Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty GPU Benchmark

Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty GPU Benchmark

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Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty GPU Benchmark

Today, we are analyzing GPU overall performance in the Phantom Liberty update for Cyberpunk 2077. The sport has gone through enormous updates for the new DLC. The myriad modifications and upgrades version 2.Zero gives are too large to detail here.

However, a few highlights for PC gamers involve the fixed AMD SMT aid that CD Projekt Red added with help from AMD. While we are not delving into CPU performance nowadays, we're evaluating using 7800X3D.

We also see the introduction of Nvidia DLSS three.5, which supports ray reconstruction. However, enabling it requires course tracing, limiting its cutting-edge application. Nevertheless, it is interesting to look it integrated. Make certain you do not pass over our particular feature discussing DLSS three.5.

There's a great deal to discuss, however for this feature, we need to zero in on GPU overall performance. Let's dive right in. For testing, we used a saved game set in Dogtown, and the benchmarking basically occurs indoors for the reason that place appears particularly resource-intensive.

For this take a look at, every pass lasts 30 seconds, and we are reporting the average from 3 runs. We benchmarked the sport the usage of the 'Ray Tracing: Ultra' preset, alongside the 'Ultra' and 'Medium' presets. All three had their upscaling methods manually switched off. We targeted on resolutions of 1080p, 1440p, and 4K, so, as always, there may be a wealth of data to peruse.

As noted earlier, we used a Ryzen 7 7800X3D check gadget with 32GB of DDR5-6000 CL30 memory. The show drivers is find have been Game Ready 537.42 and Adrenalin Edition 23.Nine.2. Now it is time we leap into the records, so let's do it…

Benchmarks: Ray Tracing

Let's start with the ray tracing outcomes. We selected the ray tracing ultra preset as it activates reflections, offering an top-rated ray-traced revel in in the sport. At 1080p, you can count on approximately 104 fps from the RTX 4090 the usage of this preset without upscaling. This is absolutely sturdy performance, specially thinking about this is the 4090 we are discussing.

The 4080 manages 77 fps, then sixty seven fps with the 4070 Ti, at the same time as the 3090 Ti slightly surpasses the 60 fps mark. The RTX 4070 achieved round 51 fps, outperforming AMD's flagship as the 7900 XTX averaged forty seven fps, accompanied via 40 fps from the 7900 XT.

If you personal a Radeon GPU, your alternatives for enabling ray-traced effects on this recreation will likely be confined. The 7800 XT barely done 30 fps, positioning it along the RTX 4060 and making it less strong than the previous generation RTX 3070.

Further, relying on upscaling might not appreciably enhance this, and FSR at 1080p is substantially subpar. While we don't propose using DLSS at this sort of modest decision, it is a most desirable choice. For those wearing an RTX 3070 Ti / 4060 Ti or a slower GPU, it might be sensible to lessen the RT results or perhaps disable RT totally. Doing so would probable grant higher overall performance at 1440p the use of the 'Ultra' preset. We'll explore this quickly.

Now, let's verify ray tracing performance at 1440p. Here, the RTX 4090 averaged a mere 70 fps, rendering the 4080 to about 49 fps. Utilizing DLSS upscaling will become quite appealing here, and it operates successfully at 1440p.

Next, the preceding generation RTX 3090 Ti carried out a median of forty two fps, accompanied intently by the 4070 Ti at 39 fps. Both the RTX 3080, 7900 XTX, RTX 4070, and 3080 Ti hovered across the 30 fps mark. Subsequent GPUs in our check fell quick for gaming at 1440p with ray-traced reflections enabled, specially whilst the use of the extremely RT preset.

Currently, we're not in an era where 4K ray tracing at this intensity is feasible with out closely leaning on upscaling. For attitude, the RTX 4090 added a modest 36 fps, which, whilst juxtaposed with the 23 fps from the RTX 4080, appears noteworthy. Yet, past these figures, the outlook is grim, in spite of DLSS upscaling. The gaming experience on the RTX 4070 Ti, for example, is less than ideal from our attitude.

Benchmarks: Ultra Quality

It's time to examine overall performance using the 'Ultra' first-class preset. Please note that via default, this preset makes use of FSR 2.1 exceptional, which we've got disabled as we need to show outcomes for the advertised resolutions.

Contrary to the ray tracing results, wherein the Radeon GPUs confronted massive demanding situations, the 7900 XTX indicates brilliant performance at 1080p, rendering 184 fps, narrowly surpassing the 4090. The 7900 XT lagged in the back of the 4080, being nine% slower; but, it changed into additionally 7% speedier than the 4070 Ti.

On the alternative hand, the older 6950 XT ought to best fit the 3080 Ti, being simply three% faster than the 7800 XT, which turned into on par with the 6900 XT. Both the 6800 XT and 3080 stood neck-and-neck at 122 fps, even as the RTX 4070 and 7700 XT have been evenly matched.

In fact, most of the examined GPUs achieved impressively at 1080p using the extremely preset. The RTX 4060, as an instance, clocked in at 70 fps, while the RX 7600 excelled with seventy seven fps. Even venerable units like the 5700 XT done nicely, averaging 68 fps, matching the 6650 XT and GTX 1080 Ti.

The RTX 3060 controlled to average slightly above 60 fps, even as the RX 6600 just neglected the mark. The 3050 displayed regular overall performance at 45 fps, and unsurprisingly, the 6500 XT underscored its reputation as one of the least magnificent GPU releases of the past decade with a trifling 24 fps and complicated 1% lows because of its 4GB VRAM buffer.

Increasing the decision to 1440p presents a clearer perception into the capabilities of the GeForce RTX 4090. Averaging one hundred forty four fps, it changed into 14% faster than the 7900 XTX. Though no longer a huge margin, this changed into an obtrusive improvement over the 1080p outcomes.

For the 7900 XTX, being slightly in the back of the 4090 isn't regarding. In reality, its 10% advantage over the RTX 4080 is a greater considerable fulfillment for the Radeon GPU. Conversely, the 4080 was 10% faster than the 7900 XT. However, considering its charge tag is sort of 40% better, this will be viewed as a victory for AMD.

In terms of pricing, the 7900 XT competes with the 4070 Ti, wherein it outperformed by way of eleven%. We then observed the 7800 XT handing over overall performance in line with the 6950 XT and RTX 3090, that's spectacular. Similarly, the 7700 XT performance become on par with the RX 6800 and RTX 4070, showcasing a effective final results for AMD.

However, overall performance drops beneath 60 fps when considering additives just like the 6750 XT and 4060 Ti. The RX 7600 performed 48 fps, at the same time as the RTX 4060 secured only forty three fps, barely lagging in the back of the GTX 1080 Ti. The previous generation 5700 XT controlled a trifling 37 fps, aligning with the overall performance of the RTX 3060 and 6600 XT. Unfortunately, the RTX 3050 underperformed, and the 6500 XT encountered significant problems.

Increasing the decision to 4K exerts huge pressure on these GPUs. Even the sturdy RTX 4090 didn't surpass the 60 fps mark by way of a huge margin, registering a median of 75 fps. While not perfect, the gameplay remained smooth and visually attractive.

The 7900 XTX hovered around 64 fps, being 15% at the back of the 4090 however 14% beforehand of the RTX 4080. The 7900 XT, averaging 50 fps, equated with the 3090 Ti. Consequently, it slightly edged out the 3090 and became nine% quicker than the 4070 Ti.

Descending to the 6950 XT and 7800 XT, we recorded overall performance figures nicely beneath the 60 fps mark, at forty three and 41 fps respectively. Such performance ranges recommend a potential compromise in first-class, even if thinking about upscaling.

Benchmarks: Medium Quality

Time for the medium preset. Once again, FSR 2.1 is enabled mechanically. However, this time the FSR quality stage is ready to automobile, meaning consequences ought to range. We have manually disabled FSR for native resolution to make sure constant testing.

With the medium high-quality preset, the 7900 XTX executed 218 fps at 1080p, slightly outpacing the RTX 4090 and 4080, each of which were CPU constrained. The 7900 XTX additionally confronted CPU obstacles, however Radeon GPUs generally tend to have more flexibility in this regard due to decrease overhead.

The 7900 XT reached 191 fps, a four% development over the 4070 Ti and a 14% improvement over the 3090 Ti. The 3090 Ti, 6950 XT, and 7800 XT each passed 160 fps.

An exciting assessment is the 6800 XT in opposition to the RTX 3080. With these settings, the Radeon GPU changed into eleven% faster, positioning the 3080 carefully with the RX 6800 and 7700 XT. The 4060 Ti exhibited performance just like the 6750 XT, both slightly outperforming the older RTX 2080 Ti. This older GPU was greater aligned with the RTX 4060, 3060 Ti, and the RX 7600, which averaged ninety five fps.

The GTX 1080 Ti achieved 81 fps, setting it simply in advance of the 3060 and RX 6600. The 5700 XT managed sixty eight fps, nonetheless a playable price. The RTX 3050 also supplied a playable experience with a median of fifty six fps. As for the 6500 XT, it could be satisfactory at the lowest settings, however the average gaming experience is much less than most efficient.

Moving to 1440p decision, the RTX 4090 starts to shine. Averaging 192 fps, it became 22% faster than the 7900 XTX. Meanwhile, the Radeon GPU held an eight% side over the 4080.

Further within the listing, the RTX 3090, 6900 XT, and 7800 XT hovered between 113 - a hundred and fifteen fps. This places the 7800 XT in a good light, although it's best eight% faster than the 6800 XT.

The 6800 XT held an 8% advantage over the RTX 3080. Both GPUs carried out well at those settings. The 3080 matched the 4070, putting them barely in advance of the 7700 XT and RX 6800.

Following them, there is a mild dip in overall performance with the RTX 3070 Ti and 3070, which barely outperformed the 4060 Ti and 6750 XT.

Both the RX 7600 and RTX 4060 finished a decent 60 fps. Beneath them, the GTX 1080 Ti controlled 56 fps, slightly in advance of the 6600 XT and 6650 XT. Notably, the 6500 XT struggled in this take a look at.

At 4K resolution using the medium preset, the RTX 4090 still added an excellent 106 fps, yet again outpacing the 7900 XTX by means of 22%. The Radeon flagship averaged 87 fps, 12% faster than the 4080 and 24% faster than the 7900 XT, which scored 70 fps.

Not a ways from the 60 fps mark, both the 6950 XT and RTX 3090 performed admirably. The 3090 Ti took a mild lead with sixty seven fps. The 7800 XT and 6900 XT had been near behind, simply below 60 fps, as have been the 3080 Ti and 6800 XT. The RTX 3080 almost matched the 6800 XT at 4K, though the Radeon GPU maintained a minor 4% advantage.

Falling nicely beneath 60 fps, the RTX 4070 accomplished 49 fps, the 7700 XT published forty eight fps, and the RX 6800 hit forty six fps. There's a extra suggested performance decline with the 3070 Ti, 3070, 2080 Ti, and 6750 XT.

In this tier, the overall performance of the current technology 4060 Ti, 4060, and RX 7600 became significantly constrained. Beyond this factor, the gameplay enjoy will become considerably compromised.

What We Learned

For years, Nvidia has been showcasing Cyberpunk as one of the prime examples for its hardware-elevated ray-tracing era. Three years after the sport's launch, this stays as genuine as ever. Version 2.0 of Cyberpunk introduces ray reconstruction, a feature presently exceptional to Nvidia RTX GPUs.

Nvidia's focus has certainly reaped benefits, as RTX GPUs excel whilst ray tracing is enabled in Cyberpunk 2077. This superiority is obvious in lots of eventualities, however while maximum games employ ray tracing results extra conservatively to maintain overall performance, the effect on Radeon GPUs becomes less giant.

However, enabling ray-traced reflections, sun shadows, and neighborhood shadows critically handicaps Radeon GPUs, rendering them nearly unusable inspite of upscaling. Conversely, most GeForce GPUs regularly depend upon huge upscaling. For instance, at 1440p, only the RTX 4090 manages to stay independent of upscaling, averaging 70 fps.

The more budget-friendly RTX 4070 Ti, which stays a top class presenting, reaches just 39 fps at 1440p. Thankfully, DLSS capabilities correctly at this decision. When high-quality upscaling is enabled, the average frame charge surges to seventy one fps, imparting a exceptional gameplay revel in, albeit now not at high refresh fees.

Now, you could enable body technology when you have an RTX 40 series GPU, which bumps the perceived body charge as much as one hundred thirty fps for the 4070 Ti, and whether or not or not this is a superb result will rely upon you. Personally we are no longer enthusiasts of ways frame generation feels, and thinking about its very latency touchy, we'd instead not use it. But it is an impressive era all of the equal and it is superb to have options.

Achieving even 60 fps using upscaling at 1440p becomes a challenge past the 4070 Ti. The RTX 4070, for instance, falls brief, needing a discount in ray tracing pleasant and leading to a dwindled revel in.

Therefore we consider that ray tracing genuinely shines by and large at the RTX 4090, 4080, and perhaps the 4070 Ti. For any GPUs under that tier, we'd lean in the direction of prioritizing a high refresh fee revel in. As an instance, with the ultra ray-tracing preset at 1440p, blended with DLSS best, the RTX 4070 barely reaches a mean of 60 fps. However, the use of simply the 'Ultra' preset with DLSS first-class results in an average of 123 fps, which we discover notably extra fun.

The 7800 XT also gives promising overall performance with 89 fps at local 1440p, or 106 fps with FSR 2.1 high-quality enabled. Curiously, FSR would not scale as correctly with the RDNA 3 GPU. We suspect a motive force-associated issue, but nevertheless, 106 fps is a marked improvement over figures with ray tracing enabled.

But of course, we would like to hear your opinion on this. If you own an RTX 4070 or a slower version, what level of ray tracing are you using? Do you think it's really worth the exchange-off in performance when switching from the Ultra preset to the Ultra Ray Tracing preset?

Bottom line, Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty is nicely-optimized for the PC platform. Players aiming for 1440p with the ultra preset and content material with roughly 60 fps will find a plethora of appropriate mid-variety GPUs from both cutting-edge and previous generations. This assessment does not even account for the capacity benefits of upscaling. Additionally, the game affords an appealing visible revel in on the medium excellent preset, with stellar performance as well.

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