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GPU Caps Viewer 1.56 Graphics Card Detail Check -

GPU Caps Viewer

is a free, small and very useful program for checking and displaying detailed information about graphics card hardware, which you can use to get very detailed information about technical details. and get your computer graphics card specifications.

Category: multi-media - sound-player    |    Added: 2022-08-01    |    View: 30
AIMP 5.03.2397 Win / Android Audio File Play -


is one of the best and most beautiful software for playing music and audio files, which is able to support all music files in different audio formats and play them in a very beautiful environment. With AIMP, you can easily add your desired audio files to the program using add files, add folder, add playlist, and even simple drag and drop methods and then start playing it. AIMP has a very decent size compared to other programs that are made in the field of playing audio files, because most of the beautiful and useful players have very large sizes and take a long time to execute, but this player has the right size with such great features.

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TweakPower 2.023 Free and Powerful Windows Optimizer -


is a powerful and free Windows optimization software, to run at the best speed and efficiency. TweakPower is a smart and problematic Windows protection tool that allows users to modify their operating system and software for optimum performance. The software helps you to run programs faster and to run your games smoother and better. The program allows you to customize the Windows user interface and you can change the colors of some parts of Windows as you wish.

Category: software - optimization    |    Added: 2022-08-01    |    View: 33
Windows 10 Manager 3.6.8 Manage and Optimize Windows 10 -

Windows 10 Manager

A practical and powerful program to improve Windows speed, improve the speed of Windows startup and shutdown, repair parts of Windows, clean hard disk of duplicate files and system, fix potential problems and improve Windows 10 security and, as a result, performance Better for Windows in performing your activities. Windows 10 Manager contains tools dedicated to hard disk analysis, registry, merging drives, and registry.

Category: internet - web-browser    |    Added: 2022-08-01    |    View: 31
Mozilla Firefox 103.0.1 Browser Win / Mac / Linux Mozilla Firefox -

Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox is a secure and powerful browser with many features and fast speed. The new version of this browser has been released with twice the speed than the previous versions and has a lower RAM consumption of about 30%. Due to its high quality and performance, the popular Mozilla Firefox browser has been compared to other popular browsers in the world such as Internet Explorer and Opera, and is perhaps better than them in some features. The ability to open all windows as tabbed browsing under one Firefox window and the ability to prevent annoying ad pop-ups from opening are One of the features of this browser. High security and preventing spyware and spies from entering your system is the best feature of this software.

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FolderSizes 9.5.409 Enterprise Hard Disk Space Management -


is a powerful tool for analyzing and managing hard disk space. FolderSizes provides detailed and detailed graphical reports of the amount of disk space you are using, both instantaneously and dynamically, while scanning your system. You can also use the FolderSizes program to enter any subfolder by double-clicking on the partial list or the schema image entered in depth, allowing you to quickly determine the source of consumption more than the amount of hard disk space you have.

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Display Driver Uninstaller Complete Removal of Graphics Card Driver -

Display Driver Uninstaller

Normally, after removing and reinstalling software drivers (to update drivers), all residual effects in system and system sub-branches are not removed, which is the main reason why Windows Uninstaller is unable to remove them, is Display Driver Uninstaller is an ultimate solution to identify and completely remove installed drivers (AMD, NVIDIA, Intel graphics cards) as well as all residual effects in the registry and sub-branches of Windows, which by selecting and completely removing them will improve efficiency. A better and higher graphics card and system helps. Your iPhone may soon show ads

Your iPhone may soon show ads

Apparently, it seems that Apple wants to resort to ways (advertising) to generate income through iPhone phones in the near future, which may be very a... The 48 megapixel camera of the iPhone 14 Pro does not perform well in low light

The 48 megapixel camera of the iPhone 14 Pro does not perform well in low light

As it seems, one of the whistleblowers has spent a lot of time with Apple's iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max. Early reviews show that the iPhone 14... Rum prices will decrease in Q3 2022 despite strong inflation

Rum prices will decrease in Q3 2022 despite strong inflation

Based on forecasts for the third quarter of 2022, consumer prices for widely used DDR3 and DDR4 RAMs may reach 18 percent, while the price of newer DD... A new update to the Fitbit app reveals the Pixel Watch's disappointing battery life

A new update to the Fitbit app reveals the Pixel Watch's disappointing battery life

Google unveiled its new products at its annual developer conference held in May this year, and the Pixel Watch was one of them. In this conference, th...

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