Rocket Report: Astra buys Firefly engines, China unveils plans for heavy lifts

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Welcome to 4.17 Missile Report! After the successful completion of Mission Inspiration 4 over the weekend, we can now look forward to many more significant launches in the coming days. The first case is NASA's Landsat 9 mission on an Atlas V rocket. And in less than two weeks, Russia will launch a film crew on a Soyuz spacecraft to produce the film into space.

As always, readers' submissions are welcome, and if you don't want to miss an issue, please subscribe using the box below (the form does not appear on AMP-enabled versions of the site). Each report includes information on small, medium and heavy missiles, as well as a quick look at the next three launches in the calendar. Rocket Report: Astra buys Firefly engines, China reveals plans for heavy-duty forklifts Slow

Astra licenses Firefly rocket engines. According to The Verge, Astra, a small launch company that recently went public, has raised about $30 million for the rights to produce Firefly Aerospace rocket engines. Under the deal, struck earlier this year, Firefly will ship a maximum of 50 Reaver rocket engines to the Astra Rocket Factory in Alameda, California, where a development engine was delivered in late spring for nearly half a million dollars. From five engines to two ... Astra engineers disassembled the engine for careful examination, a person familiar with the situation, like other participants in the deal, refused to talk about history due to an agreement. Accurate disclosure of information integrity will help Firefly engines equipped with Astra missile technology Astra achieve its stated goal of "500 kg to 500 km". The company's current rocket - simply called the Rocket - has yet to reach orbit after three attempts. The rocket uses five Astra Dolphin engines and is designed to carry up to 150 kg into low Earth orbit. The new version can lift 500 kg using two Firefly Reaver engines. (Provided by Rendgrish, EllPeaTea, and Ken the Bin)

Bank of America Weeps for the Galactic Virgin. According to Parabolic Arc, US Federal Reserve analysts who cover public stocks on the Galactic Exchange are upset by the company's failure to disclose that Richard Branson's SpaceShipTwo suburban plane flew from its designated airspace on July 11. The diversion led to an investigation by the Federal Aviation Administration and the downing of the company's only working spacecraft.

Bad flight strategy... "The mission was completely successful," wrote analyst Ronald Epstein in a note to investors. "The old adage, it's easier to ask for forgiveness than permission, is generally a bad strategy in aviation." Virgin & Branson Group sold a total of $800 million of shares over seven weeks as shareholders became aware of the incident and subsequent actions. The story was only published with an article in the New Yorker on Sept. 1 (provided by Ken Bean)

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The Rocket Lab begins its mission at Astroscale. The Rocket Lab announced Tuesday that it has signed a private launch contract with Astroscale to launch the Active Debris Removal by Astroscale-Japan (ADRAS-J) on its Electron rocket. The mission is scheduled to launch in 2023.

Space debris capture ... The ADRAS-J satellite, after being deployed by Electron's Kick Stage, is designed with a piece of orbital debris, the top of which has long been abandoned. In order to meet. Stage missile body ADRAS-J aims to demonstrate proximity processes and capture images of the missile body by providing monitoring data to better understand the debris environment. The second stage of the mission was planned to show orbit around the wreckage. (Provided by Ken Bean)

An Indian Start-up to Access Government Facilities. Indian startup Agnikul Cosmos on Friday signed an agreement with India's Ministry of Space to gain access to ISRO facilities and specialize in the development of a small, two-stage Agnibaan Satellite Launch Vehicle. The company's two-stage Agnipan rocket is designed to launch 100 kg payloads into a 700 km orbit. Parabolic Arc reports.

Technical expertise also ... This agreement allows for "multiple tests". and access to facilities at ISRO's various centers to test and certify its semi-3D-printed one-piece engine and other systems," says ISRO. Use Space Launch Vehicle Systems (provided by Ken Boone)">

The launch date of the Starliner remains unlimited. It's been nearly six weeks since Boeing said it had separated its Starliner spacecraft from an Atlas V rocket and was returning the vehicle to its factory for deeper valve troubleshooting. NASA Chief of Operations Katie Lueders said Tuesday that teams of Boeing and NASA engineers and technicians are investigating the problem with sticky vents, according to Ars. "I think the team is making more progress in troubleshooting," he said. They decide whether to take the taps off the service unit for further consideration. In this case, it is likely that Boeing will develop a service module for future crew flights and use it on the unmanned Orbital Flight Test-2 mission. No new date has been set for the OFT-2 mission, and Levoders said it may not be announced soon. He said the mission is likely to be delayed by 2022. "It's likely to happen next year, but we're still working on that schedule," he said. Falcon 9 launches Turkish satellite The Turkish government has announced that Turksat will launch the first internal communications satellite on a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket. The Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure announced that it has awarded SpaceX a contract to launch the Türksat 6A, which was scheduled for the first quarter of 2023 According to SpaceNews, the ministry did not disclose the terms of the contract.

SpaceX offers the best deal... In a government statement, Transport and Infrastructure Minister Adil Karasimoglu said the government considered "several launch pads" before choosing SpaceX. "Which offers the best solutions in terms of technical, administrative and financial aspects." Türksat 6A is the country's first communication satellite developed by TÜBİTAK Space Technology Research Institute. (Provided by Ken Bean)


SpaceX is in high demand for free assignments. Four amateur astronauts returned from a three-day private space flight over the weekend and were thrilled with the experience. "Best flight of my life," said Cian Proctor shortly after emerging from the Crew Dragon capsule. However, future customers of such a free-flying orbital experiment did not wait for the initial review to express their interest in going into space. According to Ars, even before the Crew Dragon spacecraft crashed Saturday night, the Inspiration 4 mission had caused a major storm. Speaking to reporters after the space tourism mission landed, Benji Reed, SpaceX's senior director of human spaceflight programs, said, "It's good that the rocket is reusable...We've been contacted through our sales and marketing portals." There's a lot of interest right now."For "heavy lifts" The Federal Aviation Administration released a draft environmental review of SpaceX's plans for orbital launches from South Texas on Friday, launching a 30-day period for public comment.The long-awaited dream move is the first regulatory hurdle SpaceX must overcome. on it before final permission is obtained to launch the Super Heavy and Starship from a location near Boca Chica, Texas.

The final decision will be made later... This launch will likely take months, but it now appears that the Federal Reserve It will eventually turn South Texas into an orbital launch. Doesn't seem to be certain until today. Officially known as the Program Environmental Assessment Project, this document assesses the potential environmental impacts of the Starship SpaceX program, including launch and return. It also examines debris recovery and Integration towers and other construction related to the release and closure of local roads between Brownsville and Boca Chica Beach.

China will reveal plans for heavy freight next week. Chinese missile developer, China Academy of Launch Vehicle Technology, will officially unveil the design of two heavy-lift missiles at this year's China Air Show in south China's Guangdong Province. The Global Times reported that the event will run from September 28 to October 3.

New names and new plans ... Officials have already discussed the Long March 5-DY and Long March 9 vehicles, but most likely the name and official specifications of these vehicles, which are part of deep-space reconnaissance missions as well as human landings on The surface of the moon will support the next decade. It is expected that the reuse of the first phase will be among the plans that will be announced next week. (Posted by IA)

Astranis for launch on Falcon Heavy. Astranis announced Thursday that the first commercial communications satellite will be launched as a secondary payload on a SpaceX Falcon Heavy direct injection mission in the spring of 2022. The displacement of the Falcon 9 rocket allows the spacecraft to reach an orbital gap. startup days, the company said.

No need for months in orbit... “The Falcon Heavy launch puts months in orbit faster and allows us to serve customers much sooner in Alaska,” This is a huge win for our Alaskan customers,” John Gadmark, President Astranis CEO.>The Next Three Launches

September 27: Atlas V | Landsat 9 | Wendenberg Space Force Base, Calif. | 18:11 UTC

October 1: Epsilon | Fast Load Demo Satellite Innovative Fast 2 | Ochinora Space Center, Japan | 00:48

October 5: Soyuz | MS-19 crew launch | Baikonur Cosmodrome, Kazakhstan | 08:55 UTC

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Rocket Report: Astra buys Firefly engines, China unveils plans for heavy lifts
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