Intel SGX aging affects DRM and Ultra HD Blu-ray support
Big Picture: Today's technology delivers high-quality videos at the touch of a button. But while streaming is very convenient, factors ranging from superior audio/video quality to the need for physical media due to poor connectivity have kept the Blu-ray community alive and well. Unfortunately, Blu-ray fans using recent Intel hardware have recently received some not-so-great news about 4K UHD Blu-ray support.

A data sheet released by Intel this month provides an in-depth look at the changes to Intel Core processors. This tab details the latest technology and performance of the new processor family, as well as a short list of legacy features. The latest removal list includes Software Protection Extensions (SGX), a requirement for 4K UHD protected content.

Digital Rights Management (DRM) solutions, such as those used in Ultra HD Blu-ray Discs, rely on them. on SGX to facilitate secure communications and computing in a user's system. The elimination of the SGX on Intel's 11th and 12th generation processors means that Intel-based users who use their computers for 4K UHD content will not be able to view the expected 3840x2160 resolution rendered in HD format. Introduced with the Intel Skylake series of processors, the SGX is a proprietary set of security-related instruction codes designed to support secure computing, browsing, and digital rights management. Trusted devices work with SGX to create a secure container or container designed to protect the confidentiality and integrity of any data sent to that secure container. A cryptographic hash is used to validate any interaction with the container and the computational data within it. Under this requirement, no data can be processed by this cipher unless a compatible cipher hash is provided. <b>aging</b> <b>Intel</b> <b>SGX</b> Affects <b>DRM</b> and <b>Ultra</b> HD <b>Blu-ray</b> <b>Intel</b> will not be available, nor will The overall ability to display the format is lost.Based on available information, it appears that 4K formats and data that do not use <b>DRM</b> solutions should continue to perform as expected.If the <b>Blu-ray</b> Disc community decides to remove <b>DRM</b> or other SGX-related protections from its format performance will also be restored.</p> <p> <b>SGX</b> <b>aging</b> and the inability to display 4K UHD format is another thing. A series of DRM-based Alder Lake challenges Weeks after launch, the new processor suite has made a host of PC games protected by <b>DRM</b> is not playable, but as of this month all issues with DRM-based games have been resolved.</p></div><br><div class=Tags: intel, sgx, aging, affects, drm, ultra, blu-ray, support

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