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Microsoft Edge Browser 94.0.992.37 Win / Mac / Android Microsoft Edge Chromium Browser -

Microsoft Edge

After putting in a lot of effort, Microsoft replaced the Edge browser with Internet Explorer, but despite Firefox and Google Chrome, it still couldn't find a place among Internet users. Finally, Microsoft decided to revive the Microsoft Edge browser with a Chrome kernel similar to Google Chrome. The high speed is one of the strengths of the Edge browser and the shortcoming seen in the previous version has been compensated for in this version it supports various and widely used plugins, which, despite the chrome kernel, can download and install Google Chrome plugins from the chrome web store. over there.
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Light Image Resizer Resize images -

Light Image Resizer

Images come in different sizes, this feature sometimes makes us want to resize the current image or images we have to the desired size. To do this, you have to use graphic software such as Photoshop, but since the work can be time-consuming and difficult for some people, many software companies have already designed programs with a clear idea of ​​​​resize images. The company's software, Light Image Resizer, is actually a new version of VSO Image Resizer, which helps you easily organize your images with just a few clicks and create a new size for them. This software can also be used to convert formats, make different copies, and compress images as well.
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CrystalDiskInfo 8.12.9 Displays hard disk information and specifications -


A useful and free program to monitor the health of a hard disk (HDD / SSD) and display accurate and complete information about the hard disk drives installed on the computer (flash, temperature, serial number, model, total working time is the standard interface) . CrystalDiskInfo also lets you see how often your hard drive has been turned on. This software monitors the status of hard drives using SMART technology and provides you with an overview of the drive's health. Viewing parametric SMART attributes such as read error, performance, spindle start and end, seek time, number of starts, shutdowns, and errors are other features of CrystalDiskInfo.
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Passmark PerformanceTest 10.1.11005 Display hardware information -

Passmark PerformanceTest

A very simple but effective program Benchmark displays all system hardware components in real time. This program can be entrusted with creating the most optimal conditions and efficiency of the hardware system, and sometimes it is necessary to perform simple tasks that will increase the efficiency of the system. 2D and 3D graphics card testing, all processor parts testing, RAM testing and testing, motherboard testing all parts, hard drives testing, optical disc readers and almost all hardware components is the first feature that Passmark PerformanceTest provides with clarity.
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PotPlayer 1.7.21555 Professional Multimedia Player -


A free, professional and popular player with nice language support Persian
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Opera 79.0.4143.72 Win / Mac / Linux + GX Gaming Browser Opera -


The Opera browser is used for general Internet applications such as browsing the web, receiving and sending email messages, managing communications, RCC online chat, downloading bit torrents, and reading web feeds. Opera is available for free for computers, mobile phones, and tablets. Opera was launched as a research project at Telenor, Norway's largest telecommunications company. The main components of Opera are tab-based browsing, small features, page zoom, a variety of mouse pointer skins, and an integrated upload management section. In terms of security, Opera has built-in protection against phishing attacks and software called malware, as well as the ability to stay safe when browsing websites and delete personal information like cookies.
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KMPlayer + 2021.9.28.05 Win / Mac Movie Player -


A high-performance, low-volume professional program capable of playing most formats. There are many programs in the field of video playback. But the most important problem that most programs face is that they are relatively heavy and cannot play many formats. KMPlayer with a suitable size is capable of playing almost 99% of audio and video formats. A very simple but at the same time simple program with very high efficiency. Any user who encounters KMPlayer once is sure to always have this program as their first choice. KMPlayer is based on the ability to play any audio and video format. This software enables users to perform any format they want by decoding different formats. VCDs and DVDs can also be played in the best possible quality.