6 is weird. I take out the phone because the SoC and modem are completely different (both from Samsung's Exynos division, while every other pixel uses Qualcomm). The creation of the holiday shopping season didn't give Google much time to delay its launch. This might not be disappointing for phones with high-end updates on day one, but I hope this is a temporary issue.

I'm amazed that this is just a "high". Serious problems (rather than "critical") and that the presentation takes 1-2 months. Ambulance delays can be fatal, so it's a good idea to speed it all up, not how Google handles it.

I have apps written to help identify and prevent Android. Recent forms of emergency calls do not work. Check thread for details <b>Google</b> <b>nightmare</b> error that prevents <b>calling</b> 911Tags: google, fixes, android, nightmare, bug, prevented, users, calling, 911 Why doesn't Apple Touch return an ID to iPhone?

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