T-Mobile says it's not blocking iCloud Private Relay widely, and blames iOS issue
T-Mobile says the ban should only affect customers who have enabled content filters.

T-Mobile has responded to complaints about blocking iCloud Private Relay on iPhones, saying that the ban only affects subscribers who have parental controls enabled or otherwise. Content filtering types T-Mobile also says it has identified a bug in iOS that could disable special paging settings on iCloud for users, but Apple hasn't confirmed this.

"Customers who choose designs and features using a content filter (such as parental controls) do not have access to a Private iCloud Relay to allow these services to function as designed," T-Mobile told Ars Last. Other clients have no restrictions. This also applies to customers who signed up for Sprint prior to merging businesses.

Customers affected by an iCloud Private Relay block receive an error message when they try to enable Apple's privacy feature, receiving iPhone Settings in the app. "Your mobile plan does not support iCloud Private Relay. By turning off Private Relay, this network can control your online activity and your IP address will not be hidden from trackers or known websites." Yesterday some users discovered that T-Mobile is blocking iCloud Private Relay, which led to speculation that the operator intends to block Apple's privacy feature for all US-based customers. While the ban does not appear to be widespread at the moment, it may affect some users who are not registered to filter content. One Sprint user told us on Twitter that iCloud Private Relay was blocked, even if the filter wasn't enabled on his account, and had to "talk to advanced tech support later" because T-Mobile support told him they "couldn't" open a ticket.

Additionally, the 9to5Mac report notes that "many users we've heard from... have not enabled this content filtering." “

T-Mobile says there is a problem with iOS 15.2

In another response to Ars Today, T-Mobile suggested there was a problem with the default settings in iOS 15.2.” Our team discovered overnight that in iOS 15.2, some devices settings are disabled by default. We shared this with Apple. This is not for T-Mobile. However, we have not generally blocked iCloud Private Relay, we have contacted Apple and will update this article if we receive more information.

iCloud Private Relay is available in beta to prevent network operator oversight on f Internet excellence is designed for customers. "If you turn off Private Relay, network and website providers can control your online activity in Safari," Apple says. T-Mobile. Apparently, when Apple's new privacy feature protects a user's browsing, it cannot block such content.

Possible Solution: "Restrict IP Address Tracking"

An AT&T spokesperson told Ars today that this will not block iCloud Private Relay in any way, even if the filter is enabled for customers. We are still waiting for Verizon's response.

Some AT&T customers tweeted that iCloud Private Relay didn't work on cellular data yesterday. However, some of these Twitter threads report that their issue was fixed by turning on "Limit IP Address Tracking" in the Cellular Data Options section of the iPhone Settings app. “When it is turned off, iCloud Private Relay is also turned off for that mobile provider,” the iPhone says. If you have a problem with iCloud Private Relay, make sure to turn on the "Limit IP Address Tracking" switch.

A Verizon customer who reported a similar issue last month told us that it never clears the content, and Private Relay is now working for it.

Apple says that when iCloud Private Relay is enabled, web requests are sent through two separate secure Internet relays. "Your IP address is visible to your network provider and the first Relay operated by Apple. Your DNS records are encrypted, so no party can see the URL of the website you want to visit." Second, it is managed by a third-party content provider, which generates a temporary IP address, decrypts the name of the website you requested, and links you to the site. Huawei Mate 50 goes to the market with the old Snapdragon 888 chip

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