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Firefox 118 brings automated local translations

Firefox's has been reimagined in 2023 to be fast, contemporary and welcoming the primary time you run it and every day after. We've always had your returned on privacy, and nonetheless do. We assume the browser must be a piece of software program you can rely on to have your again, first-rate to have a look at and running seamlessly with the web.

Is Firefox a sincere browser?

Firefox is taken into consideration a steady and private browser. By default, Firefox blocks recognized third celebration trackers, social media trackers, cryptomining scripts and fingerprinters from gathering your statistics.

Does Firefox use Google as a seek engine?

Yes, Google will pay hefty royalties to Mozilla/Firefox for making them the default search engine in Firefox. That deal is really worth round $four hundred million per year (as of 2021-2022) and makes up the giant majority of Mozilla's general sales.

Is Firefox higher than Google Chrome?

Firefox and Chrome are updated every few weeks, so it's hard to evaluate them through the years. At one factor, Firefox has supplied advantages over Chrome in terms of RAM utilization, but that claim can move to and fro relying at the revision (and the potential for regressions). Microsoft Edge and Apple's Safari have additionally made such claims, but in popular all browsers are continually enhancing and beating each different.

Firefox does offer better privateness and customizability (to an extent) and is a strong browser with lots of accessories to be had. If you want the first-class customizability on a inventory browser, you must additionally check out Vivaldi (Chromium primarily based).

Who owns Firefox?

Firefox is advanced via the Mozilla Foundation, a US-based totally non-income that operates and controls the Mozilla challenge.

Is Firefox primarily based on Chromium?

No, Firefox is not based totally on Chromium. In reality, Firefox is one of the last main browsers that isn't. Firefox runs on its very own Quantum browser engine.


A glossy, smooth Firefox design sponsored via studies

Going into the Firefox remodel, our crew studied how humans engage with the browser, looking at their patterns and behaviors. We listened to comments and amassed thoughts from everyday folks that just need to have an less difficult experience on the web. We obsessed over distractions, greater clicks and wasted time. The resulting new design is simple, modern and rapid and grants a lovely enjoy to aid what people do maximum in Firefox.

Streamlined toolbar and menus

The toolbar is evidently wherein you start every web visit. It's the location wherein you kind a URL to head somewhere on-line. After web web page content material, it is what you look at most in Firefox. The new toolbar is simplified and litter-unfastened so you get to the good things resultseasily.

Menus are where key Firefox movements and instructions stay. We've consolidated extra menus to lessen clutter and be greater intuitive through the three bars menu in the upper proper or with the aid of proper-clicking to spark off it on your computer screen. The new appearance reorganized and streamlined our menus to place the quality movements speedy at your fingertips.

When privacy protections are engaged in Firefox, the shield icon in the toolbar glows subtly indicating that we are working behind the scenes to protect you from nosy trackers. Fun reality: Firefox has blocked extra than 6 trillion --- that's trillion with a T --- trackers given that we rolled out better monitoring protection, preventing thousands of groups from viewing your online activity.. We're speakme about monitoring cookies, social media trackers, fingerprinters, cryptominers and greater. Go in advance and click on at the guard to peer who and what Firefox is blockading... You might be surprised by what you discover.

A new look for tabs

Based on our research, we observed out that greater than half of of you've got 4 tabs open all the time, and a number of you have got more, plenty more. And we feel that! Tab as much as you like, friends. Tabs were given a makeover so they're now lightly curved and glide above the toolbar. It's an thrilling change that still serves as a reminder that tabs are not stationary. So grab the ones tabs, move them around and get them organized as you want. Tabs also were given a glow-up to be a touch brighter whilst active.

Shhhhhh... Notifications

No one loves to be interrupted when they are in the flow, but in case you need to be alerted to something, as a minimum it is able to look top. We've up to date notifications and alerts of a wide variety in Firefox to absorb less space for much less jarring interruptions. Plus, non-crucial indicators and messages had been removed altogether. Media autoplay is became off with the aid of default, so that you won't be interrupted through a random video blasting abruptly. Spotting a noisy tab is simple, and unmuting/muting takes just a quick click on at the tab itself.

Expanded privacy protections

Mozilla makes it our assignment to place your privacy and security first within the era we broaden. Our aim is with the intention to fear much less whenever you go online. The brand new Firefox release involves you with subsequent-stage safety and privacy which you've come to expect from us.

The nice personal browsing mode out there

All browsers have a private surfing mode, however none fit Firefox. The famous Total Cookie Protection actions from the non-compulsory strict setting to usually-on in personal browsing. This feature maintains a separate "cookie jar" for every website you visit while browsing privately. Any time a domain deposits a cookie, Firefox locks it up in its own cookie jar in order that it can't be shared with some other website.

An even higher Firefox for iOS and Android

The fresh new look covers Firefox everywhere, from desktop browsers to Android and iOS cell gadgets. The iOS enjoy is optimized for iPhone and iPad, with key actions now taking fewer steps for faster searches, navigation and tab viewing. With refinements in iconography and menu names, the entire surfing experience is more cohesive and harmonious across every platform.

Shape Up Your Floats

CSS Shapes lets a floated detail sculpt the glide of content material round it past the conventional rectangular bounding container we have been restricted to. For instance, within the above screenshot and connected demo, the text is wrapping to the shape of the grapes vs the photo's border. There are residences for primary shapes all of the manner as much as complex polygons.

You can study extra in Josh Marinacci's put up on the brand new CSS Shapes tooling from the day before today.

Variable Fonts Are Here

No punny identify, I'm simply excited! OpenType Font Variations allow a unmarried font report to comprise multiple times of the same font, encoding the variations between times. In addition to being in a single file, font creators can expose any quantity of version axes that give builders exceptional-grained control on how a font is rendered. These may be wellknown variations like font weight (font weight 536 looks right? No trouble!) or things that were by no means previously available through CSS (x-height! Serif-length!). In addition to the candy-store opportunities for typography nerds, being able to serve a single report with multiple variants is a main web page weight savings. Dan Callahan is going a lot deeper on the grooviness to be discovered and how Firefox makes it clean to tweak these new custom values.

What's New


  • Support for credit score card autofill has been extended to customers going for walks Firefox within the IT, ES, AT, BE, and PL locales.
  • macOS customers can now manage the tabability of controls and hyperlinks via about:alternatives.
  • To avoid unwanted consequences on websites which specify their personal conduct when urgent shift right-click, Firefox now has a dom.Event.Contextmenu.Shift suppresses event desire to prevent the context menu from performing.


  • YouTube video lists now scroll correctly while navigating with a screen reader.
  • Various protection fixes.


  • Firefox no longer shows its personal display sharing indicator on Wayland laptop environments. The gadget default sharing indicator could be used instead.


  • You can find information approximately coverage updates and corporation specific malicious program fixes within the Firefox for Enterprise 117 Release Notes.


  • Web compatibility inspection has been more suitable with our new CSS compatibility tooltip in the Developer Tools Inspector. An icon is now displayed next to homes that could cause net compatibility issues. When hovered, the tooltip suggests which browsers are not supported and shows a hyperlink to the MDN page for the belongings so the consumer can learn extra approximately it.
  • console.Clean() no longer clears the Console output if the "Enable persistent logs" choice is enabled.

Web Platform

  • Support for improved CSS nesting is now enabled by using default.
  • Firefox now helps RTCRtpScriptTransform.
  • ReadableStream.From is now supported, allowing creation of a ReadableStream from an (async) iterable.
  • Firefox now supports the maths-fashion and math-depth CSS houses and the font-length: math cost.

Previous Release Notes:

  • Sidebar switcher allows customers to get admission to Bookmarks, History and Synced Tabs panels without difficulty, speedy transfer between them, move the sidebar to any other aspect of the browser window, or close the sidebar. Now, keyboard users could be capable of do all of it quite simply too, with or without any assistive generation running, without having to memorize keyboard shortcuts to get right of entry to these panels.
  • When an update is available in English locales, users will now have get entry to to the release notes in the update notification activate inside the form of a "Learn More" hyperlink.
  • It is now possible to duplicate any record from your running machine and paste it into Firefox.
  • You requested, and we listened! The extent slider is now to be had in Picture-in-Picture.
  • We brought the possibility to edit existing textual content annotations.


  • The add overall performance of HTTP/2 has been considerably improved beginning with Firefox a hundred and fifteen.Zero, particularly on those with a better bandwidth delay product (i.E., networks characterised with the aid of both excessive bandwidth and excessive latency).
  • Various safety fixes.


  • The keyboard shortcut to reopen closed tabs (command shift t) now reopens final closed tab or remaining closed window, inside the order gadgets had been closed. If there aren't any tabs or home windows to reopen, this command restores the preceding consultation. This alternate is in anticipation of upcoming modifications to these days closed tabs.

Mozilla Firefox 113.Zero release notes


  • Say hi there to more suitable Picture-in-Picture! Rewind, test video period, and resultseasily switch to complete-screen mode at the web's maximum popular video web sites.
  • Firefox's deal with bar is already a exceptional place to look for what you're looking for. Now you'll continually be able to see your web search terms and refine them at the same time as viewing your search's outcomes - no extra scrolling needed! Also, a brand new end result menu has been delivered making it simpler to get rid of history results and disregard subsidized Firefox Suggest entries.

  • Private home windows now shield users even better via blocking off third-birthday celebration cookies and storage of content trackers.
  • Passwords automatically generated by way of Firefox now encompass special characters, giving customers more steady passwords via default.
  • Importing bookmarks from Safari or a Chrome-based totally browser? The favicons for those bookmarks will now additionally be imported by default to cause them to simpler to perceive.
  • Firefox 113 now helps AV1 Image Format files containing animations (AVIS), enhancing help for AVIF snap shots across the internet.
  • The Windows GPU sandbox first shipped within the Firefox a hundred and ten release has been tightened to enhance the safety benefits it presents.
  • A thirteen-yr-old feature request became fulfilled and Firefox now helps files being drag-and-dropped without delay from Microsoft Outlook. A special thanks to volunteer contributor Marco Spiess for supporting to get this throughout the end line!
  • Users on macOS can now access the Services sub-menu directly from Firefox context menus.
  • On Windows, the elastic overscroll effect has been enabled via default. When -finger scrolling at the touchpad or scrolling on the touchscreen, you may now see a bouncing animation when scrolling beyond the edge of a scroll container.
  • Firefox is now available inside the Tajik (tg) language.

Firefox 113 introduces a redesigned accessibility engine which appreciably improves the speed, responsiveness, and balance of Firefox whilst used with:

  • Screen readers, as well as positive different accessibility software program;
  • East Asian input strategies;
  • Enterprise unmarried signal-on software; and
  • Other applications which use accessibility frameworks to access facts.


  • Various safety fixes.
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