CPU-Z 1.98 Display CPU information


is a very useful program to display complete information about the CPU in your system. In fact, CPU-Z specializes in and reports on a comprehensive anatomy of your CPU as well as details about your computer's caches (cache) and the motherboard or motherboard. You can use CPU-Z to keep track of the components used in your system. Very important information about the CPU, such as the name of the processor, the brand name of the technology used in your CPU, gives you the speed and amount of cache used in the CPU and so on. On the Cache tab, in this section, you will see the first level cache and the second level cache information, which if you have a dual-core CPU, you can see which caches are used.

Capabilities of CPU-Z

  • Show CPU including type, speed, and amount of cache used
  • Show CPU cache specification and how much cache is used
  • View motherboard specifications including manufacturer, chipset, and model
  • View Bios version specification and build date
  • Graphics card specification and speed < / li>
  • Displays the exact specifications of the RAM used on the system

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    CPU-Z 1.98 Display CPU information