Big Tech GOP ignores consumers and instead targets republican

The Republican antitrust plan is all about bias, never mentioning competition.

Yesterday, Congressional Republicans issued an antitrust plan for Big Tech that made clear that their focus was not on promoting competition or minimizing harm to online consumers, but on allegations of "censorship," conservatives.

"Big Tech seeks to attract conservatives" is the first sentence in the Republican Justice Council's agenda for the use of big tech. The opening paragraph of the "Conservative Response" to the tech industry's problems "accelerates and strengthens antitrust enforcement, holds big tech companies accountable for their oversight, and increases transparency around big tech's decisions." There is never the word "competition" in a two-page design. A separate bill, previously passed by House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy, refers to competition, but McCarthy's plan also places more emphasis on alleged bias against conservatives. President Donald Trump is suing YouTube affiliate Twitter, Facebook and Google over the sanctions, claiming that the three companies have been subjected to "unauthorized censorship" that violated the "First Amendment right to freedom of expression" to be responsible. Trump's lawsuit was widely derided by legal experts and nearly failed because the First Amendment does not require private companies to host speeches, and because Section 230 of the Code of Conduct for Online Operating Systems provides immunity from lawsuits. How the user modifies the content offers. Trump's lawsuits allege that he was banned from social media networks "because of the use of the Constitution," when in fact because of incitement that led his supporters to attack the Capitol. The US was banned on January 6th. You are trying to make up for the loss of your election. Social media also regularly corrects Trump's baseless allegations of election fraud and misinformation about the COVID-19 vaccine, which has contributed to a lower vaccination rate among Republicans. While House Republicans claim that anti-conservative censorship is rife on social media, conservatives regularly dominate Facebook's most important posts. Announcement

Possible Censorship Acquisition

The Republican Party said it is pressing the "accountability" section of Big Tech over its legal responsibility for oversight. Operating systems such as Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube are functionally the public arena of the digital age. It is wrong for these operating systems to control and censor speech with impunity. "Republicans have said they are proposing to create a legal basis for Americans to directly challenge Big Tech's censorship and silence conservatives in court."

Details They haven't said more about how they intend to achieve it, but they won't be able to waive support for the First Amendment, which has private business. Last week, a federal judge imposed a Florida law that can make media amendment decisions. The judge found that the law violated the social media companies' First Amendment right to choose host content. , including announcing that bans on politicians were illegal for major social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. A similar law is being considered in Texas this week.

GOP wants Biden fired FTC bureaucrats

The GOP is also trying to oust FTC chief Lina Khan, who was recently appointed to step down by President Joe Biden as the agency's top official. "The current system of dividing antitrust enforcement between the Department of Justice and the Federal Trade Commission ... empowers extremist Biden bureaucrats at the expense of Americans," he said, adding that he wanted to "integrate antitrust enforcement into the Justice Department." , so it is more efficient and responsive. The Republican Party has also said it wants to change Section 230 because "Big Tech has used this protection to decide whether to modify mind-blowing, often in some ways harmful to a conservative voice." The Republicans “said their plan” would ensure that any decision to modify content in good faith is based on objective, rational criteria and according to specific rules.

In its transparency section, the plan's GOP complains that "decisions by big tech companies about people being censored are made in secret" and promises "heavy fines" for companies that don't comply with the proposed requirement that "decisions to modify content and censorship It must be specific and specific to a publicly accessible website.

The Republicans said their plan would also speed up antitrust lawsuits by requiring a faster review of antitrust cases against big tech companies in the lower court. The Supreme Court and a requirement that the Supreme Court act quickly when dealing with these issues, and “allowing [prosecutors to] use the same swift steps in the federal government to ensure a level playing field. Elements p.” Propaganda

Democrats try to boost competition

In contrast, Democrats’ antitrust program focuses Fundamentally to enhance competition to help small businesses and more consumer choices. For example, Democrats' ultimate monopoly law could eliminate tech companies like Amazon for "allowing dominant operating systems to use their control over multiple lines of business to favor themselves and compete through competitors." Eliminate ways that reduce free and fair competition. Democrats are also proposing fines of up to 15 percent on annual revenue for companies that do not comply with the proposed ban on conduct. “The advantage of the products, services or fonts of the platform operator is covered by the business user.” Other Business User's products, services or lines of business are an exception or defect to the Platform operator's offerings; or discriminate against similar business users. "

These and other antitrust bills were approved by the House Judiciary Committee in a two-day session ending June 24. While many Republicans voted against the antitrust bills and some Democrats opposed. The votes were Mostly on the party's side, with Democrats supporting them and Republicans opposed.

Republicans focused on the Democrats' antitrust platform rather than trying to eliminate anti-conservative bias.After the June 24 vote, Republicans on the House Judiciary Committee issued Representatives issued a statement from R-Ohio RF member Jim Jordan, saying: “Big Tech is out to attract conservatives. But rather than address Republicans' concerns about online bias and censorship, Democrats have spent the past two days lobbying for an antitrust constitution that would systematically change the American economy as we know it. We look forward to laws in the coming days that will hold the big tech companies accountable and actually crack down on conservative internet censorship.

Big Tech GOP ignores consumers and instead targets republican "censorship"
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