DbVisualizer Pro 12.1.2 Win / Mac / Linux Database Manager


A program designed for database management and maintenance. DbVisualizer has many features, one of which is the ability to "Monitor Changes in Information" that allows you to monitor any changes at any time, and finally the user can view the results and based on them statistics and database metrics. Create data.

Some features of DbVisualizer

  • SQL Tools : SQL editor with autocomplete, SQL standard, SQL format, visual query, command line interface explanation and interface.
  • Database Browser: Ability to look up a tree in database objects and display different objects side by side.
  • Object Management : the presence of visual tools for managing database objects, the ability to edit, collect and implement operations, functions, triggers, etc.
  • Spreadsheet Manager: Spreadsheet spreadsheet editor including binary/BLOB and CLOB data types, ability to import data from Excel and CSV files.
  • Output : The ability to generate output from database and spreadsheet objects in the form of CREATE / INSERT, CSV, XML and other formats, as well as support for the creation of a large amount of data output.

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DbVisualizer Pro 12.1.2 Win / Mac / Linux Database Manager