Trump has sued Twitter, Facebook and YouTube, calling for a

Trump's "freedom of speech" case is likely to be indicted under the First Amendment and Article 230. Today, former President Donald Trump sued Twitter, Facebook, Google, Google and their executives, claiming all three companies are guilty of "unauthorized censorship." that "violated the right to amend the First Amendment." It violates freedom of expression.

Trump's lawsuits are almost doomed to failure. The First Amendment does not require private companies to host speeches - the Constitutional Amendment only places limits on how the government restricts speech. In addition to the First Amendment, US law gives online operating systems immunity from petitions about how users modify submitted content. This law was enacted through Section 230 of the Communications Act of 1996. Despite these two legal hurdles in the Titanic, Trump's lawsuits seek to recover his social media accounts with financial losses from companies and their top executives. i.e. Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, and Google CEO Sandar Pichai. Trump's lawsuits seek to position him as the lead plaintiff, and they claim that CEOs are liable for damages because they are "personally liable" for their companies' "unconstitutional oversight" of Trump and other users. Trump's lawsuits have been filed in the US District Court for the South Florida District. Below are links to complaints against Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

"Andrew J. Schwartzman, Senior," Everything about these complaints is unusual, which is not surprising given Trump's willingness to file unexpected lawsuits. "Trump has asked the court to repeal Section 230," Trump told the Benton Institute for Broadcasting and Society in a statement today.

“We urge [the judge] to order an immediate halt to the illegal and embarrassing censorship of media companies,” Trump said, claiming that the lawsuits could lead to “trillions of dollars in damages.” Trump’s lawsuits are a debate Long standing on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube, each of which "goes beyond the status of a private lawsuit company to a government representative." “Because they are “increasingly engaged in unauthorized censorship to threaten legislative action” and are “willing” to cooperate with federal entities.” He called for orders to prevent companies from using Trump and other users as a “pre-First Amendment obstacle to the right to free speech.” Schwartzman said the argument That social networks are “government actors” not to sue “The fact that platforms speak to the government and even cooperate in bringing down speakers who violate the law or threaten national security does not make them tools of the government. Far from being in the government's pocket, the Department of Justice and the Federal Trade Commission said he's sued Facebook and Google. The difference is that these issues are worth. Trump's petitions also asked the court to declare Section 230 in its face an unlawful mandate. “This is also a long shot because Section 230 has been challenged and approved by the courts multiple times.

While Trump is unlikely to win, Trump and the president are using the case. In a new round of fundraising, emails and texts


Trump's Provocation Ban

Trump's Social Media Provocation to the Provocation that led to his supporters' attack on the US capital on Jan. 6 was blocked in an attempt to defeat President Trump Joe Biden, Trump's lawsuits allege that he "exercised his freedom of expression due to the use of the Constitution." Trump's lawsuits have prompted the court to reinstate his Twitter, Facebook and YouTube accounts as well as "prevent defendants from censoring, editing, and restricting in various ways." President Trump’s posts, and consider them class members.” Several class members have been named in these lawsuits, and this class is said to include US-based users who have been “banned” by three operating systems since June 2018. \

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Trump in one week Only d a US judge in North Florida banned Florida law from forcing social media companies to host politicians' speeches, even when not doing so would violate OS standards, and now - the banned law also imposes restrictions on companies' ability to send attachments with misleading content.

US District Judge Robert Hinkle has found that state law violates the First Amendment rights of tech companies that modify the content of online operating systems, and that if enforced, tech companies will have to "speak out sometimes." And sometimes they are forbidden to speak, all of which is a violation of the Emancipation Provision and the First Amendment.

Computer and Earth Batts from the CCIA, who successfully filed a temporary injunction against Florida law, called Trump's allegations "unfair." Digital services have the right to enforce their own terms of service. The lawsuits will not change the fact that users - even US presidents - must abide by the laws they have agreed to." The CCIA CEO said today. The CCIA, whose members include Facebook, Twitter and Google, said it "supports freedom of expression on the Internet, which includes The right of private companies to meet the expectations of their users about content appropriate for their community.” Trump's propaganda against healthcare professionals Trump made one of his raucous speeches at his press conference, about immigration complaints, court packages and how to deal with them. Medical experts with the coronavirus - which he still calls "the virus" China.” He also alleged that Democrats pressured big tech companies to silence conservatives and curb “what the left has called misinformation.”

“We have seen increased coordination between big tech giants and government organizations like the centers. Trump said:” To control the disease, YouTube policy prohibits any inconsistencies with health officials. You know health authorities - luckily I totally trample on health authorities. If I didn't, we wouldn't have grown up.”

Trump complained that tech companies were using sector 230, saying, "We want to make sure we protect their responsibilities in sector 230. 230" The bottom line has changed and the maximum has been taken “No other company in our country, not even in the history of our country, has ever had such protection,” Trump said of Section 230. Indeed, this is a huge government financial support. The cooperation, coercion, and arming of these companies have been done by state and government agencies to become perpetrators of illegal and unconstitutional censorship.”

The lawsuits against Twitter, Facebook and Google accuse the companies of “improperly relying on Section 230.”

" Law 25 was passed (25 last year, the goal was to protect minors from moving vehicles. The sights on the Internet, and for the growth and development of social media companies, have enabled Twitter to become a business giant that now censor (Flag "Shadow bans, etc.) and restrict freedom of punishment under the constitutional freedom of speech of plaintiffs and members of the so-called class," Trump said in his lawsuit against Twitter. The same paragraphs in his lawsuits against Facebook there are book and YouTube.

" are doomed It should fail “

As the Associated Press wrote today, “Trump’s lawsuits are likely to fail,” said Eric Goldman, a law professor at Santa Clara University in California, who has studied more than 60 similar and unsuccessful lawsuits. about the past few decades that have sought to engage Internet companies in terminating or suspending user accounts.”

The AP Goldman story continues with further analysis:

They discussed everything under The Sun, including the First Amendment, and they didn't do anything.” Maybe he has a trick up his sleeve that makes him file dozens of lawsuits. I doubt at that."

Goldman said Trump might pursue the case instead. “It was always about sending a message to their base that they were fighting on their behalf against the evil tech giants of Silicon Valley,” Goldman said.

As president, Trump unsuccessfully asked Congress to repeal Section 230 and issued an executive order that called, among other things, for the FCC to legally protect technology operating systems to restrict content modification. Biden rescinded Trump's executive order in May.

Trump has sued Twitter, Facebook and YouTube, calling for a "fool" to get back to work.
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