Process Lasso Pro Improve Windows Speed

Process Lasso

An application program that uses a unique new technology that allows you to increase the responsiveness and stability of your computer. Windows, by design, allows programs to own your processor without any restrictions, eventually causing your system to lock or hang. Lasso's software balancing technology intelligently adjusts the running priority of programs to prevent abnormal behavior by these programs or excessive use of system resources by active processes for your ability to control and use system problems.

Process Lasso also provides a set of methods to fully control how your processor handles running different programs. You can choose which processes and priorities you want to run and which processor cores you want to set.

Lasso's practical capabilities
  • Prevent CPU monopoly by certain processes
  • Optimize dynamic priorities for system balancing
  • Processor controllability
  • Save process priorities for future states
  • Save CPU continuity for future states
  • Game mode
  • Restrict Access the program
  • Do not allow programs from execution mode
  • Log all programs
  • Automatic restart of processes if stopped
  • Response rate scheme setting System

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Process Lasso Pro Improve Windows Speed