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Mozilla Firefox 101.0.1 Win / Mac / Linux Browser Mozilla Firefox -

Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox is a powerful and secure browser with many features and fast speed. The new version of this browser is twice faster compared to previous versions and consumes less RAM up to about 30%. The popular Mozilla Firefox browser is on par with other world-class browsers like Internet Explorer and Opera, and perhaps better in some ways due to its high quality and performance. The ability to open all windows as tabbed browsing under a single Firefox window The ability to block pop-up ads is one of the features of this browser. High security and preventing spyware and spies from entering your system is the superior feature of this software.
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Process Lasso Pro Improve Windows Speed -

Process Lasso

An application program that uses a unique new technology that allows you to increase the responsiveness and stability of your computer. Windows, by design, allows programs to own your processor without any restrictions, eventually causing your system to lock or hang. Lasso software balancing technology intelligently adjusts the running priority of programs to prevent abnormal behavior by these programs or excessive use of system resources by active processes to your ability to control and use system problems.
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Opera 88.0.4412.27 Win / Mac / Linux + GX Gaming Browser Opera -


The Opera browser is used for general Internet applications such as browsing the web, receiving and sending email messages, managing communications, RCC online chat, downloading bit torrents, and reading web feeds. Opera is available for free on computers, mobile phones, and tablets. Opera was launched as a research project at Telenor, Norway's largest telecommunications company. The main components of Opera are tab-based browsing, small features and page zoom, a variety of mouse pointer skins, and an integrated load management section. In terms of security, Opera has internal protection against phishing attacks and software called malware, as well as the ability to stay safe when browsing websites and delete personal information such as cookies.
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Revo Uninstaller Pro 5.0.3 + Android Complete removal of software in Windows -

Revo Uninstaller

A fully professional program that can display all programs installed on the system to all users. This screen, which is located in several different modes, shows you different information. Some of this information can also be accessed through the dropdown menu. Another feature of the program is the hunter mode. This highly flexible mode offers you the ability to disconnect, remove, and deactivate from Autonomous mode with just one click. Just be aware that other programs you have installed on your computer may have problems deleting the remaining files. Then delete the selected files at your own discretion.
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Microsoft Edge Browser 102.0.1245.33 Win / Mac / Android Microsoft Edge -

Microsoft Edge

After putting in a lot of effort, Microsoft replaced the Edge browser with Internet Explorer, but despite Firefox and Google Chrome, it still couldn't find a place among Internet users. Finally, Microsoft decided to revive the Microsoft Edge browser with a Chrome kernel similar to Google Chrome. The high speed is one of the strengths of the Edge browser and the shortcoming that was noticed from the previous version is compensated for in this version it supports various and widely used plugins, which, despite the Chrome core, can download and install Google Chrome plugins from the Chrome store on world wide web.
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XMedia Recode Convert video and audio formats -

XMedia Recode

A fully useful conversion program that supports dozens of video formats as well as specific portable video formats. This program has a simple user interface but don't let its simplicity confuse you. This software is very powerful, works in various formats and has full settings for video conversions that support the smallest details. XMedia Recode also has a built-in video player to preview the videos that are selected for conversion. It is very easy to work with this program, just open the files you want and select the output format according to your needs. You can also use a number of select videos and click start button.
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AnyDesk 7.0.10 Win / Mac / Linux / Android Windows Remote Control -


AnyDesk is an application that allows you to control another computer remotely. AnyDesk helps users bring remote and online support services to their friends, acquaintances, and customers to their computers and solve their software problems. AnyDesk is also very compact and portable and does not require any special settings and configuration to communicate with the system.