Passmark PerformanceTest 10.1.1006 Display hardware information

Passmark PerformanceTest

Very simple but effective software Benchmark displays all system hardware components in real time. This program can be entrusted with creating the most optimal conditions and efficiency of the hardware system, and sometimes it is necessary to perform simple tasks that will increase the efficiency of the system. 2D and 3D graphics card testing, all processor parts testing, RAM testing and testing, motherboard testing all parts, hard drives testing, optical disc readers and almost all hardware components is the first feature that Passmark PerformanceTest provides with clarity.

Of course, many features are included in PerformanceTest. A very interesting appearance environment is also included in the program, which displays all the information and its efficiency by moving the mouse over each of the available components. This tool can be a good choice for users who are concerned about the efficiency of the system and its components. Efficiency
  • CPU Information Display
  • 2D & 3D Graphics Card Test
  • Hard Disk Test
  • RAM Memory Test
  • >
  • Optical Disk Readers Testing and Testing
  • Support for Multi-Core Processors
  • Beautifully Graphic Display of Information
  • Graphs Exceeding Speed ​​and Data Transfer to Hard Disk < / li>
  • Ability to store tests in formats such as HTML, text, ...
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      Passmark PerformanceTest 10.1.1006 Display hardware information