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The offers still leave the toughest cuts to posterity.

The European Union today unveiled ten legislation reforming the European Union's economy in a bid to reduce carbon emissions.

The Green Deal proposal, which relies heavily on renewable energy and electric vehicles, cuts carbon pollution 55% below 1990 levels, with a frontier carbon tariff on imports and taxes on jet and marine fuels. Together, these reforms mark the beginning of the end of fossil fuels in the European Union. “Fossil fuel economy has reached its limits.

Read more Want to offset your carbon footprint? What you need to know here is that “Europe is already moving away from fossil fuels, but it turns out to leaders that this Not happening fast enough. “We are not just facing an industrial revolution. We are also facing the current threat of the climate crisis. You don't have the luxury to say, 'Let's move slowly towards that change,'" Frances Timmermans, Executive Vice President for Green Trade at the European Commission, said at a press conference. We have to do it meticulously.”

The block has now reduced its emissions by 24% below 1990 levels, which took 30 years to achieve. Now, the EU proposes that by 2030 - less than nine years - reduce emissions by another 31% and remove the previous 45% over 15 years, and while future technological developments may help the EU reach zero by 2050, the trend is It will still be a challenge. It is widely understood that the simplest emission reduction is usually dealt with first, creating more unsolvable problems later.

Import Tax

Perhaps the biggest change the law proposes, and what is likely to be, one of the most important challenges facing policymakers in implementing climate programs is what to do about “carbon spills” or pollution associated with imported goods and services. Pollution, which helps pave the way for cheaper, more polluting EU companies and energy-rich countries. However, other poor countries that do not have the capital to improve their energy systems also suffer.

In this prototype, the proposed EU Carbon Limit Adjustment Mechanism includes a shortlist of products, including cement, iron, steel, aluminum and fertilizers. Electricity imported from outside the EU will also be covered. When the system is modified, it is expanded to include more products and services. To address the concerns of its trading partners, the EU says it is "strengthening" its climate diplomacy to facilitate global energy transfers, including financing for poor countries, but the EU is not clear how this happened. These properties likely play an important role in the loss of boundary carbon organization.

Hanging fruit

The rest of the suggestions are more common, with some low-fat fruit, and a large percentage of the spread. To reduce pollution from homes, offices, etc., the European Union urges member states to renovate 3% of building stock each year, or about 35 million buildings by 2030. Also, the grid with 40% of energy from renewable energy by 2030. Another part of The profit from improving energy efficiency in the entire economy will be 36%.

There are some relatively easy transportation goals that can be achieved with cars and trucks. The European Union wants to reduce car pollution by 55% by 2030 and car pollution by 50% by the same date. These might seem offensive targets, but 15% of cars sold in Europe this year were plug-in hybrids or all-electrics. Bloomberg NEF expects battery prices to peak at $100 per kilowatt-hour in 2023, at which time electric vehicles will compete with fossil fuel vehicles. The Trade in 2026 program, which will help reduce vehicle pollution and move consumers toward low- and zero-emission cars and trucks.

Heavier Lifts

However, the proposed EV targets may be the most challenging part for the latter. The European Union says it wants zero emissions for new cars by 2035. While this target is in line with what other countries are committed to, achieving it will be difficult. Governments need to do more than just instigate financial incentives for consumers to buy e-cars — states should support fast charging for road trips, street charging for people living in buildings without parking, as well as solutions for residents of apartments and condominiums with parking.


Read more Rock dust on farms may be a key climate measure among other challenges to the plan: the European Union intends to increase natural carbon. The European Union relies on forests, soils, wetlands and cornfields to remove much of the slack. The consortium proposes receiving another 43 megatonnes of carbon sequestered in natural carbon sinks, up 16 percent from today. Honestly, that's about 1% of the EU's pollution in 2019, before the pandemic. To meet its natural carbon reduction targets, the European Union says it will work to restore landscapes and plant 3 billion trees by 2030. These are commendable targets that provide greater benefits for biodiversity and other natural processes such as water treatment. But we don't fully understand how carbon circulates in many ecosystems, so it's a challenge to evaluate for any project.

The Hardest Parts

Like many climate proposals, draft EU laws have been abandoned. Some of the hardest parts of this problem leave the biggest pollution problem for future generations to solve - an approach previously rejected by the German Supreme Court - and seek to spread aggressively from the aviation and marine industries.

READ MORE Climate freedom law jeopardizes German court rules - but don't think flying is a particular challenge. The plane cannot be too heavy, which refuses today's batteries for maximum use. Future batteries may change the equation, as well as synthetic fuels. But for now, the EU relies on carbon taxes and vague references to "sustainable fuels". The marine industry is doing the same with the European Union in an effort to "promote sustainable marine fuels" by capping and reducing carbon emissions over time. The good news is that the EU intends to apply these restrictions "regardless of its knowledge" to all ships.

Is it aggressive enough?

The EU proposal is bold by today's standards, but it is unclear whether it goes far enough. Climate Action Tracker, a non-profit organization that evaluates country bids, says the EU's target of a 55 per cent reduction by 2030 is "insufficient" and recommends an increase of 65 per cent. Without further ado, the group says the program will leave 7.5 percent of its emissions by 2050.

However, the European Union is offering more than offers from other major exporters such as the United States and China. The US has not announced a plan to reach net zero, although President Biden has said getting there by 2050 is one of his main goals. Meanwhile, China said it would try to get to zero before 2060, but gave no details. The plans of the United States and China to limit global warming to less than 2 degrees Celsius were rated as "totally inadequate" and "extremely inadequate", respectively.

The draft rules are too long. The bloc's 27 member states, as well as the European Parliament, must sign it. There are many differences between EU members, with high carbon countries like Poland likely to resist change.

The comprehensive "Green Deal" promises to reduce carbon emissions in the EU economy
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