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K-Lite Codec Pack Mega 16.3.0 Player and Video Codec -

K-Lite Codec Pack

The video player, which contains the necessary codecs to play a variety of audio and video formats, so that after installing this package you can play (play) most audio and video clips (WMA, AAC, AC3 and M4A, MP2, OGG, DivX, AVI, WMV, RM, MOV, MP4) on your system. The K-Lite Codec Pack also installs Media Player Classic during installation, which you can use to play audio and video files instead of all players in the system.
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NoxPlayer Win / Mac Android Emulator on Windows and Mac -


A useful program for Android fanatics that allows you to run Android apps and games in full screen mode on Windows. With this software, you can test and use Android apps in your Windows system without having to have an Android phone or tablet. This means that you can enjoy the software running on your desktop, just like you were working on your mobile phone.
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Wise Care 365 Pro Windows Optimization -

Wise Care 365

is a collection of applications for the registry, disk, and other parts of Windows. This software is very easy to use and has effective results which is a good solution to improve the performance of your computer. Cleaning, merging and optimizing the registry, consolidating and freeing up hard disk space, protecting privacy, recovering lost data, hiding files or folders, preventing unauthorized use of personal applications, automatically shutting down the computer, freeing up memory, etc. are part of the features offered by this software to users.
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Mozilla Firefox 89.0.2 Browser Win / Mac / Linux Mozilla Firefox -

Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox is a powerful and secure browser with many features and fast speed. The new version of this browser is twice faster compared to previous versions and consumes up to 30% less RAM. The popular Mozilla Firefox browser is on par with other world-class browsers like Internet Explorer and Opera, and perhaps better in some ways due to its high quality and performance. The ability to open all windows as tabbed browsing under a single Firefox window The ability to block pop-up ads is one of the features of this browser. High security and preventing spyware and spyware from entering your system is the superior feature of this software.
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Display Driver Uninstaller Remove Graphics Card Driver Completely -

Display Driver Uninstaller

Usually after software drivers are removed and reinstalled (to update drivers) not all residual effects in the registry and system subdirectories are removed, mainly because Windows Uninstaller is unable to remove them. Offer Driver Uninstaller is the ultimate solution to locate and remove fully installed drivers (AMD, NVIDIA, Intel graphics cards) leaving all traces of it in the Windows registry and subdirectories.It helps a better and higher graphics card and system.
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Glary Malware Hunter Pro Protect Windows against malware -

Glary Malware Hunter

is an application to find and delete dangerous files on Windows and protect your system from viruses and other threats. Scanning hair makes you scan faster. Glary Malware Hunter detects malicious files on Windows and removes malicious content. Malware Hunter provides complete software against all kinds of threats, protects your information and privacy, and ensures your Windows is virus-free.
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Glary Utilities Pro Optimize Windows -

Glary Utilities

is a set of system utilities to stabilize, speed up, repair, and protect your PC. Glary Utilities allows you to delete redundant files, invalid registry keys and all traces left from your web browsing. With this program, you can also manage and clean the browser, analyze used hard disk space and identify duplicate files on the system. In addition, the program contains items to optimize memory, find, repair and delete invalid Windows shortcuts, manage programs that start at system startup, and uninstall programs.