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Glary Malware Hunter Pro protects Windows from malware -

Glary Malware Hunter

is a program to find and delete dangerous files on Windows and protect your system from viruses and other threats. Scanning hair makes you scan faster. Glary Malware Hunter detects malicious files on Windows and removes malicious content. Malware Hunter provides complete software against all kinds of threats, protects your information and privacy, and ensures your Windows is virus-free.
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Glary Utilities Pro for Windows -

Glary Utilities

is a set of system utilities to stabilize, speed up, repair, and protect your PC. Glary Utilities allows you to delete redundant files, invalid registry keys and all traces left by your web browsing. With this program, you can also manage and clean the browser, analyze used hard disk space and identify duplicate files on the system. In addition, the program contains items to optimize memory, find, repair and delete invalid Windows shortcuts, manage programs that start at system startup, and uninstall programs.
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Windows 11 Manager 1.1.1 Manage and improve Windows 11 -

Windows 11 Manager

Powerful software to improve Windows speed, improve Windows startup and shutdown speed, repair parts of Windows, scan hard disk for duplicate files and system, fix potential problems, improve Windows 11 security etc. as a result of better system performance Run Windows in your activities. Windows 11 Manager contains tools dedicated to hard disk analysis, registry, drive integration, and registry.
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StartAllBack Replaces the Start Menu in Windows 11 -


is an application program to replace the start menu in Windows 11. When working with Windows 11, you will notice a significant change in its user interface, which is the change of the start menu of this Windows with the appearance of the Start menu in Windows 10 or 7, and since Many users of Windows from the first versions. From Windows to this extensive list. AccessA may be dissatisfied with this new Start menu and is looking for a way to restore the previous menus, StartAllBack helps you easily fix that and reset the most useful start button to Windows 11.
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Microsoft Edge Browser 102.0.1245.39 Win / Mac / Android Microsoft Edge -

Microsoft Edge

After putting in a lot of effort, Microsoft replaced the Edge browser with Internet Explorer, but despite Firefox and Google Chrome, it still couldn't find a place among Internet users. Finally, Microsoft decided to revive the Microsoft Edge browser with a Chrome kernel similar to Google Chrome. The high speed is one of the strengths of Edge browser and the lack seen in the previous version has been compensated for in this version it supports various and widely used plugins, which, despite the chrome kernel, can download and install Google Chrome plugins from the chrome web store. there.
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Google Chrome Browser 102.0.5005.115 Win / Mac / Linux Google Chrome -

Google Chrome

Google Chrome is an open source Internet browser provided by Google. Google Chrome is based on the open source WebKit browser. Google Chrome features include tabbed browsing and similar privacy features in Windows Explorer and Speed ​​Dial in Opera browser. This super fast browser from Google, like the Google site, has a very simple appearance. One of the advantages of Google Chrome is the presence of a section called Task Manager or Process Manager in this Internet browser, which allows the user to manage open tabs and loaded plugins.
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Mozilla Firefox 101.0.1 Browser Win / Mac / Linux Mozilla Firefox -

Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox is a powerful and secure browser with many features and fast speed. The new version of this browser is twice faster compared to previous versions and consumes less RAM up to about 30%. The popular Mozilla Firefox browser is on par with other world-class browsers such as Internet Explorer and Opera, and perhaps even better in some ways, due to its high quality and performance. The ability to open all windows as tabbed browsing under a single Firefox window and the ability to block pop-up ads is one of the features of this browser. High security and preventing spyware and spies from entering your system is the best feature of this software.