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CrystalDiskInfo 8.12.10 Displays hard disk information and specifications -


A useful and free program to monitor the health of a hard disk (HDD / SSD) and display accurate and complete information about the hard disk drives installed on the computer (flash, temperature, serial number, model, total working time is the standard interface) . CrystalDiskInfo also lets you see how often your hard drive has been turned on. This program monitors the status of hard drives using SMART technology and provides you with an overview of the drive's health. Viewing parametric SMART attributes such as error reading, playback, spindle start and end, seek time, number of on/off cycles, and errors are other features of CrystalDiskInfo.
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StartAllBack 2.9.91 replaces the Start Menu in Windows 11 -


is a Windows 11 Start Menu replacement application program. When working with Windows 11, you will notice a significant change in its user interface, which is the change of the Windows Start Menu with the advent of the Windows 7 Start Menu, and since many Windows users who have access to this widely used menu since older versions of Windows may be dissatisfied with this new Start menu and are looking for a way to restore the previous menus. StartAllBack helps you to easily fix that and reset the most useful start button to Windows 11.
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Windows 10 Manager 3.5.6 Manage and Optimize Windows 10 -

Windows 10 Manager

An effective and applicable program to improve Windows speed, improve Windows startup and shutdown speed, repair parts of Windows, clean hard disk from duplicate files and system, fix potential problems, improve Windows 10 security and as a result, it works Windows better in your activities. Windows 10 Manager contains tools dedicated to hard disk analysis, registry, drive integration, and registry.
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Google Chrome Browser 94.0.4606.81 Win / Mac / Linux Google Chrome -

Google Chrome

Google Chrome is an open source Internet browser provided by Google. Google Chrome is based on the open source WebKit browser. Google Chrome features include tabbed browsing and similar privacy features in Windows Explorer and Speed ​​Dial in Opera browser. This super fast browser from Google, like the Google site, has a very simple appearance. One of the advantages of Google Chrome is the presence of a section called Task Manager or Process Manager in this Internet browser, which gives the user a format for managing open tabs and loaded plugins.
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LastPass Password Manager -

LastPass Password Manager

is a password manager for Internet applications You no longer have to worry about forgetting the passwords of different accounts that you have on different sites. LastPass supports popular browsers such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Edge, Chrome and Opera and allows you to enter any password on the Internet only once! You can choose highly reliable passwords, as LastPass stores them on your server and automatically fills in the fields related to your username and password on visits to the requested sites.
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Passmark PerformanceTest 10.1.1006 Display hardware information -

Passmark PerformanceTest

Very simple but effective software Benchmark displays all system hardware components in real time. This program can be entrusted with creating the most optimal conditions and efficiency of the hardware system, and sometimes it is necessary to perform simple tasks that will increase the efficiency of the system. 2D and 3D graphics card testing, all processor parts testing, RAM testing and testing, motherboard testing all parts, hard drives testing, optical disc readers and almost all hardware components is the first feature that Passmark PerformanceTest provides with clarity.
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Display Driver Uninstaller Remove Graphics Card Driver Completely -

Display Driver Uninstaller

Usually after software drivers are removed and reinstalled (to update drivers) not all residual effects in the registry and system subdirectories are removed, mainly because Windows Uninstaller is unable to remove them. View Uninstaller is the ultimate solution to identify and remove fully installed drivers (AMD, NVIDIA, Intel graphics cards) with all effects left in the Windows registry and subdirectories.It helps a better and higher graphics card and system.