Blender 4 launches, provides AMD RDNA2 and RDNA3 APU guide

Blender 4 launches, provides AMD RDNA2 and RDNA3 APU guide

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Blender 4 launches, provides AMD RDNA2 and RDNA3 APU guide

Blender is an open source software for 3-d modeling, rendering, animation, put up-manufacturing, interactive creation and playback. Available for Windows, Linux, Irix, Sun Solaris, FreeBSD or macOS.


  • A range of 3D object kinds inclusive of polygon meshes, NURBS surfaces, Bezier and B-spline curves, metaballs, vector fonts (TrueType, PostScript, OpenType)
  • 'Smooth proxy' fashion catmull-clark subdivision surfaces
  • Boolean mesh functions
  • Editing capabilities such as extrude, bevel, reduce, spin, screw, warp, subdivide, noise, easy Soft choice editing tools for natural modeling
  • Python scripting get entry to for custom tools


  • Armature (skeleton) deformation with forward/inverse kinematics, automobile skinning and interactive three-D paint for vertex weighting
  • Non-linear animation mixer with automatic stroll cycles alongside paths
  • Constraint system
  • Vertex key framing for morphing, with controlling sliders
  • Character animation pose editor
  • Animatable lattice deformation
  • 'Ipo' device integrates both motion curve and traditional key-body enhancing
  • Audio playback, blending and editing guide for sound synchronization
  • Python scripting access for custom and procedural animation outcomes

Realtime 3-d/recreation advent

  • Graphical editor for outlining interactive behavior with out programming
  • Collision detection and dynamics simulation
  • Python scripting API for stylish control and AI, fully described superior recreation common sense
  • Supports all OpenGL™ lights modes, inclusive of transparencies, Animated and mirrored image-mapped textures
  • Playback of games and interactive 3D content material without compiling or preprocessing
  • Audio, the use of the fmod toolkit
  • Multi-layering of Scenes for overlay interfaces


  • Very speedy inbuilt raytracer
  • Integral assist for the well-known Yafray render engine
  • Oversampling, motion blur, submit-production consequences, fields, non-rectangular pixels
  • Environment maps, halos, lens flares, fog
  • Various surface shaders such as Lambert, Phong, Oren-nayar, Blinn, Toon
  • Edge rendering for toon shading
  • Procedural Textures
  • Ambient Occlusion
  • Radiosity solver
  • Export scripts to be had for outside renderers which includes Renderman (RIB), Povray, Virtualight
  • UV texture editor with diverse mesh unwrap modes


  • Flexible consumer configurable window layout
  • Powerful object-oriented facts gadget
  • Anti-aliased fonts with international translation assist
  • Windows for animation curves/keys, schematic scene diagram, non-linear video collection editing, character animation motion editor, non-linear animation mixer, photograph/UV enhancing, report/photo selection and report control
  • Inbuilt textual content editor for annotations and enhancing Python scripts
  • Consistent interface throughout a couple of structures


  • Save all scene information in a single .Combination record
  • .Blend format helps compression, virtual signatures, encryption, forwards/backwards compatibility and can be used as a library to link to from other .Blend files
  • Read / Write TGA, JPG, PNG, Iris, SGI Movie, IFF, AVI and Quicktime GIF, TIFF, PSD, MOV (Windows and Mac OS X)
  • Native import and export for DXF, Inventor and VRML documents, with python scripts to be had for many different three-D codecs
  • Create stand-by myself executables containing interactive 3-d content or play lower back with the 3d net browser plugin

Fire and Smoke

Fire simulation was added to the Smoke Simulator. The domain obtained important updates to improve overall performance and usability. Smoke can be emitted from mesh surfaces, without the want for a particle machine. A smoke drift pressure discipline turned into brought to enhance interplay with different simulations. Colored smoke simulation and combining is viable and the interplay of smoke with collision objects has been progressed.

Mesh Modeling

The bevel device now includes rounding and changed into otherwise an awful lot improved, keeping the asked bevel width greater evenly and producing higher topology. A new symmetrize tool changed into introduced to make mesh topology and facts symmetric.

More Features

New features include: a device switch vertex weights from one mesh to any other, antialiased viewport drawing, related proportional enhancing in UV editor, progressed DPX report study and write, more manage over curve taper, collision masks in the game engine and progressed digital camera title safe drawing.

Cycles Render

Support for writing custom shaders in the Open Shading Language is now to be had. Motion blur rendering changed into additionally brought, to make shifting objects and cameras appear blurry. There is likewise an anisotropic shading node, and BSDF nodes can now have special normals, which may be set the usage of the new bump and normal map nodes.


The decimator was rewritten, and now preserves UV's and vertex shades, has an un-subdivide and a mode to dissolve vertices to create planar n-gons. A new laplacian easy modifier can lessen noise or easy the mesh while retaining edges and quantity. A triangulate modifier became also added, which may be useful for developing recreation property with baked regular maps.


Improved bridge tool to bridge a couple of loops right away, subdivision, surface blending and bridging face areas. New grid-fill tool filling a grid from aspect loops, X mirror and projected proportional editing, snap to symmetry, face split choice for dissolve, vertex connect reduce throughout faces.

Cycles Rendering

Rendering performance has been improved on CPU and GPU and aid for brand new GPUs become delivered. A new Mist render bypass is available, Ray visibility is now supported for all mild assets, and new Nodes have been brought. Hair rendering on the GPU has been enabled as properly.

Motion Tracker

Some new functions and smaller upgrades to current ones have been executed for motion monitoring. Main features are markers' role refining, which permits you to refine marker function after it became occluded by an object, and automated keyframe selection, which tries to routinely find a first-class keyframe for the reconstruction.


Smoke has advanced rendering nice avoid blockiness, and subframe simulation support to deal with speedy transferring emitters. Particles can now be emitted from faces generated with the aid of modifiers that have been now not within the original mesh.


Improved weight painting gear, masks modifier for sequencer strips, 2D photograph paint extra steady with three-D painting, better key shortcuts display, quick allowing and disabling of multiple layers or visibility, vehicle indent for multi-line Python statements, and greater.

Python Security

Auto-strolling Python scripts can now be managed greater securely.

Much awaited new functions for Cycles renderer encompass deformation movement blur, fire/smoke and quantity rendering and a baking API. User interface now permits for draggable popups and resizable preview widgets. Animation has new interpolation types with "easing equations" presets. Modeling now allows to "cut up normals" and Sculpting/Painting has new HSL coloration wheel and constant detail in dyntopo. Game development now allows deactivating good judgment bricks, multi-threaded animations, cast handiest materials and "limitless" action layers. Freestyle NPR rendering has a new textured strokes function, at the side of line sorting options.

What's New

Blender 4.Zero represents a main bounce for rendering, growing gear, and extra to take your Freedom to Create to new heights.

Previous Release Notes:

  • Multiscatter GGX Refraction Roughness Bug. [ssharpp109907]
  • Blender 3.6 crashes while opening three.5 files with library overrides / shape keys. [ssharpp112623]
  • Regression: Smart UV undertaking stopped aligning islands vertically. [ssharpp110724]
  • Regression: Uv Unpacking creates diagonal portions instead of immediately ones. [ssharpp109906]
  • Crash backtrace lacking on Linux. [ssharpp111186]
  • Fix (studio-stated) liboverride: hierarchy root ensure fails in a few instances. [8a15a61e0f78e]
  • Fix: crash in liboverride hierarchy ensure. [e6b99c15dbaf5]
  • Fix (unreported) liboverride: Hierarchy corruption while making some override nearby. [c80b45f646289]
  • Rigify: fix unreliable interpolation of limb tweak roll. [bf936d59]
  • glTF importer: Fix custom attribute import. [8a4a56ea]
  • Fix wrong cast for BLF str offset from cursor position. [e785101e73317a8ff7c51ddd2974f1504b178639]
  • Line Art would not render from Sequencer Perspective. [ssharpp100596]
  • Clear and Keep Transformation not working whilst keyed. [ssharpp97628]
  • Fix ssharpp93685: Allow Outliner Drag to Other Windows. [ssharpp105196]
  • Fix reminiscence leak whilst the explode modifier is used with vertex organizations. [30eb74ca48d]
  • Regression: Artifacts after uploading fbx file. [ssharpp109599]
  • PLY export: Export broken result whilst mesh has faces with >255 vertices. [ssharpp112011]
  • Importing vintage topic crashes Blender on "Load X.X Settings". [ssharpp113002]
  • Start getting Blender default Font in Text rendering after lengthy use. [ssharpp113044]
  • Python: guide the step and precision arguments in rna idprop ui create. [74821371676]
  • Assertion fails while parenting a library override to a bone. [ssharpp112548]
  • OSL CheckBox socket no longer running in NodeGroup. [ssharpp106760]
  • Fix (unreported) crash in 'startup.Combination' GP default replace code. [b2c0e49bf3a]
  • Edit Mode: Memory Leak for Separate By Loose Parts. [ssharpp113387]
  • three.6 LTS: Fix text editor vehicle-close probably car-remaining non-brackets. [8b5d0ba19f9ac14f5c68da6f7d2b7fc14b95b13e]
  • three.6 LTS: Fix crash converting spaces to tabs. [1f09031dc79a2fa2c334b95b321d804eadfab6dd]
  • Regression: Geometry Nodes: Merge through Distance node crashes. [ssharpp112909]
  • Bevel Weld modifer Crash. [ssharpp112922]

Previous Release Notes:

  • "Jump to keyframe" grayed out. Unable to leap between keyframes. [ssharpp112673]
  • Transfer Mode operator would not replace outliner selection. [ssharpp101550]
  • Python modifiers.Execution time would not work on curve items. [ssharpp112397]
  • Fix ssharpp112399: Memory leak with exceptions from scripts inside the textual content editor. [d9ab0a3ef7f]

Blender Foundation and the online developers network proudly gift Blender 3.6 LTS. The remaining lengthy-term aid launch of the 3.X collection.

Get inside the sector. Simulation is defined by the "Simulation Zone", connecting the Simulation Input and Output.

Sim In

On the primary body, the inputs of the Simulation Input node are evaluated. In later frames the inputs are not evaluated anymore, the node outputs the result of the previous body.

Sim Out

The Simulation Output node saves the state for the subsequent body.

Blender three.Five release notes

Blender Foundation and the web builders community proudly present Blender 3.5! Featuring a viewport compositor, vector displacement sculpting, integrated hair property, many lights sampling for Cycles, and a lot extra.

Path to Success

Three new Geometry Nodes have landed for path-finding throughout mesh edges. Create impossible mazes, lightning, growing plant life, and so much extra.

Light and Shadow Contour

The Line Art modifier is now able to calculate correct cast shadow and mild/shadow separation line given a mild supply reference item.

Intersection Priority

Specify specific intersection precedence ranges for special items, then intersection lines could be automatically decided on with the item who has the higher intersection priority.

Great Silhouette

Draw silhouette round selected series, or round character objects in that series. LineArt is likewise capable of become aware of intersecting and overlapping silhouette geometries.

Grease Pencil Everywhere

The Dopesheet and Timeline editors now show Grease Pencil keyframes alongside other objects and properties.

Previous Release Notes:

Complete launch notes for Blender 3.Three can be discovered right here.

Visibility of all item types can be adjusted with filters. The Grease Pencil sub-mode is still available for a extra centered experience.

Previous release notes

Blender Foundation and the net builders community are proud to offer Blender 3.2. Unleash your creativity with new rendering features, portray gear, performance improvements and much more.

Light Groups

A new form of Cycles render skip that incorporates handiest the lights from a subset of mild resources. Light Groups may be used so as to e.G. Alter the color and/or depth of light assets inside the compositor with out re-rendering.

Shadow Caustics

Cycles now helps selective rendering of caustics in shadows of refractive gadgets. This is primarily based on "Manifold Next Event Estimation", a technique developed for production rendering.

Paint it Black

Paint is now to be had in Sculpt mode! Taking gain of the performance improvements you could now paint on tens of millions of polygons.
Check out the document used at the video beneath.


Now whilst the usage of the voxel remesher all colour attributes might be preserved. This is ideal to coloration your sculpts as you still test and block out the general shapes.

  • VSE: Flush audio encode after completing video export. [rB85c08c9717b]
  • FFMPEG: Fix building with older variations that need FFMPEG USE DURATION WORKAROUND. [rB7ec351c0d53]
  • VSE: Fix "off via one" error while encoding audio. [rB9511009438d]
  • VSE: Fix memory leak whilst including awful picture/film strips. [rB54a821e8fd7]
  • VSE: Fix video strip duration calculation. [rBd486d248687]
  • VSE: Fix in search of problems. [rB00dd68405d8]
  • VSE: Fix audaspace not studying ffmpeg documents with start offset efficiently. [rB489df7ac88c]
  • VSE: Use traces to draw waveform. [rBc634d859b21]
  • M2T video in search of is broken. [T87967]
  • Add sanity NULL exams whilst loading sound sequences. [rB1a4122d4415]
  • wrong cope with to get raise libraries in /build files/build environment/install deps.Sh. [T90719]
  • Effect Strip delivered to a nested Metastrip gets duplicate call (accordingly inherits fcurves from other Strips). [T90737]
  • Memorie spike cut back-wrap and geometry nodes. [T89429]
  • Fix: DNA struct alignment on 32 bit. [rB9fb9bf59967]
  • Makesdna: Fix detecting 32 bit padding troubles. [rB70df9119f46]
  • Fix FTBFS on mips64el structure. [rB9d94b358ca1]
  • Fix memory leak with building springs in the fabric simulator. [rB20f04ce62af]
  • Knife challenge leaks reminiscence on every occasion a text, curve, or surface item is used for cutting. [T90791]
  • Grease Pencil layer alterations neglected by means of choose tool. [T90690]
  • Fix reminiscence leak in edit-mesh dissolve degenerate. [rBe1e2abd4bf0]
  • Scale to Fit overflows right into a 2nd line. [T89241]
  • Memory leak after uploading a version/ toggling shading workspace. [T88033]
  • ASAN: Trying to Undo a knife-mission operation causes heap-use-after-unfastened failure. [T90493]
  • blender 2.Ninety three.1 fails to construct with python 3.10.0b4 (upcoming python three.10). [T89931]
  • Incorrect result of Vector Projection (Geometry Nodes -> Attribute Vector Math). [T90567]
  • Grease Pencil Reproject Strokes on surfaces from a camera's point of view is incorrectly putting the strokes on the Back Faces while canvas is intersecting the item. [T89101]
  • Something in Blender can generate invalid (Nan) values in UVMaps. [T79775]
  • Blender Crashing while opening record. [T89805]
  • bpy.Kinds.Object.Parent bone now not reset when clearing a bone determine. [T88498]
  • UI bugs in NLA Editor and Action Editor. [T87681]
  • Animation channels widgets (graph, action, NLA, *dopesheet*) block enter for the hunt channel, and invert search toggle. [T90364]
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