Ted Cruz asks how
Senate Republicans also made false accusations against Sean during the hearing. for conservative oversight.

Senators Ted Cruz (Texas) and Dan Sullivan (Alaska) reiterated the arguments previously made by Senator Lindsey Graham (RS.) and his criticism of Sinclair. In Sinclair's case, as we previously wrote, Sean was actually on the side of then-FCC Chairman Ajit Pai. Pi led a unanimous vote in the Federal Communications Commission to block Sinclair's attempt to buy Tribune Media over evidence that Sinclair's merger plan was illegal.

Sullivan and Cruz cited the allegations as evidence they used to censor Sun, Fox News, and the Conservatives. public at the Senate Business Committee meeting yesterday. They did so even though leaders of conservative News networks Newsmax and One America News Network supported Sean's nomination and praised his long-standing commitment to free speech, and he didn't mind as he interrupted several times seven attempts to answer his questions. Sean was falsely accused of "wiping" his Twitter account and then ran out of time. Cruz gave Sean a chance to have his questions answered somewhat, but he also commented on whether the FCC should tweak the big tech.

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before going into more detail. In these exchanges, here is an update on the nomination process. Shortly before yesterday's hearing for Sun's nomination, the Senate Business Committee voted to nominate FCC Chair Jessica Rosnersell for another term on the FCC. The Senate must approve the renomination of Rosen Worcelor to remain on the committee until 2022, and she is expected to clear the case without any problems. Senate nomination yet. The FCC has been at a 2-2 stalemate between Democrats and Republicans throughout Biden's tenure in the White House, but Sean's approval gives Democrats a 3-2 majority. With Rosenworcel re-nominated, he waited two weeks between Rosenworcel's attendance of the Business Committee's nomination session on November 17 and the vote in the committee.

Graham is not a member of the Business Committee, but he promised in a recent tweet. "I will do everything in my power to persuade colleagues on both sides to reject this extremist candidate."

After yesterday's hearing, Sullivan and Senator Tom Telles (the NRP "they" Politico reported was limiting [Shawn]'s nomination - a tactic that would take longer to resolve." Senator TedCruz during a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on October 27, 2021. "src="" alt=" Ted Cruz asks how regular Fox News commentators can trust a candidate Biden at the FCC. Senator Ted Cruz in the Senate. Committee Hearing October 27, 2021. Getty Images | We support censorship of anyone who opposes it, big tech is eagerly taking over, censoring those who oppose it, and government regulators that have the power to facilitate, encourage or even enforce censorship.” “Your record shows deep hostility to those with different views,” Cruz said. “How can you comfort a governor worried about censorship who, if approved, would not use his power as a regulator? government to further censor and silence those who oppose it?"

Son replied. :

I mean, look. t to my record. Look at the conservative cable ducts I've worked with over the years to carry on cable systems, when those systems don't carry them. I have long worked with organizations and companies with whom I strongly disagree - hard-line Republicans, ardent supporters of the former president - and worked with them to get their opinions online. I think I have been unfairly described as an anti-conservative speaker. I think my background says something else.

She criticized Fox News. I'm sure you have my tweets. But it was in the context of the [Senate] meeting where the big tech companies have been blamed for misinformation, because they deserve it… If you want to take a look at misinformation, you have to look at the entire ecosystem — and to be honest not just the Fox News Channel. It also criticized the liberal stations. I'm not a huge fan of the big carryovers in the Kabul news, it's been our American experience and has always been at the heart of my work. I'm proud that some of the more conservative TV channels support my approval, because I've worked with them for years to reach cable subscribers, after operators refused to transfer them. I have also worked with people of color and the LGBTQ+ community to ensure that their voices are reached across different platforms without interference. I have always believed that democracy works best when all kinds of voices can be spoken and heard. Why doesn't Apple Touch return an ID to iPhone?

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