Intel Arc A580 Review: A new $a hundred and eighty GPU

Intel Arc A580 Review: A new $a hundred and eighty GPU - Intel arc a580 review a new $180 gpu gaming - Intel Arc A580 price

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Intel Arc A580 Review: A new $a hundred and eighty GPU

The Intel Arc A580 is the most recent graphics card of the Arc A-series, primarily based on the Alchemist GPU architecture. Essentially, you're getting all of the equal current capabilities you get with the A750 consisting of AV1 encoding, XeSS aid, and ray tracing, at a more low-cost price factor, and that's cool.

Granted, the A580 is going to be greater lower priced than the A750, however it is also going to be slower, but with any luck no longer a great deal slower. Without query it'll be much quicker than the horribly gradual A380 that we checked out a 12 months in the past – it's a great deal closer to the A750 in specs and they percentage the same silicon, together with the A770.

The Arc A580 packs 3072 shader units, 192 TMUs and 96 ROPs. That's 14% fewer shader devices and ROPs while in comparison to the A750, but the same variety of TMUs. As a side note, it's 3 instances greater shader gadgets, TMUs and ROPs than the A380.

Another downgrade whilst compared to the A750 is a 33% discount in L2 cache at eight MB, however apart from that, they're very comparable. In reality the A580, A750 and 8GB A770 all feature the identical memory configuration right down to the remaining detail. That approach the A580 comes with 8GB of GDDR6 memory working at sixteen Gbps on a 256-bit huge memory bus for 512 GB/s bandwidth. The A580 additionally supports the overall x16 PCIe four.0 interface and features a TDP of one hundred seventy five watts.

In phrases of performance, the Arc A580 shouldn't be that lots slower than the A750, which is a good component given Intel has set the MSRP at $180. That's simply $forty less than the outgoing A750 pricing today, nearly a 20% bargain. The cognizance of this evaluation although may not be with the A750, rather the more applicable competition within the Radeon RX 6600 and (we wager) the GeForce RTX 3050.

The Radeon RX 6600 is particularly relevant due to the fact it may be had for $210 right now while the maximum low cost RTX GPU, the 3050 usually costs quite a chunk extra, although we're seeing extra reductions currently losing down to round $230. That said, we realize the RTX 3050 is commonly slower than the RX 6600, so even at $230 it's now not a outstanding deal.

Usually for a review we might consist of greater than a dozen GPUs for evaluation, but for this one we did not have long with the cardboard, so we decided to check a number of more moderen video games, comparing the A580, 6600 and 3050. That means all of the statistics for this content material is 100% clean.

For checking out we're the use of our AMD Ryzen 7 7800X3D test device with 32GB of DDR5-6000 CL30 reminiscence, the contemporary show drivers have been used for all 3 GPUs, and resizable BAR was enabled as it really is the default setting for this hardware configuration. In overall we have a dozen video games to move over, tested at each 1080p and 1440p, along side some overclocking and power intake figures, so let's get into it…


First up, we have The Last of Us Part I. The overall performance isn't always particularly favorable for the Arc GPUs, mainly the A580, which best finished 41 fps at 1080p and 19 fps at 1440p the usage of the excessive preset, even though Intel promotes this as a fantastic 1080p gaming GPU. In assessment, the RTX 3050 become 20% quicker at 1080p, and the RX 6600 outpaced it with the aid of a vast 44%.

Intel has mentioned that they've addressed the Arc's subpar performance in "The Last of Us Part I" with their October 4th driving force update. However, those upgrades didn't make it to the A580's launch motive force. They assert the imminent A580 driver will include those changes.

Next, we have the distinctly famous Baldur's Gate 3. The A580 fares higher here, even though there have been some minor frame pacing discrepancies as compared to the RX 6600. However, on the entire, the performance became similar between the two GPUs, allowing the A580 to surpass the RTX 3050 via a widespread 29%.

In Resident Evil four, the A580 held its floor, outdoing the RTX 3050 by 17% at 1080p and trailing the RX 6600 by using simply 10%. Achieving seventy five fps at 1080p the use of the "prioritize pix quality" preset is a positive final results.

In The Callisto Protocol, the A580 delivered relatively aggressive consequences, matching the RX 6600 at each tested resolutions. This made it 22% quicker than the RTX 3050 – a sturdy overall performance for Intel.

Starfield proved to be any other tough title for the Arc. The A580's overall performance here changed into critically missing, underscoring some worries with Intel's Arc GPUs. While the A580's displaying on this recreation become suboptimal, Intel insists this has been rectified of their cutting-edge motive force. However, those enhancements weren't part of the A580's initial driving force launch, which seems like a enormous oversight. While we have witnessed stellar performance from Arc in a few games, there are instances wherein it significantly underperforms, as is obvious here. For evaluation, the RX 6600 executed forty seven fps at 1080p the usage of the medium preset, while the A580 lagged at the back of with only 16 fps.

Surprisingly, Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart stands out as a sturdy overall performance title for the A580. In this game, it considerably outperformed both the RX 6600 and RTX 3050, producing 32% greater frames at 1080p and forty five% greater at 1440p. Given its die size and power consumption, which we'll address shortly, we feel that we must see greater performances like this from Arc GPUs, specifically the A580.

In Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, the A580 showcased its strength, overshadowing the RTX 3050 with the aid of 23% at 1080p and matching the overall performance of the RX 6600 – any other astounding end result.

Hitman 3 is yet any other title wherein the A580 shines. Here, it equaled the RX 6600 at 1080p and handed it through 10% at 1440p, achieving a decent common of 75 fps.

While the performance in F1 23 wasn't stellar, the A580 nonetheless managed a commendable displaying, delivering 121 fps at 1080p and ninety five fps at 1440p. This put it inside the identical ballpark as the RTX 3050, in particular on the 1440p resolution. However, it trailed the RX 6600 via 20% at 1080p. Still, the general performance changed into respectable.

The outcomes for Forza Horizon 5 had been promising. The A580 leaned extra toward the RX 6600's performance instead of the RTX 3050's at 1080p, with a mean of 88 fps. This made it 15% slower than the RX 6600 however a stable 24% quicker than the RTX 3050. Moving to 1440p, the A580's performance surpassed the RTX 3050 by means of 31%, and its improved reminiscence bandwidth allowed it to rival the RX 6600.

The A580 showcased its prowess with Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty. It marginally outperformed the RX 6600 at 1080p and bested it through a striking 19% margin at 1440p. In the equal vein, the A580 became 31% faster than the RTX 3050 at 1080p and surged beforehand with a tremendous 42% lead at 1440p.

Concluding with Spider-Man Remastered, the A580 continued to affect, outpacing the RX 6600 via four% at 1080p and eleven% at 1440p. Given those metrics, it's no surprise that it also easily outclassed the RTX 3050.

12 Game Average (and 10 Games, too)

Here's an exam of the 12-recreation average, which takes into consideration the lackluster performance observed in The Last of Us Part 1 and Starfield. Intel has stated these troubles can be addressed with the A580's subsequent driving force replace. We'll should watch for that release to determine the volume of the enhancements.

From the records, the A580 was 12% slower than the RX 6600. Given that it's expected to be priced 14% less, this discrepancy may be affordable, but we will delve into that shortly. On the brighter side, the A580 outperformed itself through 10%, which is effective for Intel. However, this also underscores the RTX 3050's subpar overall performance.

Moving to 1440p, the A580 changed into 9% slower than the RX 6600 but 12% faster than the RTX 3050. While Intel guarantees enhancements for issues observed in The Last of Us Part 1 and Starfield, the modern-day information still as it should be represents the A580's overall performance. We've noticed beyond instances in which Arc GPUs underperformed. But for the sake of discussion, let's remember with the exception of the ones video games.

When doing away with The Last of Us Part 1 and Starfield from the common, the A580 and RX 6600 perform comparably at 1080p. This positioning renders the A580 a vast 22% quicker than the RTX 3050 at this decision.

At 1440p, Intel's new Arc GPU outpaces the RX 6600 via 7% and the RTX 3050 with the aid of 30%, showcasing a strong performance for the A580.

Ray Tracing Performance

Turning to ray tracing benchmarks, with the ray tracing preset in Resident Evil 4, the A580 executed an average of 66 fps at 1080p. This made it 6% faster than the RX 6600 and 18% quicker than the RTX 3050.

In Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty, we utilized the medium ray tracing preset, which proved challenging for these GPUs, even when considering upscaling. The A580 edged out the RTX 3050, but the normal performance left plenty to be desired.

For Spider-Man Remastered, all three GPUs done admirably. The A580 held its ground, rivaling each the RTX 3050 and RX 6600.

Power Consumption

A outstanding downside of the A580 is its energy consumption. When benchmarked in opposition to the Radeon and GeForce contenders, our take a look at machine's energy usage surged by 35% with the A580. This represents an approximate boom of eighty watts, often for diminished overall performance.

Further concerning is the idle power draw, which saw a rise of at least 50%. Whereas the RX 6600 and RTX 3050 registered around 80-90 watts, the A580 approached a hundred thirty watts. This large soar is regarding, and it stays uncertain if Intel can deal with this with future driving force updates.


Now here's a quick review of the overclocking overall performance of the A580. Out of the box, it normally operated at 2.Four GHz, and we managed to boom this to two.6 GHz with none balance problems. It's important to note that that is based on a unmarried pattern, so the general overclocking capacity of the A580 stays undetermined at this juncture.

In our exams with Cyberpunk, handiest a minor boom in frame fees turned into discovered, indicating that the center clock velocity won't be the principle bottleneck on this situation.

On the alternative hand, Hitman 3 showcased a extra first-rate eleven-12% performance enhance relying at the resolution. However, it is really worth bringing up that GPUs just like the RX 6600 and RTX 3050 can also be overclocked, contingent at the pleasant of the silicon, so this does not always deliver the A580 a significant benefit.

For Spider-Man Remastered, the overclock yielded a modest 6-10% overall performance improvement depending at the decision, which aligns with expectations for this kind of slight overclock.

Testing Against More GPUs

To upload context, although we were restrained via time and could not benchmark in opposition to a wide array of GPUs, we did control to check the RX 7600, RTX 4060, and A750 for reference.

At 1080p in F1 23, the A580 lagged behind the A750 via 14%, the RTX 4060 by way of 30%, and the RX 7600 by means of 37%. Currently, the RX 7600 is available for around $250, which makes the A580 28% less luxurious. In this unique example, the RDNA three-primarily based 7600 offers advanced cost, especially for the ones aiming to game at 1440p.

The A580 exhibited extra competitive results in Hitman three, trailing the A750 through just 9% at 1080p and 12% at 1440p. Considering its rate point of $180, it's anticipated to be nearly 20% more low-cost than the modern-day A750 pricing. In contrast to the RX 7600, the A580 became 20% slower at 1080p and lagged the RTX 4060 through 26%. In this context, the A580 offers affordable fee towards these newer AMD and Nvidia fashions.

What We Learned

So there you have got it, Intel's most recent Arc A580 GPU priced at $180. While it is neither bad nor amazing, it does stand out as some distance as GPU opinions pass this yr. The urgent question then will become, need to you buy it? … and the answer to that is, a totally long "it relies upon" with most paths alas leading us to conclude "no".

The troubles with the Arc A580 are as follows: it calls for resizable BAR to paintings effectively and proper resizable BAR assist can be an problem for older structures, the kind of structures which are probably in want of a new sub-$200 graphics card. But if you can deal with the want for Resizable BAR guide, every other issue might be power consumption. Compared to the Radeon RX 6600, for instance, the A580 is commonly slower at the same time as consuming extensively more electricity.

There's additionally the difficulty of performance, and even as pretty exact for the most component, we've frequently determined Arc GPUs to be a piece inconsistent, both in terms of fps performance and stability. To be honest to Intel although, they've demonstrated a strong commitment to making Arc higher over the past year and seem like operating as tough as ever to make the assignment work.

So whilst we are assured they may maintain to enhance, usually speakme at this factor in time Radeon and GeForce are a safer wager for keeping off issues.

Keeping all of that during thoughts, we're no longer certain the A580 is going to be reasonably-priced enough at $180, given Radeon 6600's are sitting at $210. While that's a nice 14% bargain for what is frequently similar performance when things are operating as predicted, we suppose you would want at minimum that form of gap given the drawbacks just referred to.

We often say Radeon GPUs want to be at the least 15% less expensive than their GeForce competitors as they often eat greater electricity, are weaker for ray tracing, and FSR is an inferior upscaling and body era technology to DLSS (for now). But AMD Radeon show drivers had been first-rate for us with the RDNA 2 and 3 generations, arguably better than Nvidia as we've got had a ways fewer issues with multi-display setups to cite one instance.

So if we were given the choice of owning and gaming with either the Arc A580 at $one hundred eighty or the Radeon 6600 at $210, we might likely go together with the Radeon GPU everytime and we would likely check out the Radeon RX 7600 as some models have dropped as low as $240, and that's a extra usable product in our opinion, in spite of the 8GB VRAM problem.

The Intel Arc A580 is actually a decent offering, and at $a hundred and eighty it's far from a awful purchase, we are simply not certain we're geared up to roll the dice on Intel yet. They've come an extended way in a brief time frame, however there may be a chunk more work in advance before they could element with my money.

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