Omicron suspected cruise ship eruption in New Orleans. 17 cases so far
Some disembarked passengers said they had not been told of the outbreak.

A Norwegian cruise ship with 3,200 passengers and crew on board was deployed to New Orleans on Sunday amid the Covid-19 outbreak involving a suspected case of the Omicron coronavirus. . So far, a total of 17 passengers on board have tested positive.

This news raises concerns that the outbreak may continue, putting people on Earth at greater risk of contracting the disease. cruise ships are notorious for harboring disease outbreaks. At the dawn of the pandemic, several outbreaks at sea showed how easily the coronavirus could spread on such crowded, highly socialized ships. The Omicron may be the most transmissible of all. Preliminary data from South Africa shows that it can be up to twice as fast as the overloaded delta throughput. Protocols were drawn up when people disembarked from the Norwegian ship Briquay. In a press release on Sunday, the Norwegian cruise line said all those who disembark from the ship will be tested. "Any guest who passes the COVID-19 test will travel by private vehicle to their personal accommodation or will be isolated at company-provided locations in accordance with CDC guidelines," the cruise line said.

It is not clear how effective these protocols will be and how passengers will be tracked upon arrival. WVUE Fox 8 reporters in New Orleans spoke to passengers as they disembarked and queued up for ground transportation. Some had heard of the outbreak, while others had.

"We haven't heard anything from him," said Don Connolly, a North Carolina sailor. WVUE reporters standing in line. "Good to know. Maybe we should take some extra precautions." Another former passenger on the waiting list said they were "never told that anyone tested positive." They also had to get a negative antigen test before moving on. The ship left New Orleans on November 28, stopping in Belize, Honduras and Mexico, and returning to New Orleans this weekend.

Omicron set sail

How the coronavirus makes its way aboard the ship is uncertain. On Saturday, the Louisiana Department of Health reported that the cruise ship had identified 10 cases of COVID-19 among passengers and a defected crew. On Sunday, the Department of Health reported seven more cases, including a possible Amicron case among crew members. The Department of Health added that he was "not a Louisiana resident crew member and has not left the ship," but did not release any further details about that or any other cases.

The Louisiana Department of Health did not respond immediately. Ask Ars for more information.

In addition to raising concerns about the spread of Omicron disease at sea, the separatist case also shows once again that when the South African authorities first raised the problem. , The spread of this species has been progressing by leaps and bounds. International alert on November 24. The first case identified in the United States was a resident who returned from South Africa on November 22. The second case involved a Minnesota man who had not recently traveled internationally but had traveled to New York City on November 19. As many as 21 in the anime conference attended by 53,000 people. He tested positive a few days later.

In a Sunday New York Times article, the man, Peter McGinn, a 30-year-old health care analyst from Minneapolis, was vaccinated. McGinn told the Times he didn't know how he got infected, but he spent his trip attending group discussions, chatting with strangers about his anime podcast and singing karaoke with his friends at night.

. On his way home from Minneapolis, McGinn said he felt unusually tired and had a mild cough. He soon learned that one of his congressional friends, who lives in North Carolina, tested positive. He told The Times that since then, about half of the vaccinated people he remembers having been associated with at the conference, the 30, have tested positive for the virus.

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