Google hires consultants to convince employees that 'unions are bad'
NLRB judge orders Google to reveal its secret anti-union project. In the words of a senior executive, Project Vivian aimed to “engage employees in a more positive way and convince them that unions are bad.”

Further study Thousands of Googlers have condemned CEOs' response to sexual behaviour. Harassment complaints Months later, employees began work to improve working conditions for Google contractors and terminate contracts with US government agencies involved in family evictions and separations. The two employees who helped organize the cancellation in 2018 later left the company, saying they faced retaliation. In the end, five employees were fired and two were punished. They filed a complaint with the National Labor Relations Board, claiming that Google violated their protected rights to regulate in the workplace. The NLRB agreed and sued Google in December 2020. Google refused to settle the matter and referred the matter to the NLRB Administrative Court.

Project Vivian was leaked in a judgment issued late last week. By NLRB Administrative Law Judge. In the shocking ruling, Judge Paul Bogas asked Google to turn over hundreds of internal documents related to his anti-union efforts, a second.

Bogas had previously instructed Google to release the documents. Hand it over for this. Examination by a professional trainer in front of the camera, a process that allows another judge to check confidential or sensitive information through it before it is released to the public. Several of the documents relate to Google's collaboration with IRI Consultants, the company the tech giant hired in late 2019. Google has so far refused to provide the documents, claiming that the documents are protected by an attorney-client rating or a product rating of the product.


Bogas did not have that. "This claim is widespread, in benevolent terms, too much," he wrote. It was disputed. Bogas wrote: "Google cannot simply turn the reality of nascent organizational efforts into a 'battle' - like the straw that turns to gold - giving it the right to cover all aspects of its anti-union campaign." Further study by Google The Fed says it illegally spied on and retaliated against workers. Bogas Books: The Social Media Environment.

Many of the documents that Google claims were protected by an attorney-client rating or product product ratings, in fact, communications between non-lawyers and attorneys were only listed as "exact copy" recipients. Without any statement seeking legal advice. He pointed out that: The Islamic Republic of Iran "sent a propaganda message, not legal advice."

Bogas noted that Google's internal notes, supporting IRI's recruitment, do not refer to retaining the company for legal advice, but rather to communications and messages:

Counsel's recommendation to be retained With a consultant: “[H]help us understand current sentiment around Google’s labor/union organizing effort. Identify current stakeholders, risk areas, and efforts. Work with Google stakeholders to create and operationalize an active employee engagement, training, and response strategy.” provides guidance on how to properly interact with Google's executives, leaders, executives, and employees, providing them with the correct information and facts, and being able to actively participate in them."

Other Documents. May qualify for client attorney privileges, but Google I waived these rights when I shared them with IRI, a third party that Bogas says is out of the ordinary.Google has submitted other documents for camera review that have already been edited, and it is impossible to determine whether the attorney-client classification requirements have been met.

< p> Bojas instructed Google to tell him how attorney-client privilege might apply in this case. The disputed documents are based on his findings that any relationship with the Islamic Republic is outside the attorney-client relationship. Google has until January 21st to respond. Why doesn't Apple Touch return an ID to iPhone?

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