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Mozilla Firefox 103.0 Win / Mac / Linux Mozilla Firefox -

Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox is a secure and powerful browser with many features and fast speed. The new version of this browser is released 2x faster compared to previous versions and less RAM consumption is about 30%. Due to its high quality and performance, the popular Mozilla Firefox browser has been compared to other popular browsers in the world such as Internet Explorer and Opera, and is probably better than them in some features. The ability to open all windows as tabbed browsing under one Firefox window and the ability to prevent annoying ad pop-ups from opening is one of Features of this browser. High security and preventing spyware and spies from entering your system is the best feature of this software.

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Glary Utilities Pro Optimized for Windows -

Glary Utilities

is a set of system utilities to stabilize, speed up, repair, and protect your PC. Glary Utilities allows you to delete unwanted files, invalid registry keys, and all traces left by your web browsing. With this program, you can also manage and clean the browser, analyze used hard disk space and identify duplicate files on the system. After all, this program contains items for optimizing memory, finding, repairing, removing invalid Windows shortcuts, managing programs that start at system startup, and isolating programs.

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Glary Malware Hunter Pro Protect Windows against malware -

Glary Malware Hunter is a tool that finds and deletes dangerous files in Windows and protects your system from viruses and other threats. Scanning hair makes you scan faster. Glary Malware Hunter detects malicious files on Windows and removes dangerous content. Malware Hunter provides complete anti-threat software, protects your data and privacy, and ensures Windows is virus-free.

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Wise Care 365 Pro Optimize Windows -

Wise Care 365

is a set of applications for the registry, disk, and other parts of Windows. This software is very easy to use and has effective results, and it is a good solution to improve the performance of your computer. Cleaning, unifying and optimizing the registry, unifying and freeing up hard disk space, protecting privacy, recovering lost data, hiding files or folders, preventing unauthorized use of personal programs, automatic shutdown of the computer, freeing up memory, etc., are part of the utilities that this program provides to users .

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Wise Memory Optimizer RAM Optimization -

Wise Memory Optimizer

RAM is one of the most vital parts of a computer, the way it works can have a huge impact on the entire system, therefore, improving it can lead to the correct execution of programs and also help increase the speed of Windows a lot. If you are facing the problem of lack of RAM while playing your favorite game or running different programs, Wise Memory Optimizer helps you to allocate the largest available RAM space that can be used for your work. The importance of using Wise Memory Optimizer is apparent when installing it on a relatively old computer. Then you will realize that this software has high capabilities due to its small size.

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XMedia Recode Convert Video and Audio Format -

XMedia Recode

A fully useful conversion program that supports dozens of video formats as well as specific mobile video formats. This program has a simple user interface, but don't let its simplicity mislead you. This software is very powerful, works in different formats and has full settings for video conversions that support the smallest details. XMedia Recode also has a built-in video player to preview the videos that are selected for conversion. It is very easy to work with this software, just open the files you want and choose the output format according to your needs. You can also choose a number of select videos and press the start button.

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Microsoft Edge Browser 103.0.1264.71 Win / Mac / Android Microsoft Edge -

Microsoft Edge

After much effort, Microsoft replaced Internet Explorer with Edge browser, but despite Firefox and Google Chrome, it still could not find a place among Internet users. Finally, Microsoft decided to revive the Microsoft Edge browser with Chromium core, which is similar to Google Chrome. High speed is one of the strengths of the Edge browser, and the lack seen in the previous version has been compensated for in this version, and this is the support for various and widely used extensions, which despite the Chromium kernel, it is possible to download and install Google Chrome extensions from the market Chrome email. Your iPhone may soon show ads

Your iPhone may soon show ads

Apparently, it seems that Apple wants to resort to ways (advertising) to generate income through iPhone phones in the near future, which may be very a... The 48 megapixel camera of the iPhone 14 Pro does not perform well in low light

The 48 megapixel camera of the iPhone 14 Pro does not perform well in low light

As it seems, one of the whistleblowers has spent a lot of time with Apple's iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max. Early reviews show that the iPhone 14... Rum prices will decrease in Q3 2022 despite strong inflation

Rum prices will decrease in Q3 2022 despite strong inflation

Based on forecasts for the third quarter of 2022, consumer prices for widely used DDR3 and DDR4 RAMs may reach 18 percent, while the price of newer DD... A new update to the Fitbit app reveals the Pixel Watch's disappointing battery life

A new update to the Fitbit app reveals the Pixel Watch's disappointing battery life

Google unveiled its new products at its annual developer conference held in May this year, and the Pixel Watch was one of them. In this conference, th...

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