AT&T/Verizon rejects 5G delay request airlines threaten to cancel mass flight
The fight escalates over the airline industry's unconfirmed claims, and they will use the world's most efficient forces. Restrictions near airports for six months after scheduled publication on January 5. This is in addition to other voluntary restrictions that airlines announced recently, although it has been nearly two years since the FCC decided that use of this range should not interfere with properly designed aircraft altimeters.

"Specifically, for a period of six months, until July 5, 2022, we will use the same C-band radio restricted areas currently in use in France, with slight modifications to reflect brief technical differences in how" Runway C is certified. It will be stationed in two countries.” The effect would be to reduce the C-band signal level by at least 10 times on the runway or during flight. The last mile is the last approach and the first mile after takeoff. All four sides will use “higher levels of US authorized power to adapt.” The carriers noted that "US planes are currently flying in and out. France with thousands of American passengers every day and approved by the Federal Aviation Administration, and that "the laws of physics are the same in the United States and France. If American airlines are allowed to fly to France daily, the same operating conditions must allow them in the United States."< /p>

Meanwhile, a group representing major airlines sent a letter to the Federal Communications Commission threatening a lawsuit, claiming that "thousands of flights" may change to make way. Or it gets canceled every day due to 5G transmission interference. But spectrum is currently used for 5G in nearly 40 other countries, and the FAA has acknowledged that there are no "confirmed reports of harmful interference" in altimeters. Buttigieg on the FAA side

AT&T / Verizon This message was in response to a December 31 letter from FAA Administrator Steve Dixon and US Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg. Dixon and Buttigieg asked AT&T and Verizon to postpone all C-Band business services for another two weeks, until Jan. 19, and wait for the airline industry for further analysis before deploying 5G in a C-Band near airports. AT&T and Verizon have already agreed to a month-long delay in publishing, which was originally scheduled for December 5, 2021. In a letter yesterday, they protested that the new FAA/DOT application "requests us to agree to transfer our oversight. Billions of dollars in investment by companies in 50 unspecified metropolitan areas share US residents' milk with the FAA indicating an unspecified number of months or years."

The FCC approves a 5G network transition in the C-band in February 2020, while requiring limits For power in addition to the 220MHz protection band, it remains unused to protect the altimeters. AT&T and Verizon then spent a total of $69 billion to purchase licenses for the 3.7-3.98GHz C-Band band. Radio altimeters used to determine the altitude range of an aircraft from 4.2 GHz to 4.4 GHz. By 2023. FCC deploying C-Band near airports. The group said that if the FCC does not act by noon on January 3, the group will have to "seek legal or other assistance to prevent immediate and unacceptable safety risks to its members' operations from interfering with radio altimeters." The emergency petition claimed that C-band interference would cause "irreparable damage" and jeopardize the performance of the aircraft's vital safety systems, which in turn shift or cancel thousands of flights each day. Leading to disruptions to millions of flights, major passenger bookings, disruption to air crews, and further disruption to US and global supply chains, "

" is A4A. They're playing stupid games because they waited for the FCC's Dec. 30 shutdown to file a lawsuit. Since the FCC closed on December 31, A4A has said that today [Monday] "they will be appealing, and this will not give the FCC an opportunity to review or respond to the appeal," wrote Harold Field, communications attorney and vice president of the FCC. consumer protection.

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