Rocket Report: Virgin Galactic Fly-Free, Blue Origin 'Bet and Lose'

"Blue Origin's culture is based on ignoring the conditions of our planet."

Welcome to Version 4.18 "Rocket Report"! As usual, it's been a busy week in the elevator world, and with September coming to a close, September is coming to an end. Three months to the end of the year, will we see orbital rocket launches in 2021?

As always, readers' submissions are welcome, and if you don't want to miss an issue, please sign up using the box below (the form does not appear on AMP-enabled versions of the site). Each report includes information on small, medium and heavy missiles, as well as a quick look at the next three launches in the calendar. Rocket Report: Virgin Galactic Fly-free, Blue Origin 'Bet and Lose'

The Federal Aviation Administration is authorizing Virgin Galactic to resume flights. On Wednesday, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) announced that it had completed its investigation into the July 11 launch of the Virgin Galaxy spaceShipTwo. "Investigations have shown that Virgin Galactic SpaceShipTwo deviated from its designated airspace upon landing," the FAA said. The FAA also found that Virgin Galactic did not report deviations from the FAA if necessary. Virgin Galactic was not allowed to fly because investigations were ongoing. The FAA has asked Virgin Galactic to make changes to its relationship with the FAA during the flight "a process to maintain public safety. Virgin Galactic has made the necessary changes and can return to flights." And she said it would be bigger" to ensure Virgin Galactic had plenty of protected airspace for a variety of potential flight paths during spaceflight missions.” The company is also taking steps to ensure that notifications are sent to the FAA in real time. Virgin Galaxy also says that its next space flight, Unity 23, will take off before mid-October. The flight will include members of the Italian Air Force. Another thing to watch out for in October: Employee stock options are available in late October. How many people take money and run away? (Provided by rico.j and Ken Bin)

Aerospace CEO says the small launch is "very common". In an interview with SpaceDotBiz, Steve Isakowitz, CEO and CEO of Aerospace, spoke about space markets where he feels supply is outstripping demand, citing the small launch industry. "I think it has been said that so far hundreds of different companies are trying to get into this space. I think there are now less than a dozen companies with serious capital, maybe half of that is potential." In some markets, we're "just going to see oversupply". "The small launch industry is focused on increasing production of small satellites and the desire for special launches," Isakovitz said. But the industry could go in other directions. "We're looking at a lot of smaller satellites, and some of the big questions are whether it's best to integrate this market with larger vehicles or as an after-market for these vehicles," he said.

The Rocket Report: Ars Newsletter The easiest way to learn about Eric Berger's space report is to sign up for his newsletter, we're collecting his stories in your inbox. registration! Honda produces a small, reusable rocket. "Development of the rocket began with a proposal from young Honda engineers who wanted to build a small rocket using basic technologies such as combustion and control technologies. Develop different products," the company said in a Thursday news release. It is to have a capacity of 1 ton in lower Earth orbit.

Does the world need more missiles? ... Honda says there are currently not enough rockets available to meet the demand for satellite launches. While this may be technically accurate at the moment, it's hard to see Honda succeed in developing and launching a small, reusable rocket. I also wonder if this is the case with automotive engineers who assume rocket science can't be that hard. I look forward to Honda's progress. (Provided by Ken Bean)

OneSpace plans to take off from boats and trains. Chinese startup OneSpace has released a new promotional video for the Linglong series of modular, solid-fuel rockets. This missile appears to have options for increasing the upper stage as well as the possibility of adding two or even four belt boosters.

Boats and Trains... This two-minute film emphasizes the modular nature of the missile and how it was designed to be transported in cargo containers. The video also shows the launch of the missile not only from standard launch sites, but also from boats and trains. A recent photo shows that such a missile could be used as an ICBM, although the company may market it for commercial shipments. (Posted by IA)

RocketStar is ready for its second attempt at a suborbital flight. New York-based RocketStar plans to launch its Air Force rocket for the first time this fall, carrying a satellite prototype to launch Lunasonde resource maps on a short orbital flight to the suburbs. According to Space News, the 12-meter rocket, which RocketStar calls Cowbell, will reach 21 kilometers in its test flight, depending on NASA's final safety requirements. A missile flies from Complex 48 - a multi-role launch base in Cape Canaveral, Florida.

From sea to land... Although RocketStar estimates the mission will take only eight minutes, Lunasonde expects that time to be sufficient. For subsurface radar imaging to collect reflective data. RocketStar plans to launch Cowbell on its first suburban launch in early 2019 to test what the company describes as a proprietary aircraft engine. The delay was due to the change from the launch pad to the ground platform. (Provided by Unrulycow and Ken Ben) Phantom Space, a company led by former Vector CEO Jim Control, says it has "paid for the design, construction and launch of a 72-satellite constellation" of an IoT company called Ingenu. valued at $240 million” achieved. According to Fox Business, this collaboration comes as Phantom Space seeks to lower barriers to new commercial applications in space. Satellite launches are expected in late 2023 with the launch of Phantom's Daytona.

Derry in the headlights..the story includes an interesting patch at the end. Apparently, someone claimed that Ingno is a subset of John Deere.” This article previously stated that Ingenu is a John Deere subsidiary, but it is not As well. Ingenu said in a statement that John Deere dealers, and to a lesser extent John Deere Corporation, are aware of Ingenu's satellite initiatives for their benefits. These technology related initiatives can bring their environment. We leave it to readers to rate the ability to use Phantom's ability to make this deal. Missile Report: Virgin Galactic Fly-free and Blue Origin 'Bet and Lose'

The launch of the first Axiom mission in history. NASA has announced that Axiom will complete its first special mission to the International Space Station Ax-1, before February 21, 2022. The four passengers, each paying $55 million, arrive at the station in the Crew Dragon spacecraft. A former NASA astronaut and Axiom Space deputy serving as the mission leader. Larry Connor serves as a mission pilot. Mark Patty and Ethan Stipe travel to the station as mission specialists. This will be the first private mission to the space station. (Provided by Ken Boon)

The fuel depot will be operational in a year or more. Orbit Fab, a start-up that provides space refueling services, has launched a thrust carrier into geostationary orbit on the SpaceX Falcon 9 space landing mission, scheduled for late 2022 or early 2023. Move the craft using the new "moon flight" trajectory that restores The vehicle goes to the moon first. Anbar - There we said .. The company said that the fuel depot holds about 100 kilograms of hydrazine. "We have already received a multi-million dollar contract from the Air Force and the Air Force," said the CEO of the deployment, "Dan Faber." They are paying for refueling flights in the port.” The plan is to send “fuel shuttles” into orbit within the next two years. This is a step towards in-orbit fuel storage and transportation, which has long been considered a key technology capable of sustainably spaceflighting. (Provided by Ken Bean)

Rocket Report: Virgin Galactic Fly-Free, Blue Origin 'Bet and Lose'
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