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K-Lite Codec Pack Mega 16.3.5 Video Player & Codec -

K-Lite Codec Pack

Video player software, which contains the necessary codecs to play a variety of audio and video formats, so that after installing this kit you can play (play) most audio and video clips (WMA, AAC, AC3 , M4A, MP2, OGG, DivX, AVI, WMV, RM, MOV, MP4) on your system. The K-Lite Codec Pack also installs Media Player Classic during installation, which you can use to play audio and video files instead of all the players in the system.
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Microsoft Edge Browser 91.0.864.71 Win / Mac / Android Microsoft Edge Chromium Browser -

Microsoft Edge

After putting in a lot of effort, Microsoft replaced the Edge browser with Internet Explorer, but despite Firefox and Google Chrome, it still couldn't find a place among Internet users. Finally, Microsoft decided to revive the Microsoft Edge browser with a Chrome kernel similar to Google Chrome. The high speed is one of the strengths of the Edge browser and the shortcoming seen in the previous version has been compensated for in this version it supports various and widely used plugins, which, despite the Chrome kernel, can download and install Google Chrome plugins from the existing Chrome web store .
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KMPlayer + 2021.06.24.14 Win / Mac Movie Player -


A professional high-performance program with low volume and capable of playing most formats. There are many programs in the field of video playback. But the most important problem that most programs face is that they are relatively heavy and cannot play many formats. KMPlayer with a suitable size is capable of playing almost 99% of audio and video formats. A very simple but at the same time simple program with very high efficiency. Any user who encounters KMPlayer once is sure to always have this program as their first choice. KMPlayer is based on the ability to play any audio and video format. This software enables users to perform any format they want by decoding different formats. VCDs and DVDs can also be played in the best possible quality.
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Mozilla Firefox 90.0.1 Win / Mac / Linux Browser Mozilla Firefox -

Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox is a powerful and secure browser with many features and fast speed. The new version of this browser is twice faster compared to previous versions and consumes up to 30% less RAM. The popular Mozilla Firefox browser is on par with other world-class browsers such as Internet Explorer and Opera, and perhaps even better in some ways due to its high quality and performance. The ability to open all windows as tabbed browsing under a single Firefox window and the ability to block pop-up ads is one of the features of this browser. High security and preventing spyware and spies from entering your system is the superior feature of this software.
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HDCleaner 2.001 cleans and optimizes hard disk space -


is a software application for cleaning and optimizing hard disk space from unnecessary and useless files, which identifies and deletes temporary and unnecessary files in Windows and Office, removes tracking and cache files from Internet browsers, identifies and removes unneeded values Registry checks and disabling inactive Windows services increase performance and reduce errors and crashes in Windows and other applications. Free, fast and completely reliable, HDCleaner identifies and cleans redundant files completely with your consent and supervision, and by creating multiple recovery points, it allows you to simply go back to the previous state if any problems arise.
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Wise Care 365 Pro Optimize Windows -

Wise Care 365

is a collection of applications for the registry, disk, and other parts of Windows. This software is very easy to use and has effective results which is a good solution to improve the performance of your computer. Cleaning, merging and optimizing the registry, consolidating and freeing up hard disk space, protecting privacy, recovering lost data, hiding files or folders, preventing unauthorized use of personal applications, automatically shutting down the computer, freeing up memory, etc. are part of the features offered by this software to users.
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Notepad++ 8.1.2 A powerful and simple text editor -

++ Notepad

Editor is one of the most important programs on any computer that everyone uses on a daily basis. The most famous and popular editor in Windows operating systems is Notepad, which is certainly familiar to everyone. This small and fast program is available in all versions of Microsoft Windows and with a simple look, it allowed all users to edit texts. But this program is incomplete and has problems, especially for Farsi-speaking users or computer users in general, whose language is right-to-left, and the most important part of the story is that the information is not stored by default in UTF-8, which causes problems arose among Farsi-speaking users who They don't know much about it.

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GlasgowSerial Regular

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Ashcan BB Bold

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Chumbly BRK

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Sever Condensed

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