Rob's Alder Lake Windows 11 Rig Build Log: Determine the components, price, build, and performance of the game
Here's a confession: I haven't built a PC from scratch in nearly a decade. Sure, I replaced the RAM, added hard drives, a new cooler, and several graphics cards, but the last time I sat with a bunch of box-ready components was in 2014 when I built a Core i5. The 4670 Kelvin power tower has a long life.

As the Haswell-era wizard has served me so well over the years, it's starting to show its age. Like a drunken boxer who should have retired years ago, Chip grumbles and, as he once did, becomes a struggle: browsing, booting, and especially doing a few things. Then there are the games.

My GeForce RTX 2070 Super was purchased as soon as the updated Turing line arrived. Asus recommended older cards, so I took advantage of that and said goodbye to the GTX 1070. This upgrade made great progress for 2019 and earlier titles. Unfortunately, the i5-4670K's bottleneck becomes more noticeable in modern games, especially Forza Horizon 5, which often encounters terrible rubber bands, hatching and other issues, not to mention 55fps @ 1440p with medium settings. The GPU/CPU combo for my computer compares it to the Porsche 911 but with a set of kids' bike wheels. <b>Rob's</b> <b>Alder</b> <b>Lake</b> <b>Windows</b> 11 <b>Rig</b> <b>Build</b> <b>Log:</b> <b>Determine</b> <b>game</b> components and price its <b>Build</b> and performance

My old computer, complete with an optical drive and a Cyberpunk 2077 tag. It's embarrassing.

As owners know, when upgrading a computer, especially the motherboard and processor, there is also the temptation to overhaul the entire machine, so what better time than Cyber ​​Monday and use a future birthday excuse.

Choosing components, buying

is the number one question every PC maker has to face. The mystery that determines whether we're in the red Lisa team or the blue Golsinger team: AMD or Intel? I've owned both in the past and I'm not loyal to them either. The only important thing is which option is best for me to use. Steam's poll shows just how far AMD has come in recent times - it now has a healthy user share of 32% - so the Ryzen 5000 series, with its many cores and lines, is a tempting proposition. However, Alder Lake and its combined design is an absolute beast to play with, to be honest, it's very important to me. Plus, as we wrote in our review: "Alder Lake is new to PC makers, those who are giving up their existing platform for something completely new."

Fortunately, the online PC retailer of choice, Scan, is listed. Some 12th generation Intel processors during Cyber ​​Monday sales. I chose the same Core i7-12700K that we praise 90 and look forward to testing 12 cores consisting of 8 performance cores with 4 effective cores for a full 20 threads. <b>Rob's</b> <b>Alder</b> <b>Lake</b> <b>Windows</b> 11 <b>Rig</b> <b>Build</b> <b>Log:</b> <b>Determine</b> <b>game</b> components and price Its <b>Build</b> and <b>performance</b>


The next step is to choose a motherboard. To save money, I chose a package that included the CPU and Mobo, which meant my options were a bit limited. All I knew was that due to the small performance that the latter provides on most tasks, it will be DDR4 instead of DDR5. There is also the DDR5 availability/price issue, which is almost as bad as the graphics cards experience.

There are some upsides in my price range, but the Asus ROG Strix Z690-A Wi-Fi D4 was great: It had loads of features and connections, and it got great reviews (it won OC3D Player of the Year award year), and I've always loved the idea of ​​making white. <b>Rob's</b> <b>Alder</b> <b>Lake</b> <b>Windows</b> 11 <b>Rig</b> <b>Build</b> <b>Log:</b> Specify <b>components,</b> <b>price,</b> and <b>Build</b> and <b>performance</b> the <b>game</b>

Plenty of features for the 'midrange'

CPU/mobo package with a Cyber ​​Monday discount of 700,700. This translates directly to $925 But electronics in the UK are often more expensive, particularly due to the 20% sales tax.

You choose memory now.

I choose. For 16GB Corsair DDR4 Vengeance RGB Pro SL White (3600). Again, I don't feel that the additional 32GB purchase capacity cost me that much. And while it doesn't offer the best performance, the combination of price ($81 or $61) and reduced length and color makes it a compelling buy. It also has RGB lighting with iCue integration, which helps me pick out the frame well. <b>Rob's</b> <b>Alder</b> <b>Lake</b> <b>Windows</b> 11 <b>Rig</b> <b>Build</b> <b>Log:</b> Select <b>game</b> components and price Its architecture and <b>performance</b>

What is the most important factor when considering RAM? Except for RGB

I've had my Corsair Carbide 300R series for a long time, but it seems to be a thing of the past. Before I decided to use the same manufacturer and choose the Corsair iCUE RGB 5000X, I considered a few options.

This bag has been well received and offers many positives. A score of 4.8 out of 5 from nearly 10,000 Amazon reviews is encouraging. This one has plenty of space, good airflow, an on-line USB Type-C port, a PSU cover, plenty of cable management options, and three RGB fans. It's a little more expensive at 14,149 (US$200), but still significantly cheaper than the British MSRP of 18184 (US$243). <b>Rob's</b> <b>Alder</b> <b>Lake</b> <b>Windows</b> 11 <b>Rig</b> <b>Build</b> <b>Log:</b> <b>Determine</b> <b>game</b> <b>components,</b> <b>price,</b> <b>build,</b> and performance p>

At this point, realizing that you are committed has become what is essentially a double branding. For more iCue integration and blinding whiteness, I get the Corsair H100i Elite Capellix AIO cooler that ticks all the boxes. That's the same price tag of 9,149 ($200) that brings guilt, shame, and mild excitement with it.

As Expensive as the Inner Case


Next is storage The plan is to finally move some 2.5" SATA SSDs from the old computer to the new one, but not before installing something from the motherboard's four M.2 slots with heater Sync and PCIe 4.0 support The answer is a terabyte of Samsung 980 Pro. This drive is rated at 7000MB/s read and 5000MB/s write speeds, which seems unlikely you'll need much.Yes, but it's offered ($125,125, or $165) and wouldn't doubt be useful in some cases. There is no white version, but the Mobo heatsink covers that anyway.

https://safirsoft .com Rob <b>Alder</b> <b>Lake</b> <b>Windows</b> 11 <b>Rig</b> <b>Build</b> <b>Log:</b> Determining <b>game</b> <b>components,</b> <b>price,</b> <b>build,</b> and Performance

The Kind of Speed ​​I Rarely Need

Finally, failure reaches the heart of the computer R: PSU. The most annoying part of a computer is the one that a lot of people keep, which leads to problems in the future. After years of struggling with messy cables, I know a modular model plus something with enough power and performance is a must. I was tempted by the (naturally) Corsair RMx RM650x series, but I decided to pay extra for the RMx White Series 750 Watt 80 Plus Gold. Yes, it is white, even if the shroud hides it.

https://safirsoft. Com <b>Rob's</b> <b>Alder</b> <b>Lake</b> <b>Windows</b> 11 <b>Rig</b> <b>Build</b> <b>Log:</b> <b>Determine</b> <b>game</b> components and price Their <b>Build</b> and <b>performance</b>

Thank goodness for the modular PSUs

Of course, there is one vital component missing; This Build does not contain a graphics card. No, I'm definitely not using a UHD 770 Core i7-12700K GPU, and the cool new Asus ROG Strix RTX 3070 White Edition will be a huge resistance throughout the build. But we all know why that didn't happen. New graphics cards have been given an almost legendary quality - no one can find them, are they real anymore? My own favorite card wasn't available at every location. There was an off-white version on eBay for 1,299 ($1,717), the same price as all the other components combined, which means the older but powerful RTX 2070 Super builds a new home.

A few days later a machine arrived My new computer. It's usually a good time to start building, but unfortunately not. With the previous review, the Corsair H100i Elite Capellix AIO cooler with LGA 1700 Alder Lake socket does not have the proper parameters and I'm still waiting for them to come here from Corsair, which, unlike some other companies, they charge for. The result. Part price in British pounds Price excluding price in US dollars (excluding UK tax) Corsair iCUE H100i Elite Cooler 9 149.99 12 124.99 16 165.60 Corsair Zvengeance RGB PRO SL 00 3600 £8.00 (160 GB) -A WIFI motherboard and Core i7-12700K £699.98 $583.32 $772.85 iCUE 5000X RGB Case £149.99 £124.99 $165.60 RM750x PSU Drive £99.98 83.32 110.39 9 Samsung 980 £12.2 S software $104.16 165.60 Super RGB Engine £14.99 £12.49 £16.55 Cooler AL Cooler 2.99 2. 2.39 3. $3.17 Total £1,315.61 £1,103.74 £1,462.36 Made Day After

The extra cabin and fan I bought for the back of the box are here. everything is ready. I get all my tools out, empty the table and get started. After releasing the anti-static fixed mat and wrist connector, I start with the CPU seat - raise the stabilizer arm, align the stock, put the processor in place, the bottom bracket, start pushing the arm down, lock the breath, and a good start without making any cracking sound. <b>Rob's</b> <b>Alder</b> <b>Lake</b> <b>Windows</b> 11 <b>Rig</b> <b>Build</b> History: Select <b>components,</b> price and <b>Build</b> and <b>performance</b> for the <b>game</b> I know the H100i, like my previous Corsair AIO, comes with pre-used thermal paste, but I tube my Arctic MX-4 thermal mix unopened, unfortunately, the lack of rubbing alcohol and time leaves me no choice but to use a proven drill In advance, though I promise if the temperatures aren't satisfactory, remove it and it will apply the material well on the next date.</p> <p> <img border =

y only - after getting to the Alder Lake predicament

The following memory is probably the easiest component to install. Make a simple click and hold.

https://safirsoft .com <b>Lake</b> Window Tosca Rob 11 <b>Rig</b> Creation <b>Log:</b> Select components for Game, <b>price,</b> <b>build,</b> and <b>performance</b>

Can I use it at all?

to M.2 SSD. Thanks to my old tablet, this is a new experience for me. Removing the heatsink is the first step and then confirming the physical size of the drive. Next, turn the lock properly, unlock the 980 Pro, and put the lock back in place. easy. <b>Rob's</b> <b>Alder</b> <b>Lake</b> <b>Windows</b> 11 <b>Rig</b> <b>Build</b> <b>Log:</b> Select <b>components,</b> price <b>game</b> BUILDING AND <b>performance</b>

Much easier than fiddling with 2.5" SSDs

That's the fun part. The Corsair iCUE RGB 5000X is the largest and newest case I've ever worked on, which makes the whole process much easier than I remember. The board bases fit snugly, the screws are tight, and I'm a fan of those who have considered the pre-installed I/O bumpers. A radiator for the top of the case so as not to obstruct it and make life difficult. This enclosure contains an internal fan hub and four fans, all of which have separate RGB connections. Besides the AIO cooling routing unit, the two cooler fans, and the front panel I/O cables, there's a lot of wires to fight, and that's before adding a PSU. <b>Rob's</b> <b>Alder</b> <b>Lake</b> <b>Windows</b> 11 <b>Rig</b> <b>Build</b> <b>Log:</b> <b>Determine</b> <b>game</b> <b>components,</b> <b>price,</b> <b>build,</b> and performance

behind the case. It doesn't look like it anymore

However, seeing so many motherboard cables and ports these days clearly described - the system headboard is much easier - while the straps, 5000X multiple buses, and holes and holes make routing a lot easier!

Power supply time. I am happy to buy a modular unit again, as I came from a non-modular PSU on my previous Build that looked like an angry, dusty octopus. First I connect the 24 pin ATX cable. I decided to keep the cap on the right side of the case to make everything cleaner, which it does, but bending a thick cable isn't easy without getting out of the mobo jack. Next up is the 8-pin EPS connector. Something else is new to me: this forum has two of them. Both are used because I'm going to be overclocking. Tosca <b>Lake</b> Rob 11 <b>Windows</b> <b>Rig</b> <b>Build</b> <b>Log:</b> Select <b>game</b> components and price and its <b>Build</b> and performance.</p> <p> I open my old case and am horrified by the level of dust, because I can see trash in a new one. The Asus ROG 2070 Super comes out, and before I go into the new settings, it explodes out of the airbox.</p> <p > <img border = Yes, I'm dusting my computer components. Clean., shortly...

After cleaning the cable, it's ready. More can be done to make everything cleaner and more stable, which is I'll do it later, but I'm glad this took about an hour, assuming it was posted.

https:// / safirsoft .com <b>Rob's</b> <b>Alder</b> <b>Lake</b> <b>Windows</b> 11 <b>Rig</b> <b>Build</b> <b>Log:</b> Determining <b>game</b> <b>components,</b> Pricing, and Us Its <b>performance</b> and <b>performance</b>

Done, although it requires some more cable management

Windows 11 installation before resetting the USB install.

" Yes, I wanted something subtle.

In addition to the decision of AMD or Intel CPU, many people compiling a new version today may decide whether they want to upgrade to Windows 11. The difference between the two operating systems lies in game usage and performance - with a few exceptions - When used with Alder Lake, almost all games listed with 12th Gen DRM issues are now patched, and updates are included that check lower SSD speeds, so this is my personal preference, I chose the latest OS partly for work reasons and partly because I want to Getting a fresh install anyway. Standards

After the installation process is faster than expected, the computer speeds up so fast that it makes me start, and it's as amazing as the blinding light emitted by the can. I'm aware of the trends.

It's time Now to reboot, enter BIOS, enable XMP, and stick with AI overclocking. Again, I'll tweak settings later to reduce additional performance.

https://safirsoft. com <b>Rob's</b> <b>Alder</b> <b>Lake</b> <b>Windows</b> 11 <b>Rig</b> <b>Build</b> <b>Log:</b> Determining <b>game</b> <b>components,</b> <b>price,</b> <b>build,</b> and <b>performance</b>

Not bad times

Now it's time to download your suite of apps and apps: Asus GPU Tweak II, iCUE, Core Temp and all gaming platforms, to name a few.I was impressed to discover that the idle core temperature is around 26 to 27°C (78 to 80°F), which is what all fan profiles are set to “balanced”. I set up my GPU Tweak II user profile and started with a game that prompted me to upgrade: Forza Horizon 5.

This is… amazing. Detects my PC game and automatically chooses Ultra settings (1440p) Average 55 frames Fps is no longer confusing to me.I run a benchmark test and I feel teared up when the result comes back to 86fps and no stuttering.The rubber band plays with smoothness/high refresh rate as the Asus PG279 animates the game, I think it will do the same for many games <b>Rob's</b> <b>Alder</b> <b>Lake</b> <b>Windows</b> 11 <b>Rig</b> <b>Build</b> <b>Log:</b> Select <b>game</b> <b>components,</b> Pricing, <b>build,</b> and <b>performance</b>

Overclocking the RTX 2070 Super really adds to the FPS count

Next Assassin's Creed. Surprisingly, Intel still lists the game as one of the games with DRM issues when played on Alder Lake hardware, but it works just fine. I decided to see how much I could pay by choosing the Ultra High option, without expecting it to play anything less than the RTX 3070. Result? An amazing speed of 62fps, recovering around 20fps. The previously beautiful game looks great and is like a flowing ball. Where can I find time to play all these titles? Rob <b>Alder</b> <b>Lake</b> <b>Windows</b> 11 <b>Rig</b> <b>Build</b> <b>Log:</b> Select <b>game</b> components and their price Its Structure and <b>performance</b>

Valhalla is an incredibly beautiful game

Finally, play Watch Dogs Got: Legion and go to the Preset Option Very High. This is not DLSS and there are a lot of graphic shadows and reflections. I still get an impressive 71 frames per second. Again, that's about 20fps more than my old ration could handle. Converting DLSS to quality, changing shadows and reflections to medium, and increasing geometry, environment, and texture to ultra levels makes the game look amazing and still render at 99fps. <b>Rob's</b> <b>Alder</b> <b>Lake</b> <b>Windows</b> 11 <b>Rig</b> <b>Build</b> <b>Log:</b> <b>Determine</b> <b>game</b> components and price <b>Build</b> and Perform line Down

Unfortunately, as most people know, there's probably never been a worse time to Build a new gaming PC from scratch, but given how much the current PC crashes, I had little choice. Paying around $1,740 (including UK shipping and VAT) for a PC without a graphics card is a big hit, even considering the high price of the new Alder Lake chip and Z690 motherboard.

game performance is staggering, much more than I would have expected from a CPU bottleneck. I've already reinstalled The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt with several visual modes, Cyberpunk 2077 and Metro Exodus in the next list, and I'm looking forward to changing the settings to remove more power from its components. Where are the moments of ast keh in reality, the mtwanid bhahmid ke chara rayana personal with the address of bahtrin sakhtavzar tamam dran election shad.

baby kombud / qiyat karthay sharmsari ast, but agar dar az karast karvad ark. Old CPU

"We have to think about young people who make a good living from this exercise," says Scalper Console.

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